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2013 Challenger: Jesse Hughes

| November 1, 2013 | 0 Comments


I’m Jesse; cartoonist, graphic designer, animation student, and returning two time successful 30 Characters Challenger!

I’ve published a few comics: CosmiCat 1 and 2, Science Girl 1 and SG Double Feature- drawn by me, written by K-Mo. Short comic stories of mine have appeared in several anthologies, including Hamtramck Idea Men’s “If-X”, Rocketbot’s “Rocketbot Anthology”, Joe Foo’s “Messed Up Fairy Tales”, and Kris Moore’s “Snack Attack” #2. I’ve done sketch cards for Cult-Stuff, March of Dimes, and Island Dreams.

I love character creation and character design. I have successfully completed the 30 Character Challenge in 2011 and 2012, and see no reason I can’t do it again in 2013.

My 2011 characters – http://plummypress.deviantart.com/gallery/35012393

My 2012 characters – http://plummypress.deviantart.com/gallery/40873360




CosmiCat suits up