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#3 Jolly Jim

| November 7, 2010 | 2 Comments

Ho ho ho...Mother$%^&%$#@

Jolly Jim is anything but, he was kicked out of The Toy shop for attempting to set the old mans cookie jar on fire.

He now lives in the recesses of a cavern in the North Pole making twisted toys that deliberately drive adults mad. *He has some height issues and blames grown ups for it. Don’t ask me I’m just the Narrator*

He has become somewhat of a Boogey-Man at the N.P. with the younger elfs being told that they sould stay in line lest they end up like Jolly Jim.

And it is said on the lonely nights between Christmas & New years if you listen closely you can hear the bang of a wooden hammer and the tinkling laugh of a madman alone in his cave…