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#12 Baron Karsa the mad scientist

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Whilst technically qualifying as a mad scientist Baron Karsa is pretty much the worst one there is, he’s forgetful, sloppy and not actually that mad truth be told.  His parents were both mad scientists and wanted him to follow in their footsteps… Karsa kind of stumbled in their footsteps.

#18 – This Won’t Hurt

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A mad-scientist/medic/interrogator gnome, on a gnomish airship (erm, airship not shown).
What could possibly go wrong?
I really mean to color these things…

OH GNOME YOU DIDN'T (also a fun board game)

#6 Dr. Muahahahaha

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Dr. Hiram Muahahahaha is a mad scientist. One of the maddest as a matter of fact. He is somewhat scatterbrained, his practices are questionable, and he  frequently works for the bad guys, building semi-ridiculous super weapons.

What made him go mad you may ask? The systematic release of the Star Wars Prequels during Grad School made Hiram lose his mind completely.  In  1999 Hiram was one of the many fanboys drooling over the upcoming release of the Star Wars Prequels beginning with  the Phantom Menace written and directed by George Lucas. The utter disgust and complete disappointment totally devastated the young Hiram spiraling him into 1/3 complete madness. He continued his studies albeit somewhat jaded and twisted. Then in 2002 with the release of the disappointing Attack of the Clones Hiram again was  utterly devastated and sent careening into 2/3 complete madness. Finally with the release of The Revenge of the Sith in 2005 the sheer devastation of how horrible the films were,  finally destroyed Hiram’s mind sending him into total madness.

He may be mad, but Hiram does throw great parties!

#5 Guinea Pig

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Guinea Pig

Justin “Guinea Pig” Adams is Dr. Legado’s lab assistant/frequent test subject. Due to the irrational nature of Dr. Legado’s experiments, Guinea Pig has occasionally required “upgrades” to make him a better lab assistant.

Guinea Pig’s enhancements include a bionic eye, a mechanical arm, a tentacle, an anti-gravity leg and an antenna for receiving wireless energy to power his bionic parts. Unfortunately, only Dr. Legado’s lab has the wireless energy power source. If Guinea Pig leaves the lab he will lose the use of his bionic eye, arm and anti-gravity leg.

Despite his limitations, Guinea Pig is affable and a loyal assistant to Dr. Legado. He’s a capable assistant, but not the brightest, which helps when you work with a mad scientist.

#5 Hi-Q

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Marisol Concepcion Ito was born at Wedge Donovan Hospital at  Torii Station base in Japan.Doctors at the hospital were conducting research into creating a super-soldier through injections of an experimental compound,and selected the newborn Marisol for testing.Years later she developed incredible mental faculties that have allowed her to become one of the most brilliant scientists in history at the age of 25. Just over a month ago she discovered that she had been part of the control group.Her nickname Hi-Q comes from her naturally high intelligence and love of  the Haiku form of poetry.(A hobby she learned from her grandmother.)