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#3 General Grimm

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#3 General Grimm
Noran Grimm grew up in a world ruled by logic, strategy and calculation. The planet Dethathoun was one of first planets to be conquered by the Cyber Lords after their own “Great War”. For generations the Dethathouns were shaped by the Cyber Lords to become their field generals. Their inherit skills in problem solving and tactical thinking made them the perfect solders and leaders.

Noran’s family were among the most decorated of the these Generals. Leading armies of Foot Solders in campaigns to conquer worlds across the galaxies. Norans father Jurvan Grimm lead the campaign that conquered the entire Acarien System. Making him the first and only Grand General of the Cyber Lord Army. Noran rose through the ranks of the military very quickly, becoming the youngest Dethathoun to become a Field General. His strategies in warfare were unmatched by his piers. Noran armies conquered or devastated hundreds of planets in the name of the Cyber Lords.

The Cyber Lords greed for power once again pitted them against each other and began an interstellar war. They fight for solar system territories. Like the War that destroyed their home world, they were now destroying the cosmos. As a result of the interstellar war, their resources were being depleted to quickly. Noran Grimm was sent to a remote planet named Earth with a battalion of Foot Soldiers to secure the planets rich resources. The last communique received from Grimm was a warning that the planet had defenders. With the war devastating the Cyber Lords armies no attempt has been made to find General Grimm.

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