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#22 Frosty The Necro-Snowmancer

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There must have been some dark magic in that old silk hat they found… Building a better winter season one undead snowman at a time.

#6 – The Undead King

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#26 Revenir and the Wizard of Endor

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I am not a necromancer.  I have always done white magic. The skull at my side is my companion, my adviser and my closest friend.  It is his mission I am on:  To banish the monsters from this world-  Rid this plain of these creatures before the great evil rises. Revenir has been to the other side, he has seen the future, and I, the Wizard of Endor have sworn to him I will prevent the Dregvant Army from ever forming.

Revenir and the Wizard of Endor © and TM Mike Dubisch

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#17 nekol and the summoned

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Nekol and the summoned

Nekol, an elven necromancer, and some summoned spirits


This is Nekol, she is an elven necromancer. In this pic she has just cast a summoning spell and various undead spirits have arrived. The spirits are often angry and depressed at having been summoned, altho some are rather mischievous/capricious. It is Nekol’s job to coerce/cajole these spirits into performing tasks for the elven kingdom.


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No. 10- Rebecca Rodriguez

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Name: Rebecca Rodriguez

Age: 25

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican- American

Occupation: Necromancer, Head of the Shadows, Revenge Seeker, Demon Slayer

Short Background:
Rebecca never really stood out in high school. She was a wallflower that people barely noticed. Even when they did notice her, it was usually to mock her.

Despite being an outcast, Rebecca was able to find happiness with young man named Karl Lawson. Karl respected Rebecca’s mind and saw past her awkward personality. Rebecca looked past the fact that he was fused with a demon. For three years, there was a happiness in her life that she never wanted to end.

That was before Karl’s demon gained control and ate her family the day after prom. Her innocence died with them.

For the next seven years, Rebecca dedicated her life to training so that she could gain revenge on her ex-boyfriend. She studied several dark arts as well as joining the Shadows, a ninja clan in Kyoto Town. Despite not usually allowing outsiders in, the master sensed a strong drive within her. After joining, Rebecca began honing her body into a finely tuned instrument of death. She also began slowly moving up the ranks with in the Clan. It was only a matter of time before she took her place as the head of the clan after the Master died under strange circumstances.

Now, with the Shadows at her command and all of the power she possess, Rebecca just has to wait for the right moment to strike.

Rebecca likes to be very mysterious and because of this she wears a lot of cloaks and dark colors. She will wear different outfits depending on her mood. If she is solely there to observe, she will usually wear a dress or something very fashionable. However, if she is in the mood to get involved then you will see her wearing pants and practical fighting attire. She wears her hair long, but usually in a pony tail or a bun.

Day #1- Jared Evrett

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Meet Jared Evrett the most passifist Necromancer you’ll find. Jared grew up in a nobel rich family that did more than just ‘Play’ Cultists. Being brought up raising zombies and gods from hell you might think one might be used to the stench. Jared not so much. Although he knows every chant backwards and forwards he prefers not to participate in the more ‘active’ pursuits of most necromancers. Jared would rather curl up with the Necrocomicon and read it forward to back. He is well versed in many languages as well as several dead ones. He’s not to fond of the common zombie, ghost, or goul and most of the demons, demigods, and gods are too pretentious for him. (Although he himself was raised and acts quite snobbishly) If the man could ever get over his distaste for the dead he could probably plunge the world into a new apocolypse.  It would work pretty well for him since he’s quite the elitist. He also blends in seamleslly with the city’s upper class.