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#19- Puar

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Day 15: Sharkbite Sandy

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Origami Mermaid

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#20 Hessena the Mermaid

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She took another painful step.  One of most likely thousands she had taken.  One of millions she was willing to take.  It wasn’t as though she had been ignorant of the pain she was to feel if she was to walk on land with legs like men- she had been warned, shards of glass and the like.  Being trapped on the ground, incapable of floating upwards, however, had effects she had not considered.  Although Hessenah was well familiar with the rules above the water, having spent more than enough time on outcroppings and seashores, she had not realized quite how confining it would be.  And carrying her own weight- she was fully capable of it, the muscle form needed for it came with the spell which gave her legs and feet- but she had not expected it to make her feel so pinned down.  So constantly trapped.

She knew that she had not been the first to take the offer, to take the spell and walk upright and on dry land.  But she honestly could not understand how the others had not returned within the hour, realizing that no affection or interest could overshadow the fact that they were better off swimming free and unfettered.  She would not compare herself to them.  Her cause was dire, her reason for leaving the waves drove her with deeper pain and heavier weight than any her counterfeit form could assault her with.

Hessenah would not compare herself to her foolish little sister, impulsive and careless, who had allowed herself to be lured onto land by the smooth tongue of a handsome fisherman, into the hands of a ruthless love which in the end had killed her.  With a smile as sharp as the pain of her steps, she wondered what that fisherman think when he realized that he had once again drawn a maiden from the sea.  Before he realized that what he had called up this time little more than vengeance.  Little more than his own slow and painful death.

For a mermaid was just as capable of killing a man with her own bare hands as she was capable of luring him off of a cliff.  the old stories were true, and they were right.  It always ended in blood and tears, and a wise fisherman should count himself lucky to have never met her kind.

#11 Porcelina

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Atlantean Noble.

Day # 9 – Kahale

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Kahale is of the same species as Another Mo’o forced into servitude. Though right now I can’t tell if he’s removing nets or fishing for his master’s supper. Kahale, isn’t overly distraught with his lot in life, he enjoys the physical work, and keeping busy. Yeah his situation isn’t ideal but it could be worse.

#8 Miranda Glynnis

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In the world of Elhi,everyone knows 3 things about Mermaids.

1.Because they don’t have souls,Mermaids,and Mermen,cannot die.

2.If you possess a Mermaid’s comb,she must do your bidding.

3.Whatever name she gives you is a false one.Land dwellers CANNOT pronounce a mermaids true name.


70 years ago the mermaid known as Miranda Waverly,had her comb stolen by Herminia Ingraham,owner of Ingraham’s Traveling Oddities,and was forced to perform in her show.She spent night after night sitting in a murky tank,and flirting with whatever rube happened to tap on the glass.After 7 years of this the show pulled into the city of Purgatory,nestled at the base of the Tarrasque  Mountains and split into 3 parts by the Alighieri river.It was supposed to be a 2 week stay,but a fire at the theater ended the life of Herminia and the days of her traveling show.As the rubble was cleared Miranda stayed at the site,searching desperately for her comb,for without it she can’t return to the sea.She never found it,nor has she discovered it’s whereabouts in the decades since.

Miranda’s skin is pale like Mother of Pearl,and she has deep blue eyes,and hair that,like the ocean itself goes from light blue green to stygian black as it cascades down her back.Her tail is bands of blue and purple and ends in bright blue fins with black tips.She has adjusted to life on land,though she must spend one day per week completely submerged in salt water to maintain her health. The local population of RiverFolk have unofficially adopted her as one of their own,though some of the Nixies still snub her.

Day # 6 – Kamoana

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Just taking a breather… underwater. Kamoana is part of an underwater species often forced into slavery. She herself is currently under the thumb of a particularly grueling master, and is currently taking a short break.

#1 – Angelina Nelumbo

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Mischievous, cute, and daydreaming.

#14 Malandra Shorespine

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For Malandra’s Bio – Click Here.

#19 Chara

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Screw the eerily gorgeous songs that most sirens are known to sing.  Chara here would much rather belt out retro pop tunes than lure guys to her rock any day!  It still winds up snagging her the occasional sailor, funnily enough; she usually ignores him until she’s done singing, says hi in a friendly way, and nudges him back in the direction he came.  Maybe she gives him a kiss if he manages to slip in a compliment.  But in the end, for this girl, the music is all that matters.

Fun Fact: I had “Only Yesterday” by the Carpenters stuck in my head when I started sketching.  Looks like there’s a correlation here…

5. Malandra Shorespine


This post is special for two reasons. First, because I’m only posting the text, because the artist is also participating in the challenge, and will be posting the visual design for her later in the month. (Keep an eye out!) Second, because the inspiration for the character came first as a visual image in my head, rather than along with a complete story idea. She has a lot of potential for creating good stories, though, so I wanted to get her down on paper.
Imagine Malandra as a both predatory sea-creature and a beautiful woman, dark and slick and dangerous. She hunts the sea for prey, but isn’t afraid to come onto the land either. She’s most at home in deep wet caverns, either far beneath the ocean, or very near land. She’s an unknown quantity, with her nature and origins still shrouded in mystery.


Here are the notes that I gave the artist…
Malandra Shorespine is a beautiful female, but also a dangerous underwater creature at home only at the greatest depths, or in hidden caverns. She’s very dark looking, except for a few bio-luminscent markings. Her appearance is dominated by soft organic curves, except for hints of sharpness coming from natural barbs and gills.
She is humanoid, but not human. Her charcoal gray skin is smooth and slick, like a shark or a ray. She has subtle ridges or barbs in appropriate places, such as her spine, her knuckles, her elbows, her heels, and perhaps her brows or cheekbones.
She has perhaps a dozen slender tendrils on her head, which usually stay back on her head giving the impression of hair that has been slicked back. (Giving the impression of a human swimmer, at first glance.) Her feet and hands have slight webbing and claws, and only four fingers/toes.
It’s hard to tell whether she is dressed in very organic clothing that matches her skin closely, or has natural markings and plating that give the impression of clothing. If it’s clothing, it gives the impression of a one-piece swim suit or body suit, with hints of corsetry or armor. (Her body is curvy, and suggest a human female, but her chest gives the appearance of being covered in tight clothing.) Her shoulders have plates or ridges giving the impression of short sleeves or slim pauldrons.
She always gives the impression of being wet, because of her glossy skin. She’s sinewy, with muscles always tense and poised. Her teeth are sharp, though almost human-looking.
She is dark even in areas where a human should be light– However, she has areas of bio-luminescence.  Her eyes are dark where the whites should be, with luminescent irises and unusually shaped pupuls. Even her gums are dark. However, she has an natural pattern (predatory stripes or patterened uneven spots perhaps) of bio-luminescense on her upper arms and legs.
She has a small dark dagger strapped to one calf, and carries a dangerous and almost organic-looking spear that gives the impression of a short harpoon.

Created by Ian Struckhoff of Black Label Comics. (Artwork forthcoming.)

**EDIT** – Click Here For Malandra’s Artwork

#8 Betta

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#1 Sirena DiCanto

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Sirena DiCanto sits on her rock and sings her heartbreaking song as she mourns for her lost love. Her song is so achingly soulful that, should you hear it, everything you once thought was beautiful would now seem shabby to your mind. The song would play back through your brain endlessly as your obsession grew. You’ll feel an overwhelming need to shelter and protect Sirena DiCanto from whatever heartache she surely endures. You will want her to sing only for you. Your mind will quickly spiral into madness and you’ll be driven to search the seas until you find her again. When you do find her, sitting on that rock and singing her mournful tune, you will be compelled to dive into the sea and swim to her. Your madness will turn into pure euphoria as her arms wrap around you as a huge smile of delight wipes away her sad expression. She will take you as her new lover down to her home in the sea and love you like nobody else ever could until the air bursts in your lungs and the sea rushes in.

Then Sirena DiCanto will sit on her rock and sing her mournful song about her lost lover again. The song will carry over the waves and into the infernal burning pits of Hell where you’re being tormented forever. Of all the creatures in Hell, you’ll be the only one smiling because you know that Sirena is singing for you.