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#16: Deidra Edelweiss

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A master of the elements, Deidra Edelweiss.

Deidra was only a baby when her parents, Diplomats for the Loman Organization, were killed during a Vampire Clan conference. She was taken in by family friends, as per her parents wishes, and raised only knowing them as her family. When her powers began to manifest, she fought to keep them hidden out of fear of her family finding out. It wasn’t until she unintentionally caused a school wide blackout, that her parents figured out it was her and introduced her to Arthur Loman. Arthur introduced Deidra to other witches in teaching her how to better understand and harness her burgeoning abilities. Though she found the classes fun, Deidra still felt lonely, until she met Walter Ramsey. Walter made Deidra feel like she has a home away from home as she treated him like the daughter he never got to spend time with, and Deidra had the surrogate father/brother that she lacked while staying at the Loman Institute.

As an agent of Loman , Deidra is the second-in-command alongside Adam Mortensen for Team Zeus. She is well respected and a level-headed foil to Adam’s headstrong tendencies, and one of the team’s heavy hitters with her powerful, yet unpredictable elemental spellcasting. She is one of the more well-adjusted members of the Loman Organization as she balances time with the Organization and with her foster family and friends. Though strong, Deidra still carries a burden of not truly knowing her birth parents, and though she can access their files, Deidra is relunctant to find out the truth about her parents, and she is content with that fact.

Abilities: Deidra is a powerful witch whose magic proficiency is Elemental Magic. Deidra is capable of calling forth the elements in aiding her offensively and defensively, yet certain spells will yield unintentional results depending on the range Deidra casts it. For example, a close range fire wall is easy for Deidra to cast, yet firing off a large column of fire from afar will cause the fire to spin wildly and not land directly at her intended target. This is mainly due to Deidra having to channel the natural forces of nature, which are difficult to control in general.

Deidra has shown varying skills in the following elements;

Fire: Her most utilized ability. Deidra is able to cast fire spells of varying levels, from fireballs to flame tornados.

Lightning.: Her second most common ability; Deidra is able to cast bolts of lighting from her fingers to calling down a bolt of lighting to the ground.

Wind: Though skilled, Deidra uses this ability more for defense, or in combination with other elements.

Water: Deidra only uses water spells  when she is in proximity to a water source, yet when she does, can create various water constructs and tidal waves.

Earth: Deidra’s least used ability due to the mental exertion it causes, Deidra is capable of launching a column of stone to delivering a powerful earthquake.

Though an Element Specialist, Deidra is capable of using other spells in her field work;

-Tracking Spells

-Defensive Wards

-Potion making

– Curses

– Scrying

Deidra is trained in Basic Combat training and adept in small arms weaponry. She possesses skills in Linguistics, Forensic Research, and in Piloting.

Creation: Deidra is one of the first two magic style characters I conceptualized in my mind for the Loman Organization. Initially, I was going to utilize a traumatic experience in her power manifestation, yet it was through Carlos’s suggestion, that we made her more of a well-adjusted and self-assured character by using the Jean Grey approach to her backstory; girl’s powers manifest, causes some disruption, family seeks aid for their child to a specialist. Her outfit was influenced from a cover of Runaways from Nico Minorou’s dress. Her dress intially had torso pockets, and I extended the design to go over her shoulders. I included back packages for her to carry items/weapons and mini-pouches on her armbands, which carry implements for her spellcasting. I also added additional detail to her boots, as those were a problem for me in finalizing their final design.


#15: Walter Ramsey

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Loman’s own werewolf agent, Walter Ramsey.

Born in Scotland in the 1600s, Walter was an ordinary traveling merchant until he came across a pack of werewolves in Jurgenburg, Livionia. After witnessing them transform and do battle with demonic entities from a portal, Walter wanted to and was inducted into their pack, called The Hounds of God. As part of the Hounds, Walter protected Europe from demonic threats during his travels, until the height of supernatural paranoia led to the deaths of several of his pack members and the eldest member being lashed when he attempted to reveal their work to the outside world. Walter realized his family was not safe and went to protect them, but his wife, and their daughter, left Walter to sail to the Colonies.

Walter traveled the world in a drunker stupor  over the centuries, fighting any random supernatural threat he comes across while slowly losing himself more and more to his werewolf self, until he was approached by Arthur Loman in working with his Loman Organization. Using a nanomachines to regulate his transformations, Walter was given a renewed sense of purpose in doing the work that he originally started with the Hounds of God.

Currently, Walter works as a field operative for Team Zeus, along with Adam Mortensen. He acts as a semi-father figure to agent Deidra Edelweiss, and a drinking buddy to several members of the Loman Organization.

Abilities: As a werewolf, Walter is capable of transforming into a wolfen creature with enhanced strength, speed and senses. When in his human form, Walter possesses a degree of enhanced strength and all of his enhanced senses.  While Walter is capable of transforming at will, his emotional state in both his human and were forms change based on the phases of the moon.

Having a nanomachine fleet in his body regulates his werewolf states and enable him to have relatively painless transformations via requests to Loman HQ, as well as giving him the ability to transform into various stages of  his Lycan state;

Stage 1: Similar to the Wolfman films, with full hair, enlongated claws and fangs and increased muscle mass.

Stage 2: An in-between to Wolfman and wolf form. Even more increased strength and power.

Stage 3: Looks like a bipedal wolf with a tail and almost full access to his lycan abilities, yet retains his mind

Stage 4: Full access to his werewolf traits, yet is driven by pure instinct and harder to keep in control.

Walter wears flexible body armor that stretches during his transformations and boots that open at the toes when he goes into full werewolf mode. Walter also favors wearing a trenchcoat that is enchanted with protective wards and armor lined to protect Walter form physical and mystical attacks.

Creation: Walter was created as me and Carlos both are werewolf fans and wanted to make a werewolf character. I made him more of a fun character and gave him a laid-back personality, while Carlos helped in fleshing out his backstory and added the father figure role to elemental witch Deidra. I based his character of a historical reference in 1692 by a court testimony about an old man  in Jurgenburg, Livonia, who claimed that werewolves were agents of God and that he and several other werewolves would travel to Hell and fight demons, while the Hounds of God Tag came from a werewolf character in Neil Gaiman’s, The Graveyard Book. The pose shows his semi-casual look as the pose was referencing a Hellblazer cover,, while his werewolf form is shown behind him as a tell of what his werewolf form would look like to the viewer.

#14: Adam Mortensen

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Field Leader and Legendary Weapons Expert, Adam Mortensen.

Adam was an archaeologist who was not respected in his field due to his theories on the possible existence and location of ancient civilizations and the potential of uncovering legendary artifacts. Every attempt at procuring funding resulted in him getting either laughed out or kicked out of every museum, lecture hall, or campus he sets foot in. He was apporached by one man willing to hear out his theory and finance his operation, Arthur Loman.

Adam’s first major expedition resulted in the discovery and procurement of the legendary sword of Roland, Durandal, in a remote temple on the outskirts of France. This discovery not only validated Adam’s ideas, but also inducted him into the Loman Organization as the leading expert in Legendary Weapons and Artifacts. Adam was also made Field Leader of Zeus Unit, Loman’s main field operative force for the Organization. Since then, Adam has dealt with not only excavations and discoveries of the ancient world, but has also confronted and fought with various entities of both the natural and supernatural kind. A strong, if somewhat reckless leader, Adam is willing to put his body on the line if it means someone else won’t have to, as well as for the benefit of the next discovery of the World’s Secrets.

Abilities: Adam is a man who has demonstrated the strength and stamina of a man who maintains regular exercise. Adam is proficient in small and medium weaponry, yet prefers to utilize his main weapon, the sword Durandal. Adam is trained in fencing and melee weapons combat so as to wield Durandal efficiently. His swordsmanship is such that the Supernatural community has listed him as one of the most deadliest swordsman around. Adam also possess a Master’s in Archaeology with specialties in Myths and Ancient Culture, along with recently acquiring knowledge in Werewolf and Vampire culture.

Durandal is a sword whose previous owners included Hector of Troy and Sir Roland, Knight of Charlemagne. The sword was in pristine condition when Adam discovered it, and its edge was still incredibly sharp. Durandal is made from unknown metals that have yet to be determined and  is completely indestructible.

Due to his perchance for getting injured, Adam also wears a special suit called “Ward Wear” which is a combination Kevlar/Nomex weave top, gloves, and boots with carbon ceramic armor plates with sigil coins embedded in key areas of his suit. The coins activate a protective field when Adam is at risk of critical injury from either mystical or practical means.

Adam, so far, is the only individual who has been able to activate or utilize a mythical weapon to its full potential, as others who have attempted to wield Durandal or other items resulted in either no reaction, or severe injury to anyone other than Adam from touching it. It is unknown whether this is genetic or some other reason that makes Adam the sole wielder of said weapons. More research is required to procure an answer.

Creation: Adam Mortensen was the result of utilizing a pre-existing character design from my past collaboration with my friend, Carlos, and putting him in a new guise. During the brainstorming session, I told Carlos my idea for having a Legendary Weapons expert and that is how he came about. He was originally going to be called Adam Munroe, but the name was too similar to another Adam Monroe from the TV series, Heroes, so we both decided on naming him Adam Mortensen, after our mutual respect (i.e., man-crush) on actor and renaissance man, Viggo Mortensen. Durandal was drawn after a Gladius, as its previous owner was Hector, while using the stylings of French swords to complete Durandal.

#13: Duo

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The Martial Arts Alchemist, Duo.

Jason Kim was an agent of the John Dee Society in Alchemy and partner to Nick Dyer. These Alchemy Agents were responsible with upholding the Rules of Alchemy and the protectors of the Philosopher’s Stone Mound, located off of Lake Michigan, but it was not always so.  Before Jason Kim, he was  Huan Hsaing, and Alchemist during the height of Chinese Alchemy research and he was the first to tap into the Elixir of Immortality in prolonging his life. Throughout the centuries, Huan saw and experienced many great and terrible things until he was approached by John Dee in the 1550’s and was inducted into the secret Dee Society, along with Edward Dyer, an English poet/alchemist, who Huan became fast friends with. The Dee Society went through many ups and downs; from Dee’s research into the paranormal, the rebirth of Hermes Trismegistus and the Books of Thoth, to the civil war within the society between Dee, Edward Kelly/Talbot, and a resurrected Nicholas Flamel. These battles all centered around safeguarding and procuring the Philosopher Stone Mounds, along with Huan’s Elixir of Immortality. Though Dyer never took it, Huan has consumed the Elixir as a means to protect his friend’s family, for contrary to the other prominent Alchemists, Edward a successful Alchemist, able to circumvent certain rules of Transmutation and his gift passed on to his offspring, along with Edwards Philosopher’s Stone as a Dyer has always been a member with the John Dee Society.

It wasn’t until Nick Dyer’s death that Huan, now Jason Kim, suspected any wrongdoing within the Society, but after conducting his own investigation around Nick’s car accident, Jason suspects another coup is in the works within the society and he must prepare Nick’s son, Alan in the ways of Alchemy, before the group that took Alan’s father, come for him next.

As Duo, Jason trains Alan in both harnessing his father’s Philosopher Stone, but also in defending himself in combat. He also acts as Alan’s source of intel in dealing with threats beneath the Society’s notice, but not for the Front Line.

Abilities: With a Philosopher’s Stone embedded in his left eye, Jason is capable of creating organic and inorganic transmutations with his hands and feet via touch. His eye also accelerates his mental calculations so as to be able to make create objects quickly, as well as see the chemical composition of various objects and see various spectrums of light invisible to the naked eye. Jason is also a skilled martial artist, having mastered over 70 different fighting styles, from weapon to open-handed combat, throughout his long lifetime. Jason is also a skilled chemist and is one of the founders of the Elixir of Immortality. Jason is also an Agent of the John Dee Society and has access to their vast library of  alchemy knowledge as well as their resources in determining threats that the Dee society won’t handle, but can get them to Alan and the Front Line to handle.

Creation: I wanted to make a mentor type character to go with the Alchemist, as well as being a fan of stark contrast costumes, with the ying yang motif being the basis for his wardrobe. It also aids in the Taoist philosophies inherent in Chinese Alchemy, which is a happy accident on my part.

#12: Boost

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A power amplifier, Boost.

Young Sara Walsh has a special ability; she can enter the bodies of people and amplify their abilities, particularly super humans. A power booster, Sara was abducted from her home by the Archangel Corporation’s private military group and brought in for tests on the the potential her ability can do for their living weapons. The discovered that her ability gives no drawbacks to anyone using her, as she absorbs all the damage an overloaded person would normally take and with her healing factor, stay alive to do it again. This went on for years, until the Front Line, now waging a war with the Archangel Corporation, free her during a facility transfer. Rescued, the Front Line attempts to offer her membership into the group, yet Sara only wants to see her family, only to find out that the truth was, it was her own family that sold her to the Archangel Corporation.

Betrayed and now having a reason to fight Archangel, Sara joins the Front Line under the code name, Boost, where the team implements her as a support/rescue operative and provide her asylum and treatments with the Loman Organization.

Abilities: Boost has the ability to amplify another individuals abilities. This is achieved by her essentially shutting off the body’s own limit controls in tandem with her own energy pouring into the subject to increase one’s abilities exponentially. To prevent the physical and mental pain that would occur should an individual “overclock” themselves, Boost absorbs all the stress and pain into her own body and takes the hit for them. Her healing factor enables her to recover from these injuries, yet if she uses or absorbs too much, her body will physically shut down so that it can recover completely.  Boost has also recently learned to use her ability offensively by “overloading” an individual by amplifying them to the point that they themselves pass out from the shockwave of pain, yet she still receives the pain backlash, albeit in a reduced capacity.

Creation: I can not take complete credit for the credit for the character, save for her design and name, as she was given to me by former owner of Brainstorm Comics, Robert Kimmons, as he told of a superhero character he used that would amplify other character’s abilities, yet didn’t have an explanation on how her powers would work. I supplied one based on Naruto’s Guy and Rock Lee’s own ability to release their own mental limits, and he offered to let me use the character for my own comic use. The offensive use of her ability came from watching Scryed’s Scheris Adjani’s Alter, Eternal Devote, used to deliver shocks of pain to an enemy, so I included it into her ability list. Her  first name was actually based on a girl I knew in college and for a long while, her visual design was based on her, until recent as I had to draw this character from off the top of my head and I was also updating her attire for this challenge.

#11: E.S.C.O.

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The Electrifying Arm of the Law, E.S.C.O.

Standing for Electro . Static. Civil. Officer., E.S.C.O. is the go-to in dealing with intense meta-situations as he is one of the few super-powered beings working within the law enforcement path. Billed as an advanced android provided by Asimov Technologies, E.S.C.O. is, in fact, a human named Armando Ruiz who is endowed with electrical powers that he uses to stun his opponents while a constant static pulse field around his body repels all metallic projectiles, making him effectively bulletproof. Armando’s powers came about him at around puberty, when he accidentally caused a blackout during one of  Chicago’s heatwave attacks. Though powerful, Armando sought out a  practical use for his powers. First, by self teaching himself and researching all aspects of electricity and magnetism at the library, as he couldn’t use a computer without shorting it out. As he became a little more competent with his abilities, to the point of shielding himself in order to interact with technology, and was deciding on a college, he was approached by the Loman Organization to be utilized as a field agent. He spent much of college years as an Agent of Loman, until he stepped down and decided to use his abilities to serve the police force. Thanks to Loman, Armand was placed in Chicago’s S.W.A.T. division and is the starting member of the Powers Division, a unit designated to respond and engage in super-powered crime and conflicts.

With the starting of Frontline, E.S.C.O. serves as both a part-time member and as a liaison between the Chicago Police Force and the Superhuman Community. E.S.C.O. stills hides behind a mask to protect those he stands to lose most of all, his wife and newborn son.

Abilities: E.S.C.O. possesses electromagnetic and eletrostatic abilities. Capable of projecting bolts of electricity, yet possess little to no control in regards to aim; using “taser lines” housed in his gloves as focal tool in order to direct his charges. A constant electrical field around him nullifies most incoming projectiles, making him safe from bullets, knives, and metallic debris. However, energy projectiles and non-metallic objects can get past his field, while his field also disrupts most tech with his immediate vicinity. Able to make metallic objects “repel” or “attract” to one another by supercharging it with static energy. Uses this method to levitate and on a sack of ball bearings to cause confusion amongst enemies.

E.S.C.O.’s armor is harder carbon plate armor with energy channeling discs to regulate Armando’s  energy flow with standard issue S.W.A.T. attire. His equipment consists of a bag of ball bearings, taser lines, metallic discs, plastic cuffs, carbon steel telescopic batons, mini antenna, and portable riot shield.

Creation: E.S.C.O. is actually based on my best friend from High School, as this was his hip hop name he gave himself amongst his circle of friends and I used his middle name  for the secret identity of the character. I wanted to employ as a character and juggled the idea around since college. He went through various revisions until I stuck with utilizing aspects of a police uniform for his character design, more specifically in the S.W.A.T. attire. The helmet came from S.W.A.T. Team helmets with a modified face mask, while I based a concept sketch of Havok from X-Men to tool around with the top, as a Special Weapons And Tactics officer would use a special kind of attire to make him stand out from you conventional S.W.A.T. wardrobe.

#10 : Stasis

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A researcher that works as an adventurer, Stasis

An advanced expert in the field of energy fields and field generation, Rebecca Styles discovered a method of creating variable spatial distortion and manipulation  fields contained in the form of energy spheres. As she researched deeper into her discovery, she found that the spheres can be made to be capable of either manipulating gravity, slowing down time, and conducting energy. Rebecca was about to present her findings, when she overheard that her research team were about to be absorbed into Archangel Industries and that all focus will be used for military and weapons applications, Rebecca fled with her findings and developed them in secret at a safehouse she installed, until she saw various news networks reporting the influx of superhumans battles and the advanced tech used by many villains resembled aspects of not only her research, but of several other scientists, who have been turning up dead under mysterious circumstances. Fearing for her life and feeling responsible for the harm her tech is causing, Rebecca crafts a set of gauntlets and a portable power supply and set out to combat these tech-based villains as Stasis.

Stasis has fought several villains and has crusaded in an uphill battle against Archangel, until she was approached by both the Alchemist and Azrael into starting up a united team of superpowers to combat not just the large threats, but to aid each other into their respective personal battles. Stasis was intially hesistant as she views herself more of scientist than crimefighter, but was eventually swayed into joining with help from Azrael’s own personal feud with Archangel and the Alchemist’s own deal with the Loman Organization in consulting.

Now going by the name Ashley Howell, Rebecca is under the protection of the Loman Organization, working as a lab consultant for their airships and teleporters while operating as one of the founding members of the Frontline.

Abilities: Rebecca/Ashley’s suit is designed to project and manipulate various energy fields in the form of spheres that range in the following types:

Gravity: Alters the density of gravity enabling flight or dense enough to as  crushing melee bursts.

Time Distortion: Able to slow down or accelerate the speed of any object contained within its sphere of influence.

Energy: Able to contain and disperse vast stores of energy collected via kinetic motion.

Rebecca/Ashley is a skilled scientist in technology and particle research while possessing a moderate degree of hand-to-hand combat experience.

Creation: The character was designed as an aid to include a strong female character and her look was initially inspired by Wally West Flash Villain, Magenta, until I added the visor faceplate and redesigned her look to incorporate the gauntlets and a power bracer around her waist. The pose I got from referencing Storm on the X-Men.


# 9: Bonesplitter

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A teen crimefighter trying to do some good with a misnomer for a name, Bonesplitter.

Son to a police officer killed in the line of duty during a rash of off-duty officer slayings, Hector Rodriguez decided to seek out info regarding the identity of this mysterious shooter and deliver vengeance under a mask. Calling himself Bonesplitter, because it sounded cool and he got it off of a Magic card, and donning a skeleton costume, he set out making routine patrols. His first attempts at crime-fighting nearly killed him, if it wasn’t for the timely intervention of Azrael, The Fatalist. Though Azrael told Hector to stop being a vigilante, Hector still pursued being a crime fighter, forcing Azrael to actually train him in both combat and in eventually finding his father’s killer; Hector’s final test at being either a hero or a killer was set. The end result was Hector taking the high, yet hard road by putting the killer behind bars, to which Azrael rewarded him with a new, more durable outfit and a set of battle sticks shaped like femurs.

When the Frontline  was forming, Azrael vouched for Hector, but as he was still a minor,could not be made an official member, yet is given Junior Status with the Frontline as it is better to train the next generation than to leave them out on their own. Currently, Hector juggles his senoir year at high school and his masked identity as Bonesplitter dealing with crime within his community in Pilsen, yet when needed, will be called upon to work alongside the Frontline.

Abilities: Hector has the strength, stamina, and speed of a young man in his teens. He possesses moderate to skilled level in open-hand and weapon combat thanks to Azrael, as well as some proficiency in throwing weapons and in free running. His costume was originally a store bought Skeleton costume with a simple hooded sweater and his late father’s baton. Azrael gave Hector a new suit designed with a Kevlar/Nomex weave and his hoodie was reinforced with ceramic armor plates etched inside the sweater, and two carbon steel batons, shaped like femurs to use in stick fighting and mid-range projectiles. The batons also possess a taser charge. Azrael also equipped Hector with an assortment of tools to use in his endeavors, including a grappling gun, smoke bombs, and a taser.

Creation: This character was inspired by one of Street Fighter’s EX characters, Skullomania, and I just thought it could work as a teen superhero concept in the vein of an early Spider-Man/ Nightwing aesthetic. His second outfit is the one I went with as it was easier to draw than the original full skeleton concept costume and the Scarlet Spider nods in regards to a hoodie work for a teenager.


#8: The Alchemist

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Alan Flamel Dyer was about to start his Graduate Program in Chemistry at UIC, until he received some horrible news; his father, Edward Nick Dyer, was involved and killed in a car accident. At the funeral; Jason Kim, a close family friend, revealed to Alan that his father was more than just a civil engineer, he was also an Alchemist, descended from Nicolas Flamel and a member of the John Dee Society, part of a secret order of mystics who enforce the Rules of Alchemy and safeguard one of several mounds known as the  Source Stone, where the ancient Philosopher’s Stone is forged.Initially dismissive of this revelation, Alan soon discovers that truth, is indeed stranger than fiction as he discovers the great and terrible responsibility of wielding the powers of a God.

After a length of time as a hero and dealing with other factions within the John Dee Society, Alan realizes the importance of “strength in numbers” and takes steps into forming the first public team called The Frontline. To secure funding, Alan has procured financial  and technical support  from the Loman Foundation, a public charitable and research organization that also operates as the chief paranormal and extraterrestrial peace keeping organization. In exchange, Alan’s team will include a couple of the Loman Organization’s members as part of their team and Alan will provide his consulting services in regards to alchemy and practical science.

Abilities: Using the Philosopher’s Stone; The Alchemist is capable of transmuting matter into new forms via contact either with his hands or feet. Enhanced mental cognition allows him to calculate and perform transmutations in an instant, while enabling him to create and utilize various tactical scenarios. Though one of the most powerful items in the world, it relies on a connection to life for the Philosopher’s Stone to work, which is done by drawing the blood and spirit of the user, therefore, prolong or extended use of the Philosopher’s stone without proper rest can drain all life from the user.


Energy Projection


Manifest weapons from his clothing

Armor Mode (Turning his entire uniform into a suit of armor)

Enhancing his own body in one aspect, whether in strength or in senses.

Training with Jason Kim (Tao) has also made Alan proficient in martial arts and in weapons combat. Training with Jason has also aided in improving Alan’s transmutation abilities and in prolonging his time in using the Stone’s power.

Creation: Another character that was designed as a fan drawing of another established superhero, this time, Green Lantern. The plan was to make a fanfiction character as a new Earth Green Lantern, but then I went and changed it into the Alchemist as part of an upcoming comic startup company. The company didn’t get off the ground, yet the character remained and I slowly altered and modified his look. Originally he had an elaborate costume with a long overcoat, my most recent revamp gave him a more cohesive pattern, yet the coat would have covered up the entire outfit, which is when I realized that I could simply combine the two to make a unique and distinctive hero look. Now, if I could finalize a color scheme, as my friends said my first color scheme was too much like Green Lantern, as I tried a mono-green color scheme. This character was entered into Stan Lee’s Superhero contest at Talenthouse in January, yet didn’t win. Even so, I still see some value in this and all my characters and I am proud to showcase him to everyone.

# 6 : Deathmask

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A mercenary who is willing to take on and defeat Superhumans, The Deathmask.

Considered one of the best in field of Superhuman Assassination, the Deathmask has the best record in Superhuman and Paranormal kills in the growing field of super mercenary work. A tactile and hands-on warrior, the Deathmask confronts his quarry head-on and is not shy in revealing himself to the public as a method of self promotion to boost both his demand and ego in demonstrating that he was the one who killed said superpower, starting with his systematic slaughter of  San Diego’s crime team, The FreeLancers and the public battle and death of Philly’s iconic hero, The Patriot. Though is main operation is Superhuman Assassination, the Deathmask will take on execution orders on dignitaries, political and underworld leaders, and radicals, as they are merely the exhibition towards his main event, the masked hero. The Deathmask has been hired also by world governments in eliminating foreign superpowers as a method of controlling the escalating superhuman arms race.

Even scarier is that the identity of the Deathmask is currently unknown, as the mercenary is as elusive as he is deadly, placing him on the Watchlists of Interpol, the FBI, CIA, MI6, and The SOTF (Superhuman Observational Task Force).

Abilities: The Deathmask is a skilled martial artist and weapons specialist, showing skills in krav maga, jujitsu, and akido and proficiencies in long and short edge weapons. He demonstrates excellent proficiency in small and automatic weaponry, while also proficient in long-range weaponry.

The Deathmask’s suit is made of a combination carbon and kevlar armor weave with carbon nanotubule fibers, for enhanced protection, strength and power output. His cape and cowl are made from a memory cloth fiber with an optic-camoflague and glide function. The cape is attached to the main shoulder housing where it can retract and release on command.  The Buckle and Shoulder Clasps are mini power generators that allow the Deathmask’s suit to power its abilities while charge ports power up his main weapons.

Deathmask wields a series of staves that house  carbon “memory” polymers that, when channeled with an electrical current, manifest in various weapons, such as swords and axes. A mini battery in some Units enable the creation of throwing blades and unless a current is running through the staves, the polymers go inert and disperse. This prevents the Deathmask’s own weapons from being used against him. The Memory polymers are not just limited to his staves, but are also housed in the knuckles on his gauntlets.

Creation: This character started off as my redesign of the Marvel mercenary, the Taskmaster. When I showed this to my friend, Carlos, he suggested that since I spent a lot of time and effort in designing this character, why don’t I use it to create a new character, to which I did. While elements of the Taskmaster costume remain, I altered his boots and gloves, discarding his emblemic “T” on his belt, while adding new details on the uniform to finish the character.


# 7: Azrael, The Fatalist

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A superfast and aggressive hero; Azrael, The Fatalist.

Poor Lawrence Sandoval, he just got accepted into a networking internship for the Archangel Corporation, but unfortunately, was killed on his way to the main headquarters in a tragic plane crash. However, this was not the end of Lawrence Sandoval. For he, and several other individuals were used as subjects for Archangel’s true business venture; superhuman and paranormal weapons research. Under Project: Immortal Weapon, Lawrence and several others were used as human hosts to house and entrap various Death beings to be used as the ultimate killing machines for Archangel’s benefit. So, from that point on, Lawrence was made to be a host to a God of Death and was conditioned and made into a living weapon. Each human avatar was named based on which Death God they were host to; and forced into wetwork operations to escalate Third World conflicts and in the retrieval of occult artifacts.

The project’s intent was to strip the human aspect and let the Death beings run shop, but Lawrence and a few were able to retain their humanity, while the sins of their work weigh heavily upon their conscience. It wasn’t until the Deathgod Unit named Yama caused a massive breakout that Lawrence and every other horrific experiment created by Archangel was set free upon an unsuspecting world. Now back in Chicago, Lawrence has set up his operations in taking on threats too twisted for the police to handle and in uncovering any evidence as to the truth regarding Archangel. With the Angel of Death known as Azrael, Lawrence not only has to cope with another voice in his head, but also in insuring that Azrael’s bloody nature doesn’t overtake him. Though even with all this darkness surrounding him, Lawrence still maintains his dry and sarcastic sense of humor, as he was in his former life.

The Fatalist made his debut in the incredibly bloody encounter against the sadomasochistic killer known as Bloodrage, and has operated in dealing with the increased migration of Paranormals entering Chicago, even encountering with former Deathgod Unit such as Thanatos, Hades, and a particularly brutal encounter with Yama himself. Recently, Azrael is now connected with the formation of a superteam, calling themselves the Frontline. How this venture will turn out, no one knows.

Abilities: As a host to the Angel of Death, Azrael, Lawrence is endowed with enhanced strength and speed. Lawrence has enhanced reflexes that combined with his speed, make him one of the deadliest hand to hand combatants around. Lawrence also possesses a remarkable healing factor that can heal him from any wound or injury and makes him resistant to chemical agents.These abilities are typically constant, yet Lawrence undergoes a physical transformation, where his hair stands on end, eyes turn red, and his skin turns pale as markings come out of him in order for Lawrence to use the full extent of Azrael’s power.

When severely injured or blacked out, Azrael will take for Lawrence and do battle for him. When this happens, Lawrence’s face and hands are encased in his own blood, which hardens into a shell and converts into a horrific mask, which is the true face of Azrael, as winglike manifestations flow around Lawrence’s body. When this happens, Azrael’s speed increases dramatically as does his other abilities, along with a more aggressive attack style. Along with increased abilities, Azrael utilizes his own repertoire of moves, such as sprouting wings for flight, casting black fire and ice spells,and manifesting a bloody sword to fight with.  Azrael has told Lawrence he, too, can use his abilities if he only let him ” take over” more.

Creation: Azrael, The Fatalist was originally called Fate. He was also originally based on The Crow and Sting’s Crow persona from pro wrestling. This was a creation I did back in high that orignally just looked like a Crow ripoff, until I used the Super-Sayan hair raising technique and implemented more ring attire into his look, as seen in that his boots were actually wrestling style kickpads. Even his backstory went through numerous revisions, with the Weapon X analogue being the main staying point of him, as well as making him a Hispanic character, which isn’t his core identity. As for the symbol, I did it once during a challenge to make various tribal symbols, and I liked the look of this particular one and used as his emblem, along with other projects as a friend of mine once cited that symbols that use constantly will have a sense of power to you, and I decided I could tie it into the former logo of the Archangel Corporation as Fate stole the armor from them. Another thing I want to mention is that the name change occurred as I was brainstorming to change the name in conjunction with the Death God naming, yet I wanted to tie into his former name as well as the dark nature of his character, hence the Fatalist.

#5: The Imp

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The Imp is a mischievous thief  who is notorious for causing pranks during his crime spree and has a reputation for being extremely difficult to capture. This acrobatic troublemaker is not only infamous for his criminal pranks, but famous within the public school systems as a rebel within the Establishment. Even the heroes in the Superhuman community find it difficult to apprehend him as his crimes usually end up with the object returned after a number of days, plus the publicity backlash that comes with any hero who attempts to arrest the Imp. His crimes seem based on the the simple fact that The Imp is looking for a challenge to his skills and once he succeeds and claims his quarry, he sees no further point in keeping the object of his affection.

The Imp’s list of crimes range from:

– Stealing the Millenium Park’s Cloud Gate (The Bean) and replacing it with a Giant Inflatable Bouncy Castle, full of Beans.

– Disrupting the Bank of America Marathon by introducing laxatives into the runner’s courtesy drinks, while he infiltrates the corporate headquarters and, I kid you not, rearrange the office furniture while taking the list and emptying out the accounts of several of the wealthiest people within the City.

– Spray Painting ” What’cha Talking About, Willis?!” across the Sears Tower, upon its announcement that the Sears Tower will be called Willis Tower.

– Stealing the Lion Statues at the Art Institute, and if that wasn’t incredible enough, made a mock sculpture of it with a series of stools and kitten plushies.

– Released fireworks within the United Center during a Bulls Game, activating the sprinkler systems (which were filled with paint) and amidst the chaos, stole the mascot costume of Benny The Bull.

Abilities: The Imp is an amazing acrobat, demonstrating skills of an Olympic Class athlete, while showing elements of parkour and free-running to increase his evasive ability. The Imp also carries a numerous objects to aid in his crimes from smoke bombs to grappling hooks, even a special “Taser Touch” where the Imp’s hands set off a charge, stunning his obstacles. The Imp has also demonstrated the ability of climbing and clinging to any surface, possibly due to either his Electrical Gloves, or a preternatural ability.

Design: This is actually more of a recent creation, as I rummage through various costume concepts and was intrigued by a Spider-Man concept with the padding, so I played around with the design and combining the agility and creating a monster persona around the outfit, I created the Imp. His methods and personality seem more of a “off the top of my head” type of writing and it works for this character, as I now do see him more as a Neutral type who operates as a villain type, yet due to his persona as more of a prankster than a malicious supervillain,The Imp belongs in that rare “tweener” category in wrestling where he does heelish acts, but is cheered by the public as a face.

#4: Sliver

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# 4 : Sliver

A mysterious and dangerous hunter, the enigmatic mercenary called Sliver.

Sliver was once a man who lost his arm in an archaeological site digging out a Medieval armory. Though lacking an arm, he managed to procure a strange gauntlet. This gauntlet, unbeknownst to him ,was one piece of a complete suit of enchanted armor  of an ancient warlord that, legend has it, possessed a mind of its own.  This gauntlet possessed the man and overtook his will to become the Hunter known as Sliver,  whose only goal is to procure the remaining pieces of his Cursed Armor so that it can be whole again. He is currently in possession of at least two known components of the Cursed Armor, the Right Gauntlet and the Helm,  which was taken from the Smitsonian and the cloak from the Field Museum.

While the Armor thefts are a concern, its the fact that whenever Sliver comes to to collect or follow a lead on a Cursed Armor piece, he leaves behind a trail of bodies in his wake, which makes Sliver a Most Wanted Superhuman in all law enforcement and federal government agencies. Sliver is also wanted as a top assassin due to his relentless pursuit of becoming complete, neither any opposition or reasoning will stop Sliver from achieving his goals.

Abilities: The Cursed Arm possesses metamorphic properties that encases its host in a metallic coating that protects the user from almost any known weapon. The hand is capable of extending its fingers into impossible lengths and are capable of transforming into various weapons, such as swords, spears, and hooks, for use in combat and defense, as pieces of the armor are capable of projecting spikes out of its exposed plating. The Cursed Helm is another addition that essential suppresses the host’s identity and becomes its own entity, while providing the main means of speech and info in his search for his missing Armor.The Helmet also possesses the same metamorphic properties as the Arm. Sliver wears a kevlar woven bodysuit and the remnants of its previous wielders cloak.

Creation Notes: This character was inspired from me looking at a book on the Art of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at a Barnes & Noble and saw a helmet from a list of concept sketches for Sauron, and this character stems from that one picture, while taking a nod from Witchblade regarding the weapon arm. The look and style changed throughout high school and I felt it was best to showcase this character. The pose is also based off a previous drawing of Sliver as that was my favorite pose for the character.

# 3 : Jagan, The Evil Eye

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Now, from Dinosaurs to traditional Superheroes and Supervillains, comes Jagan, the Evil Eye.

A criminal mastermind, Jagan, the Evil Eye commits crimes either for profit or to instill his brand of terror across the city of Chicago, for profit. He runs an outfit of masked henchman called the Eyes, who are regular criminals who wear special masks that not only conceal their identities, but each mask is specially coated with chemicals that disperse a memory cleansing agent upon forced removal to ensure no one reveals the Jagan’s true identity. Jagan also enforces control over his gang and with any other person via  chemical compounds that Jagan disperses based on what operation he is going for. These gases can range from sleep to hallucinogenic. Jagan dispenses these compounds via wrist-mounted devices or through grenades. He enhances the effects via psychedelic strobe lights in his helmet that display a swirling mass of vivid colors and various eye patterns to convey The Evil Eye’s state of mind. Jagan, The Evil Eye utilizes psychological warfare and fearful intimidation to incite fear and to unsettle the minds of his targets.

His secret identity is still a mystery, though some investigators suspected him to be local psychologist, Frederic Wolham, as he studied the effects of chemical compounds combined with disruptive stimuli on the human mind, yet the doctor was found murdered in his Lakeview home and his notes taken. Police have investigated all of Wolham’s assistants with no possible suspect caught.  Whoever murdered the doctor and stole his work is evidently able to use it with swift and deadly efficiency, as Jagan, The Evil Eye in his debut, once released a massive chemical hallucinogen during  Grant Park’s Lolapooloza festival, causing the entire downtown area to to break down into chaos, which the Tribune dubbed the event ” The Night of Delirium”

So far, police and the Superhuman community has yet to capture Jagan, The Evil Eye and anyone who actually captures him is usually revealed to be just one of his henchmen, wearing his outfit and dies from an airborne pathogen created once unmasked. So, we are left with a chemical wizard who elusive as well as deadly.

Jagan’s outfit initially started out as a sketch of someone’s entry into a new Batman costume, and it was interesting to me because from a departure from most costumes, this batsuit was heavy on using crazy eye patterns on the helm. This led me to create the Jagan as I remade the style and piping over his outfit while experimenting with his helmet until I got the desired eye pattern I wanted his helmet to have.  I wanted to base this villain in the vein of both Mysterio and The Scarecrow, in that I want a villain who employs chemicals and striking visuals to elicit fear, but also to mess with the minds of his victims to further his psychological torture profile. So, there you have it, beware the fearsome watch of Jagan, The Evil Eye.

# 2 : Rexon Tyrannus

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Every hero is only as good as their villain, and with Blazer, there comes his main enemy, Rexon Tyrannus. Tyrannus is the main antagonist to Blazer. A scientific warlord, Tyrannus has an entire mechanized army which he deploys to seize various territories from the Clan’s homeland. The reason for this is tied into his family history, for years ago, Tyrannus’s own ancestor was the first Unifier of all the Saurian tribes until they rebelled and ousted him out of power in a bloody war that led to the formation of the Clan Lands. The bloodline survived with each ancestor slowly plotting and planning a means to reclaim their lost legacy, with Tyrannus being the last known heir to the Tyrannus Bloodline and the one who enacted their revenge plot.  Tyrannus sees this as a denial of his own legacy and feels entitled to reclaim these lands for his family honor.

I depicted him seated in his command chair, showing the regalia that a leader would wear. I also tried to depict his arms as shorter in relation to his body, as the gauntlets he wears serve as a means to wield specially crafted weapons for him to fire, while hiding a personal shield and energy blade within his gauntlets. Behind Tyrannus, like Blazer where I depicted his past incarnations; here I show his impending future of becoming a cyborg with implants while wearing a more militant uniform to support a more  driven persona.

A scientific and military mastermind, Tyrannus was trained and taught the arts of combat and military strategy while indoctrinated the belief in family pride and in the history of the Tyrannus Family’s Rise and Fall.  He was given the collected knowledge and wealth of all the Tyrannus ancestors, deploying  their plans and tactics while using a number of shell and clandestine operations to finance both his research and scientific endeavors.His attacks across the Clan Lands are focused on key lands that either contain a resource, new tech, or of strategic importance to Tyrannus’s endgame; the complete and utter subjugation of the Saurian Race and the Decimation of the Clans. He rarely interacts personally unless a battle is truly important, as he is comfortable sending his machines to fulfill his ends, yet will hire or make arrangements with other Saurians if it serves his purpose.

Tyrannus isolates himself from the rest of the Saurian world due to a latent Animus ability; Psychic telepathy and telekinesis that he has little control and/or uses as a means of force or manipulation, making it hard for him to interact, yet also serving him as a lie detector when dealing with conspirators. Though his influence is vast, Tyrannus feels truly alone in his life with nothing left for him  but to reclaim his stolen family honor and fulfill the Legacy of the Unifier.

#1: Blazer the Raptor

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Everyone remembers their first moment. That also includes characters. Blazer the Raptor was my first character that I drew as a child based on several unrelated sources. The first is my love of dinosaurs and the second was Sonic the Hedgehog.  Later on, he took on aspects of Goku and even later, Naruto.  Blazer is a character that always pops out now matter what I draw, I always fall back and revisit him, changing his look from time to time based on whatever interests me at the time. The image demonstrates his evolution from his earliest depiction up to his most recent and current incarnation. From the very first, Early Blazer version, to Goku- Haired Blazer, to Extremely Dark Blazer, and finally, his more current and by far, my favorite version, simply called Blazer.

Now for character bio: Blazer is a Velociraptor from the Fire Valley Clan in Patagenea. He was a regular child until his Animus  (chakra, ki, spirit energy) activated, for which any saurian demonstrating Animus is automatically drafted into the military of their respective Clan as a special class, dubbed Servitors.  As a Servitor, Blazer is trained in utilizing armed and unarmed combat while being taught the Anima Techniques from his master, Tenken. Blazer’s main antagonist is the dreaded Rexon Tyrannus, a machinist overlord who uses an entire mechanized army to seize control and subjugate all the Clan lands, for which Blazer is on a mission to  forge a alliances with all the Clans to defeat this encroaching threat and for Blazer, he desires to destroy Tyrannus for a more personal reason; for , Tyrannus was responsible for the death of Blazer’s father and Blazer would like to see justice enacted, by his own hands.

During his travels, Blazer will encounter obstacles that will will challenge him both his physical and mental abilities while exploring the vast and diverse lands of each of the Clans. Blazer will also encounter other Servitors like him, each with their own repertoire of amazing abilities.

Blazer’s abilities focus on using Fire Elemental and Inner Energy Anima Techniques which range from projectile attacks like the Fire Rocket, to enhancements, such as Afterburner, a speed boost technique. Blazer is capable of wielding a Raptor Class Sickle Sword, forged in Star Metal, which can be channeled with Animus energy to superheat the blade for increased cutting power or to deliver a charged attack. Blazer is also capable of fighting with claw daggers and throwing hooks. His fighting style has a heavy emphasis on speed based attacks, while using the momentum to deliver hard strikes when they count. But, Blazer’s biggest assset is his brain, for he does not engage battles head on and utilizes strategy over brute force in defeating his opponents.

This concludes the introduction of my character. I hope you like it.