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Cheerful Man

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Day27-Cheerful Man-01

The Rage Thrower

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Day19-The Rage Thrower-01

The Night Justice

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Day15-The Night Justice-01


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Because Edo ain’t what it used to be.


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#23_The Harbinger

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"The Harbinger"

"The Harbinger"

#7_High Priest of Thoth

| November 7, 2011 | 2 Comments
"High Priest of Thoth"

"High Priest of Thoth"

Day 3 “Stick Up Kid”

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Here’s # 3 entry for the 30 Characters challenge. I’ve had this idea for a character for a few days now and have been having a tough time settling on any one sketch. I’m not even 100% sure of this one but it’s much closer to what I intended.

These characters will all have a somewhat Hip Hop theme and will take place on earth and in space with a graffiti/underground comic cartoon style. I’m kind of doing a lot of copying of style at this point but I hope to arrive on a style I can call my own eventually.

Thanks for Checkin in! More updates to come throughout the weekend.

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-Marshall aka Calmplex

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#1 Candito Libre

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Candito Libre is a wrestler in the U.C.C.W.(Unlimited Class Championship Wrestling) and an old foe of Wolf Ryan.His finishing move is El Chimichanga del Muerte.The dog is named Pepe.