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07 and 08- Plunk and Pilly

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07 and 08- Plunk and Pilly

Day 15: Drott

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DrottThe final playing piece for the Raiders from the Far Shores Pocket-Tactics set. Whole set is pictured below and will be available for print-and-play soon.


#12 Captain Errol

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Captain Errol is dashing and a ladies man. He loves the life of a pirate and rogue – he just doesn’t actually participate in any piracy….


#8 Metro Pirate

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Leftover from inks I did yesterday. Not real excited about it. Lazy, sloppy and blond hair two days in a row. Also, taking the cheap way out by drawing caricature head shots instead of characters in a pose. The original drawings are small though… 4.5” x 8.5” on a bunch of leftover scraps of resume paper I kept from like 10 years ago. I’m all excuses.

Day 4: Fenny Paige the Ferret Pirate

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Day 4: Fenny Paige!
This time around, I used an app called Shuffle! by Silver. In turn, adds a little more “character” to this Character Challenge. In any case, enjoy the ferret!

2013 Day 01 – Jasper Asteroid!

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Jasper Asteroid

Jasper Asteroid

Jasper Asteroid will eventually tangle with CatBeard the Lawn Lubber at www.CatBeardProject.wordpress.com

Characters 21-30/30 (Mission Complete!!)

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21/30 – Amelia. She’s a ghost!

22/30 – Blech. Another WTF creature.

23/30 – Righteous Slaughter. A true founding father of this great nation.

24/30 – Avenging Pequot Warrior. In honor of the 700 massacred Pequot Native Americans.

25/30 – Slugger. He punches things. In space.

26/30 – Fluffy the Pirate. Named after one of my PAX Enforcer brothers, I mostly just wanted to draw a pirate with a Lemmy.

27/30 – Artslinger. This is the front turnaround for another contest, but I drew it in November, so whatever. Think having powers like Green Lantern, but through art supplies.

28/30 – The Scholar. Ended up looking like Gordon Freeman. Unintentional.

29/30 – Tengu. I didn’t draw any anthropomorphic creatures for this thing. Not my bag, really. Still, gotta cover all the bases.

30/30 – s133pDEAD! Okay, so it’s kind of a cop out, but I’m super stoked to have completed this challenge and also my beard deserves to be immortalized!

#26 – Vaine Glorious (Thee Notorious)

| November 27, 2012 | 2 Comments

In the future, and in the past, in both outer space and inner, Vaine Glorious (Thee Notorious) travels with Circus Proxima as a stage magician, gryphon tamer, starship mechanic, acrobat, thief, and the most feared punk pyrate ever to sail the Golden Galleon. And that’s just what she’s willing to tell you about. Hers is a story that never quite adds up, a face that never resolves…

What is Circus Proxima? It’s a secret circus traveling the endless Road. It’s the Caravan disappearing over the horizon, a Pirate Utopia on wheels. It’s as old as cities, but it hasn’t been created yet. Through circomancy –divination via acrobatics, performance, and art– they map the Immediate to prepare you for what’s next. You can’t buy tickets, you can’t search for it online, you can’t catch it at Vegas. You can only find yourself there, when you’re at your wit’s end, wondering what’s next. When you’ve forgotten what glory looks like, when your secrets have deserted you, when you’ve stayed in the lines they drew around you because you can no longer imagine anything else, you might get a ticket to see her perform. Vaine Glorious (Thee Notorious) will transform and amaze you, and make all things plain.

There’s not much left of the person called Gloria Vaines – that sad sack seems to have vanished entirely from the known universe. Vaine Glorious would have it no other way.


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The pirate decides to try a new profession.

Day 16: Cannon Bill

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Ain’t no better swab to have by yer side than ol’ Cannon Bill. O’ course, ye don’t want him behind ya. Just by yer side. Or maybe it’s best to be standin’ behind him. Quite a distance behind him. Yar, that’s the best place.

Day 15: Sharkbite Sandy

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Day Nine: Space Piratex

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Space, that was the dream. Space — the place children (our future) all across her country had lived for, before they discovered reality TV in their teen years, the place though which ufological wonks of all ages had wanted to drift.
The actual place was less majestic than the men and women of science-based television programing had promised and closer to an afternoon floating with the refuse of a billion people in the waves of a Lama Island beach in a waning Summer.
The Space Piratex probe didn’t mind, for a start she’d never been to any of Lama Island’s waste-disposal beaches and so was unable to see the sad similarity. No, an enterprising class of public school over-achievers hadn’t built her to despair at the state of the space, Space Piratex had been built to win that class the finals of the “Sweep It Under the Rug: Environmental Solutions” competition. Her directives were clear: clean, clean that cosmos up long enough to get her masters a photo in three of their local papers. It was a task she probably could have completed too, if it weren’t for those attention lacking kids and their rudimentary android building skill sets.

#28 Moses Five

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Moses Five

Moses Five

Once upon a time, everyone had heard of the fearless space bandit and freedom fighter Moses Five. His attacks to stop the villainous Vesper Geist from taking over the galaxy, and his expeditions to the edge of known space to conduct raids on the insectoid Spiddyocks were legendary. Sure, he flouted the law, but it was all for the best, and he was the hero people needed.

Finally, with a temporary dispensation from the Consortium of Free Systems, he participated on the decisive attack that defeated Vesper. Before they landed, she contacted Moses privately, and made him an offer of immortality if he merely held back behind Consortium forces. Moses Five bowed to no one, but especially not his oldest enemy, and he refused. He and the Consortium defeated Geist’s forces, but the woman herself disappeared. “Some sort of chronal anomaly” was the scientists’ best explanation. Shortly after that, Moses Five began having visions of his much older self in the future, and oddly enough, suddenly remembered having had them all of his life.

150 years later: the Consortium has expanded beyond the galaxy, and Moses Five is still out at the edges of it, in Outer Harappa, mostly in the Res Extensa, a bar run by humanoid hairless cats. When not lost in a fog of intoxicants and deja vu, he makes his money on this outlaw planet as an all-around fixer and low-rent “knuckle-duster”, hiring his skills out to the highest bidder. Bitter and broken-down, he dreams of his younger days, before a newly stable Consortium decided it no longer had a political incentive to tolerate popular bandits who would challenge its authority. Few remember his legend now, and some days he regrets not taking Vesper Geist up on her offer. But he hasn’t chosen to spend his last days in this forsaken rock on a whim – out at the edges of settled space, there are more chronal anomalies than elsewhere, and time tends to slip out of joint. When the nearby dying stars’ flare activity is high, his dreams of youth become far more vivid…

(Note: the idea of splitting the story between young and old bandit came from this post on Project Rooftop, where two guys submitted versions of the X-Men character Corsair, and Joel Priddy commented that it’d be cool to see a story split between the two submission. Four and a half years later, I haven’t forgotten that idea, and since I hadn’t seen anyone do something like it, I decided to put something together. I hadn’t seen that post since then until I went to find it today, and the similarities and differences between my versions and their much-better-drawn versions is interesting to me.)

#17 Dave “the Cowl” Winston

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#17 Dave "the Cowl" Winston

#2 Gun Runner

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#1 Red Bonney

| November 1, 2011 | 4 Comments

Red Bonney -reaver of the sea

Red Bonney …a feared pirate

Alrite first character :D. Red Bonney is a red headed  reaver of the sea, sailing the atlantic seas at or around the period of the US revolutionary war(this is a fantastical period where sea monsters like the kraken and mermaids populate the seas)…a fierce pirate most interested in treasure and booty ^^; . Her motivations are strictly mercenary, she is american by birth but her roots go back to ireland. She is a highly skilled sailor-and rather handy with a musket or a sword.

#3. Space Pirate Alustar!

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Space Pirate Alustar!

He's totally a hero...at least in his own mind.

Self-proclaimed “space pirate” Alustar Aralune  is the commander of the Havoc Queen, a freight-class vessel named after Alustar’s long-lost love. Drifting through space looking for exotic space!treasure, Alustar has made a name for himself as a reckless and brave captain. He has made as many enemies as friends in his long career. He also has an extremely high opinion of himself.

That’s where the “self-proclaimed” part comes in: Alustar is not really a pirate, and his past heroism is largely imagined. He is in fact a traveling junk dealer and scavenger. The Havoc Queen is not a grand pirate ship. It is in fact a run-down cargo cruiser that is both cheap and hard to maintain. The Queen is crewed by the Howitzer Twins: zealously loyal navigator Tanis and occasionally loyal engineer Sylas. Now Alustar is in search of the greatest treasure he can think of: the original Havoc Queen herself, Alustar’s fugitive ex.

#1 – Captain Composite

| November 1, 2010 | 2 Comments

Hockey players have abandoned the traditional lumber in favor of the modern, high-tech carbon composite stick. So has the pirate Captain Composite. A peg-leg no more! He is prone to head shots (wouldn’t you like to knock that bucket off his head?) and gets called for “hooking” penalties quite often. CapComp is great at pestering goalies as he “anchors” himself in front of the net. He appears to be in play-off mode at all times with that shaggy facial hair hanging off him.