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#9 Mr. Sunday

| November 7, 2010 | 0 Comments

Now with new art!

Concept: Mr. Sunday is a serial killer. He’s been at it a long time (he’s about 60-70 years old and still going strong). His method: He kills every Sunday, during church hours (pardon the pun, but he’s a “mass” murderer). He’s kind of set up, ostensibly, to be a recurring villain for The Seraph, but in reality, he’s just a huge ball of evil that is always in the back of everyone’s minds.

Design: First, he’s supposed to be old. The best I could do was skinny. The clothes aren’t entirely correct either, but close. He should stand about 5′ 3″, if you consider the fact that he’s hunched over. Also, his mouth is just supposed to be wrinkles, but I think the closest I could get was a zombies (chewed off) mouth.  Not enough wrinkles, too tall, too built. But that circle he’s standing in…it’s just supposed to allude to some of the more sinister aspects of his killing methods (and yes, it’s made of blood).

EDIT – Image replaced with artwork by Steven Wilcox!

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