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(Re) Introduction – SEGibson

| October 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

SEGibson - More than kind of a dork


Hey everyone, 9 minutes late to the party by Australian time, but here’s a little doodle to introduce myself!
I’m SEGibson, also known as Kashizzle. I didn’t participate last year because of work and uni commitments, but this year I’m back in action and ready to obliterate this challenge!

Although I finished the challenge in 2011, I wasn’t terribly happy with the results (they’re actually kind of embarassing aaaah), and although I’ve improved a lot since then, I’m going to really try and experiment this year without really caring what the end result looks like. I’ve hit a wall regarding my art and I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to tackle it while  having fun designing some new characters!

Looking forward to progressing along with everyone else, as well as see what everyone else comes up with too!

2012 Returning Challenger: Natalia M (Ozzie Scribbler)

| October 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

First off, I participated last year and never finished the challenge. Having a major art block and struggling to keep my pace I eventually didn’t publish past my first two characters, although having a few more, even if mostly rushed designs.

My name is Natalia MaÅ‚achowska, I’m 22 and a recent art school graduate from Szczecin, Poland. On the Internet I’m consistent with nick Ozzie Scribbler, so if you stumbled upon such username, it was most certainly me.
I’m a huge cartoon and comic geek, though pretty lazy when it comes to my own art. That’s why I’m hoping to use this month as an opportunity for some self-growth.

For all interested, I post some of my art on deviantArt and share my thoughts on various matters on Tumblr. Feel free to check them out.

Good luck for all the challengers this year!

Sincerely yours, Ozzie

2012 Challenger: Miss Kristin Bowles

| October 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hello, hello, hello again!

You’re actually going to see some uploads from me this year – I swear! I’ve got oodles more time and quite a bit more motivation to lock down and take care of business this time around!

My name is Kristin Bowles

I graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa with my BFA in Game Art & Design in 2011; I have a fancy website and an official wordpress blog, as well as a deviantart account.

I haven’t been as active as I should have been with making art this past year…

For reference, here’s my intro post from 2011.

What I HAVE done this past year…

(“Sleepy Time” Pokémon, done during Megacon 2012)

(Pottermore portrait; Mmm! Candy! Project; “Self-Satisfaction)

(Jinora: Legend of Korra Fanart; Anyu: Legend of Korra O.C.; EVE: Megamind Tumblrverse O.C.)

And, uh, here’s a picture of me?

Hello from Greg Giordano!

| November 10, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hi everyone- I’m Greg Giordano, AKA, FLAMEAPE. I’m an artist from Burlington, VT and this is my 2nd 30 Characters Challenge. I’m getting started late due to a 2 week stint in the hospital, but I sketched allot of characters while on my back- so I’ll be posting my first 10, catching up and moving forward! Great to see all the cool posts- looks like I’m in good creative company.



2011 Challenger: Randy Newnham

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Still an art noob, I am working at improving my technique. Currently, I am working on concept art for a kid-friendly RPG called Story Realms that my game design studio is working on. As such, most things that I post for this month will be related to that. I am an avid player of boardgames, card games and RPGs.

Here is an interview of me about game designs I am working on:

Interview with Randall Newnham
Additionally, here is a link to my family’s gaming blog:

Growing Up Gamers

#1 – Ulrike Sommerheim

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Agidyne! Hi everyone,

I’ll use this as my introductory post.  I know I’m a day behind but I won’t be in a moment!  I decided to participate in this challenge just because it sounded like a lot of fun and I really am enjoying not only the creative part of it, but also keeping up with everyone’s posts so far.  Anyway, I don’t really consider myself an artist but I don’t think I’m horrible either.  I’m a writer by trade and can always use some good characters so hopefully after this I’ll have close to 30 usable ones.

I was a little stumped on what to do to start this off.  I really wanted to go into it ‘pure’ and not create a character I’ve already thought about or something and it was getting hard to figure out where to start.  So as a warm up I decided to create a character for the Persona series of games…which I’m totally obsessed with…I think she would fit right in on Inaba, in case anyone sees this and wants to totally redo “The Golden” before it comes out.

Ulrike is a German transfer student (not a foreign exchange student as her family has moved here).  She is on the tennis team and uses the tools of her trade as ranged weapons against the shadows inside the TV.  I couldn’t stop laughing when I thought about her serving the tarot card to summon her persona so that’s what I decided to go with for her image here.  I like to think that she’d be of the Star Arcana and when you spend time social linking with her you learn that she’s struggling with whether she wants to devote more of herself to tennis and become a professional or play less competitively and more for fun.  I like to think she and Rise would get along really well, but she won’t be as mean to Kanji as Rise is.  When she gets a crit with her Racket and ball she volleys the ball back at the shadows a few times until it comes back to her and goes out so she gets the point.

2011 Challenger Jennifer Manley

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

There isn’t a whole lot to tell about me aside from the fact that I love reading and writing. I am 30 years old and love fantasy stories and characters. I also love pirates (I definitely loved them before Disney made their movies.) I used to draw when I was younger but then I decided I wasn’t any good at it so I stopped. I saw this ‘project’ and immediately signed up for it without even really thinking about it. I definitely could use something to light some fires of inspiration and creativity within me so maybe trying to come up with some characters or think outside of the box might help. (I will not be adding illustrations to my characters. If they are added at all they will be added later or when the challenge is complete.)

I’m just going to put a name, a brief description of their appearance since there is no image, and a brief  probably very rough scene.

I hope you enjoy my characters even without illustration and look forward to seeing what what everyone comes up with!

Greetings, everyone.

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

My name is… Eh, well you don’t need to know that, but you can call me jacobsmacob. Or Jakie. Or Jake, even if I am a girl. I’m here because I need a cure for my art block and I need to trigger creative juices and the ability to think up new, fresh ideas. I love to write stories and create characters, so this is very interesting for me. I draw in an anime style so beware if you hate that stuff.


I will not draw in chibi style all the time. Or at least try really hard not to, since that what I draw when I’m lazy.


I’m not the best or most skilled artist around and my anatomy sucks. I don’t own a scanner so I will be forced to use my camera to take pictures of my drawings. I will try to edit then so that they will be decent enough but, really, how much decency can you expect from a crappy digital camera and bad lighting?


Here’s an idea of what the quality of images will look like. Here and here give ideas, also.


Wish me luck with this challenge and wish everyone else who’s in this luck, as well.

Josh and Maha

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

We (Josh and Maha) are a pair of design students from New Zealand who love making things up. We decided to try the 30 characters challenge as a team because we often create characters and stories together and this seemed like a good reason to put them on the internet! I (Josh) am the writer of the team and will be creating the character profiles and controlling our uploads while Maha will be drawing all our characters up!

Maha and I get most of our inspiration from Film, Comics and Music (specific I know) most of our big ideas come together during slow days in class.

2011 Challenger: Josh Heusinkveld

| October 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

Howdy to all, I’m really glad come back to do it again and hope can complete all thirty characters this year. I didn’t complete last year due a lot of stuff going on at work and home. I’m very busy family man, dad of two children, two golden retrievers River & Simon and husband to my beautiful wife. I work full time at State of Michigan and always find spare time to draw much as I can. I draw most time during a hour lunch break at work and sometime in evening after kids goes to bed.

And I finally found balance of time to work on my upcoming project graphic novel “Lucky Lady.”  So I came up thirty characters need to create for my GN and goal is will to get published. Here is a hint what’s about – Lucky Lady = Men In Black + The Chr0nicles of Narnia + Wizard of Oz

You may find me at twitter – @JHeusinkveld79
Blogspot – Josh’s Another Day of Paradise
DeviantArt – http://www.joshheusinkveld.deviantart.com

Biggest highlight of me this year was I appeared in Aha Moments at Mutual of Omaha website and here is link of video – http://ahamoment.com/moments/2158

<– This is Superman as myself watercolor painting I did for Michael Meyer to cheer him and we care about him. Makes me feel good do something awesome to him.

See all of you on Nov 1st and let’s fun begins…. Josh

2011 Challenger: Zoë Kirk-Robinson

| October 19, 2011 | 2 Comments
Zoë and some of her characters

Zoë and some of her characters

Greetings, mortals!

I am Zoë Kirk-Robinson, who some of you might know from my daily chats on Twitter; or maybe even from The Webcomics Company Podcast.

I draw two daily comics, The Life of Nob T. Mouse (which is 15 years old in December!) and All Over the House plus I will be re-launching Ink Proof Cannon as a third daily comic in November. It’s going to be an epic drawing fest!

I’ve been looking forward to this year’s 30 Characters Challenge because I haven’t drawn nearly enough wacky things this year and I need to beef up my quota. Last year I got about half way through the challenge before failing it but this year I want to push on, get to the finish line and do a funky dance of joy.

Oh, and I’m also doing NaNoWriMo this year, so expect a few of my drawings to be of characters I’m going to introduce in that novel. Yay for merging projects!

I’m going to stop writing now because if I don’t, I’ll end up ranting about stuff you don’t want to know about. I rant almost daily over at my blog, so if you really want to read this drivel, go there. 🙂

See you at the starting line with pencils at the ready! 😀