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Day 8: Captain Sidewinder

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We Gotta get these @#$%’n Snakes flying @#$%’n Planes!

Day 9- Ace Stratos, Mercenary Pilot

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Ace Stratos- mercenary pilot. He spent years as a test pilot for the top aeronautical research firms but he was secretly copying and reverse-engineering the experimental technologies until he had everything he needed to become the top fighter pilot on earth. Ace is worth every penny, charging clients half the construction cost of each plane he shoots down. His plane, the Death Shrike is equipped with stealth technology, including “image-distortion” which visually puts the plane several feet behind where it actually is. The guns on each wing are similar in caliber to the nose-gun of the A-10, and the six missiles are laser guided via heads-up display in the pilot’s helmet, similar to the ATF jet. Additionally, the Death Shrike can be piloted like a drone and Ace can utilize his jet pack.

#16_Mech Pilot

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"Mech Pilot"

"Mech Pilot"

#10 Lt. Theron Jones

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The pilot for Odin Squadron 4, Theron is a solid pilot with a solid flight record. In stark contrast to the Valkyrie’s Lt. Gomez, Theron is not an outright daredevil. He relishes the thrill of flying, but he also likes staying alive after doing so. He’s often serves as the voice of reason when his teammates want to go off and kill something without a plan or just cry in the corner.

Poor Theron. He’s surrounded by lunatics.