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No. 25- The Deafening Silence

| November 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

Name: The Deafening Silence

Actual Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown (assumed to be in his 20s)

Ethnicity: Unknown

Occupation: Supervillain

Short Background:
The name “the Deafening Silence” is kind of a half truth. People often assume that it means that he is deaf, but he isn’t. He’s mute. This makes him a much better villain than his peers because he never monologues. The name also refers to his ability to mute the sound around him for a distance. It is unknown how far he can stretch this barrier, but some researchers wonder if he is holding back. While he is a competent villain, he is often confused with heroes like Mr. Bat and Knight Moon. Depending on his mood, he may help people when asked or he may rob them.

He is very good at pantomiming which makes him an amazing partner at Charades. He is also very quick at writing notes and keeps a notepad around just in case.

Looks like a nocturnal hero, but isn’t. Wears black, gray, and white.