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#16 – The Mad Mime Killer

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Who is he? Nobody knows. What is known about him is that he has a violent, irrational hatred of all things mime. For years, he’s collected information on mimes, studied mimes and followed them around the city of Estervale. Finally, he started on his murder spree, violently doing away with ten mimes in the space of a year. The city government was the target of a media campaign against their ineffectiveness and lack of action, leading to the creation of the Golemime by the Estervale police.

An excerpt from the Mad Mime Killer’s diary:

By their very actions, the mimes are simulacra of reality, fakers and frauds who deny the reality of our reality, a world in which we must all live. They paint their faces a dead white, for they are the dead, the haunted, the living ghosts of our subconscious desire for simplicity and for a way to face the world in a way that makes sense to our simple, sheeplike minds. Those of us who protest, who fight, who see the world for what it is, we are the ones they mock. They mock us with their invisible boxes and their walking against the wind and vanishing down stairs that aren’t there – YOU’RE JUST CROUCHING DOWN YOU FRAUDS WE KNOW HOW IT’S DONE! They see us and they know how we struggle. But they are the agents of the Absurd, the carriers of the cosmic joke of which we are all the punchlines, and until they are gone, until the mimes are wiped from the earth, I cannot have peace, fight the fight against the forces that truly control our world and enslave us all.

What does it mean? Only the killer knows….

#17 Kassy Klondike – Murderer

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#17 Kassy Klondike - Murderer












#16 Thad Ignacio – Murderer

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#16 Thad Ignacio - Murderer












#15 Vanessa Van Horn – Murderer

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#15 Vanessa Van Horn - Murderer












#14 Magenta Cashmere – Murderer

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#14 Magenta Cashmere - Murderer












#13 Kermit Johnson – Murderer

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#13 Kermit Johnson - Murderer












#12 Amelia Rhodes – Murderer

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#12 Amelia Rhodes - Murderer












#11 Krystal Mars – Murderer

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#11 Krystal Mars - Murderer












#10 Dick Cornelius – Murderer

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#10 Dick Cornelius - Murderer












#9 The Marionette Siblings – Murderers

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#9 The Marionette Siblings - Murderers



















#8 Damien Majors – Murderer

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#8 Damien Majors - Murderer












#7 Enrique Sucio – Murderer

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#7 Enrique Sucio - Murderer












#6 Isabella Lake – Murderer

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#6 Isabella Lake - Murderer












#5 Sebastian Kloud – Murderer

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#5 Sebastian Kloud - Murderer












#4: Sliver

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# 4 : Sliver

A mysterious and dangerous hunter, the enigmatic mercenary called Sliver.

Sliver was once a man who lost his arm in an archaeological site digging out a Medieval armory. Though lacking an arm, he managed to procure a strange gauntlet. This gauntlet, unbeknownst to him ,was one piece of a complete suit of enchanted armor  of an ancient warlord that, legend has it, possessed a mind of its own.  This gauntlet possessed the man and overtook his will to become the Hunter known as Sliver,  whose only goal is to procure the remaining pieces of his Cursed Armor so that it can be whole again. He is currently in possession of at least two known components of the Cursed Armor, the Right Gauntlet and the Helm,  which was taken from the Smitsonian and the cloak from the Field Museum.

While the Armor thefts are a concern, its the fact that whenever Sliver comes to to collect or follow a lead on a Cursed Armor piece, he leaves behind a trail of bodies in his wake, which makes Sliver a Most Wanted Superhuman in all law enforcement and federal government agencies. Sliver is also wanted as a top assassin due to his relentless pursuit of becoming complete, neither any opposition or reasoning will stop Sliver from achieving his goals.

Abilities: The Cursed Arm possesses metamorphic properties that encases its host in a metallic coating that protects the user from almost any known weapon. The hand is capable of extending its fingers into impossible lengths and are capable of transforming into various weapons, such as swords, spears, and hooks, for use in combat and defense, as pieces of the armor are capable of projecting spikes out of its exposed plating. The Cursed Helm is another addition that essential suppresses the host’s identity and becomes its own entity, while providing the main means of speech and info in his search for his missing Armor.The Helmet also possesses the same metamorphic properties as the Arm. Sliver wears a kevlar woven bodysuit and the remnants of its previous wielders cloak.

Creation Notes: This character was inspired from me looking at a book on the Art of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at a Barnes & Noble and saw a helmet from a list of concept sketches for Sauron, and this character stems from that one picture, while taking a nod from Witchblade regarding the weapon arm. The look and style changed throughout high school and I felt it was best to showcase this character. The pose is also based off a previous drawing of Sliver as that was my favorite pose for the character.

#4 Aubry Willingham – Murderer

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#4 Aubry Willingham - Murderer












#3 Carter Jennings – Murderer

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#3 Carter Jennings - Murderer






Murderer. Unfortunately, the murderer displayed has asked me to take his image down due to his current trial involving several “yet to be proven” murders for which he is associated with. Also, he has no sense of humor.

#2 Emma Swanson – Murderer

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#2 Emma Swanson - Murderer












#1 Veronica Fields – Murderer

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#1 Veronica Fields - Murderer