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#1- Princess Penelope Primrose

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#28 The Lady and the Prince of Lindworms

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Two royal warriors from great, clashing civilizations.   They met on the field of battle, but unknown to them they wielded sibling swords.  When they clashed, both were hurled to a distant continent, and they must work together through savage lands to find a way back home.

#10_Little Miss Whimsy

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"Little Miss Whimsy"

"Little Miss Whimsy"

Day# 17 Paula McBeale

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#17 Paula McBeale for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

#17 Paula McBeale for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

Daddy’s Little Princess

Paula McBeale and her sister (#18)Agnes live across the road from Aedre’s new house on Hook Rd. They live in a tiny one-bedroom house that is far too small for four people. To Aedre’s view, they are disgorged from the house every school morning, and swallowed up again right after school as if they don’t exist at any other time.

Paula is secretive and constantly feels deprived, since she get no allowance and has to beg for everything she feels she needs. She finds an outlet for her feelings of resentment about this by stealing small things from school, from stores, from her friends, though in the latter case she calls it “borrowing”. Her favourite thing to steal when she can get it, however, is money. No one finds out about this habit of hers for many years.

She is an excellent actress. After all she’s been acting for Daddy since she was a baby. Sometimes the things he makes her act for him make her uncomfortable but at least she has his undivided attention for periods of time. Daddy is an avid photographer, but he never shows his photos to anyone but Paula, keeping them locked away in a box under her bed, and he says its “our secret game, Princess”. So she is cautioned never to tell anyone about the secret game or Daddy won’t be able to play with her anymore.

She takes to hanging out with Aedre on the way to and from school because she feels that Aedre is so pathetic it makes her look good, and besides, sometimes she can steal stuff from her and she never seems to realise the only person who could have stolen it was Paula. Paula holds Aedre in contempt while pretending to be her friend.

But then, Aedre is conditioned to think that everything bad that happens is her fault, and so if something goes missing then she must have lost it somehow. This suits Paula just fine. Daddy’s little Princess knows how to get on in the world.

#2 Princess Lorne

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Heir to the throne of the northeastern dominance of Hold, Lorne, as her friends call her, is cunning and wise beyond her 136 years. She attends court and most of the social events out of duty, but her passions and interests are in cultures and peoples apart from her own. Like most outer nobilities, the Fae in her lands are indentured to carry out the dominances desires, and Lorne was borne into this understanding. She knows there is a tension and that a delicate balance between the nobility and the Fae must be maintained else the dominance may fall into ruin as happened in the southern dominance of Ruel, who most call the forgotten land. That lost empire intrigues her, as do the strange new twins who’ve attended court the last few evenings during the night’s balls. Lorne’s whisperer, Chondra Flicker, suspects they come from Ruel, but that is hardly possible as none have come from that land in nearly six centuries.

Princess Lorne’s mother, the Dominatrix Quell Sirion, has had failing health for the last 500 years. Over the last year, the Dominatrix’s health has been on sharp decline, and the Princess has more than once stood in for her beloved ailing mother. Lorne’s father, the Dominar Vance Sirion, has not been seen since he marched with the third host to war just before the fall of Ruel. He is considered slain though none know what befell him or the host so long ago.