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#9 Red

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#4 Rosalyne “Lightning Lass” Lightman

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Gifts are easily given in the realm, but are never free.

A sky rider, inter-dominance messenger, and performer of odd-jobs, Rosalyne has an unusual perspective on the known realm. Soaring through the clouds in her airship, she claims to not be from the realm at all; an other-worlder. Her services are in high-demand in all dominances, as her vessel, the Iron Maiden can travel from dominance to dominance within a day – a feat none can match, making her the swiftest of messengers. Her missives have been known to start and stop feuds and skirmishes within the realm, and over the years her arrival is one generally met with concern.

The Iron Maiden, rumored to be inherited from her father, is powered by steam and lightning. Rosalyne gets her nickname from the retractable staff with which she collects lightning. The staff is not only a tool, but a weapon, and many of her gadgets are powered and driven by lightning.

Rosalyne’s latest mission troubles her. It’s been nearly a decade since she was last in Hold, and she’s never had to transport anyone before, let alone one so different; like her. This will also be the first time she’s met the enigmatic Princess.

EDIT: *I know Lightning Lass is the name of a DC character – this is a nickname only, and like Gandalf in the writing’s of Tolkien has many different aliases – some savory, some less favorable. (Mithrandir, The Grey, The White, Greyhamme, Stormcrow, Olorin, Incanus, Tharkun, Grey Pilgrim, etc.) *Dan is a Tolkien uber-nerd.