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Day 22: Zara Zain

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ZaraShipwrecked on Xator Prime as a child, Zara grew up in the Techno-Wastes, and learned to hone her fighting skills against the deadly robot warriors native to the scrap world. Having escaped that mechanical hell, Zara is now a champion of the Killosseum, fighting to repay a debt to a Zero-Syndicate overboss.

Day 14 – Rooster Cogsworth

| November 21, 2013 | 1 Comment

day 14  - Rooster Cogsworth FINAL LOGO

Marshall Rooster Cogsworth aka RoboRooster, the only law on planet C.R.U.D. in the Omega Meta Gamma cluster. Injured in the Great War, as a soldier of fortune he turned to a law abiding gunslinger after his robotic makeover made him see red anytime injustice reared its’ foxy head. C.R.U.D. is a dry and desolate planet full of mutant outlaws, thieves and villains as they and honest citizens vie to claim and mine the elusive, mysterious and possibly living crystalline C.R.U.D., the only substance in the known galaxy that can convert common rocks into gold. Cogsworth and his misfit army are the only stopgap of chaos and lawlessness on C.R.U.D.

Day 13 – Atranak, Fox Shaman

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day 13 - FS RFA fox shaman from the Dritinari tribe, in the southwestern part of what was once North America in the far distant future.

#25 The Frog-Dog

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11/28/2012: Lumpy Holger, Mutant Bounty Hunter

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NAME: Lumpy Holger  SPECIES: Human (Mutated)  ORIGIN: Tunnelworld

Hailing from the surface wastes of Eden Prime (known colloquially as “Tunnelworld”), Lumpy suffers from a degenerative disease, a result of his prolonged exposure to the engineered mutagens plaguing his home environment. With little time left on the clock before he expires, Lumpy has come to nexus city seeking one last bounty.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending)


#18 Candlesleer

| November 20, 2010 | 0 Comments

Name: Candlesleer
Species: Giant Floating Head (severely mutated human)
Age/Sex/Race: 88/Male/N/A
Main Goal: Make his tribe survive
Occupation: Tribal chieftain of a tribe of floating heads
Motivation: Survival
Inner Need: Respect, success
Flaw: Reactionary, short tempered, blood thirsty
Good/Bad Habits: Leads by example, first to rise, first to rest. Sees all criticism or hesitation as a challenge to his authority.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Very good memory, knows the migration patterns of animals, good strategist.
Quirks: Inexplicably has four constantly-burning candles growing out of his tentacle-eyeballs. Gets offended whenever somebody asks about them.
Attitude: Jovial
Dialogue Style: Verbose, often repeats whole sentences with slight variation between them. Very loud.
Backstory/Description: In the frozen tundra of the Sacred Lands live a race of floating head people, who call their land Sacred and declare it a sin to touch it, hence they levitate everywhere. Candlesleer was born into one of the several semi-nomadic tribes of floating heads, led by his father, their incompetant and forgetful chieftain. When Candlesleer was barely 25, the age of sexual maturity in his people, his father declared him the new chieftain. Though the other heads were skeptical, at first, Candlesleer won their respect by memorizing the migration patterns of animals and using that knowledge to help his people find food. His tribe has thrived ever since.

Alright, here’s another three from my post apocalyptic campaign. I like this setting; it’s easy to come up with characters for it. However, I’m more than ready to be done with this competition. This is starting to wear me out.

#15 Sargonovus

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Name: Sargonovus
Species: Egghead (mutant human)
Age/Sex/Race: 29/Male/Caucasian
Main Goal: Build a vast empire through conquest.
Occupation: Pre-Backlash Weapons Expert
Motivation: Ambition
Inner Need: Power, Knowledge
Flaw: Arrogant, Selfish, Bossy
Good/Bad Habits: Maintains an old Glock very well. Always gives orders assuming they will be followed without question and gets offended when they are.
Secret: His secret plan to acquire the ultimate weapon, a slaymachine.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Highly analytical, tactical mind. Extremely knowledgable in pre-Backlash weapons and history. Decent craftsman with metal.
Quirks: Always wears an old lab coat his father gave him.
Attitude: Smug
Dialogue Style: Accent kind of like the 20’s, uses lots of informal addresses (“pal, buddy, buster, slick”).
Backstory/Description: Sargonovus’s parents could barely stand each other, both being as arrogant as he was. After he was born, his father, Paracaesar, got into a fight with his mother and left her, taking Sargonovus with him. Under his father’s tutelage he learned all about scavenging and repairing pre-Backlash weapons, as well as their history gleaned from a few tattered textbooks. When Sargonovus was 19, he and his father tired of each other and parted ways. Now Sargonovus wanders Southwood looking to build himself an empire using the most powerful of pre-Backlash weapons, a slaymachine, a weapon made from the blood of the slain forge god Shorus.

Yeah, this guy (and the next three or more) are from a post-apocalyptic setting I made for the roleplaying game Mutant Future, where the world was destroyed after a war with the gods, wherein the gods sacrificed most of their power to bathe the world in the light of creation, thus mutation most of the life forms on the planet. Incidentally, here’s another guy I made for this setting: http://stoneman123.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2to5l9