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#9 Siri

| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

Siri is MY little kitty! My little sister wanted a cat and got one and then got bored with it so I had to take care of it and now we are inseparably bonded, I love her so much! Anyway, personality whise she’s curious and fearless, she laughs in the face of death the vacuum cleaner. I have never seen a cat walk into the shower when I’m using it. She has a fractured and healed tail, probably from getting stuck in a door when she was a little kitten. She loves to bother you and play, especially flopping down on my tablet while I’m drawing and not paying attention to her. What a brat!!

She seems like a cat that would wear colourful clothing and tigh since she likes squeezing into whatever hole she can find, can’t do that with any baggy cloth around her.

Day# 13 a Sqorthk: plant stage.

| November 17, 2010 | 3 Comments
#13 a Sqorthk, by Jande Rowe

#13 a Sqorthk, by Jande Rowe

Adnirovjyni Sqorthk, Vegetable Phase: a vine-like animal that spends part of its life-cycle as a plant, used as a food source for the dominant sentient bear-like species known simply as (#12) Adnirovjyna.

During the vegetative stage, each vine becomes translucent and produces pebbled protrubances that can grow to be quite large. In the early stages these can be broken off and used as vegetables either cooked or raw, which contain starches, cellulose, vitamins and minerals conducive to the good nature and health of the indigenous sentient race of Adnirovjyn. It is a favourite item to be combined with other Adnirovjyni flora to produce a delicious frothy alcoholic beverage well loved by the native peoples which they call Frooshk.

Once the protuberances grow beyond a certain size they lose their translucence and by their own weight droop toward the ground. Here they remain inert for a period of weeks developing a hard knobbly shell –a cocoon of sorts you might say, which protects them from predators to a certain extent, though some have been known to find ingenious ways of cracking them open. It is within this shell that the plant-Sqorthk undergoes the unique transformation from plant to animal.

Next up #14 a Sqorthk in animal phase.