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#3 Sable

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Interdimensional crime never stops – nor does Sable.

A reject of a late-night brainstorm of silver-age Marvel writers, Sable still proudly wears his Marvel boots, even though he’s been totally forgotten. To this day he still totes his calligraphy brush, ink stick and water pouch, though his back complains more and more. Sable can summon an interdimensional portal with just the swash of his oversized brush, allowing him to travel where and whenever he likes so he can practice his Chinese character drills in peace.

Please note that he hates it when people mistake his expensive, giant calligraphy brush for an everyday mop. It is NOT a mop.

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The Squid 6/30

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#5 The Brothers

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#5 The Brothers

#27 – Lion Mouth

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Here is another semi character design.

#26 – Tiki Face

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I know this hardly a character but thought it was worth including.

#24 – Abstract Santa

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I did this with Acrylic and ink

#23 – Man of the street

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#21 – Marker & Ink Character sketches 3

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#20 – Ladie Do

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#19 – Angry Cat

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#18 – Biker

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#17 – Marker & Ink Character sketches 2

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#7 Wom-Bat and Flittermouse

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The dominant theory regarding the Wom-Bat, as she came to be called-  from Woman-Bat- is that she is a human that somehow bonded with the alien, perhaps before birth, and the alien assumed control of  many of her vital functions at that time, and began the physical warping of her form.

A newer theory has been gaining traction however, which is that she is in fact an altered earth bat that the alien bonded with, whose DNA has been re-arranged by the alien to trigger the formation of a more humanoid body.


Wom-Bat & Flittermouse ©&TM2011MikeDubisch

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#12 Augon O’Roshy

| November 16, 2010 | 2 Comments

12 後男

Augon O’Roshy • The Burning Beneath

Augon O’Roshy comes for those who die “burned out”, who die being hunted, who die of gunshot wounds and on the run. He points the way to the Parade to those who die fighting, whether literally or figuratively. His left side is entirely of flames when he travels the World Layers, and his ember is where the human heart is anatomically situated. Augon is covered in stitches and cauterization, as are those he leads to the Parade; marked by the passion that eventually consumes them.

Augon is obsessive-compulsive. When he meets a soul that has shed its human layer, he makes sure he sees it himself before he points the soul to the Parade. He is often the most excitable, especially when Ghost Month comes along, and sometimes borders on being annoying to the Junior Executive » for “going the extra mile”. Because he enjoys tattoos, he often sees Toushou-Xhiblins » when the latter is not very busy. He is “what is behind” or “beneath”; he is keenly felt when one feels being pursued, or is in pursuit, of something.

Ink on white paper.


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