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#2 Propella

| November 1, 2010 | 4 Comments


If you laughed at the last drawing, wait until you see me draw women!

This one is really my wife’s brainchild. See, Michelle has this character in name, but never really fleshed it out. So, she begged me to bring her to life in the Challenge. This one’s for you, “Angel Food Face!”

Concept: Renee Santos is a typical teenager with a special talent; using telepathy, she can compel her hair to spin so fast, it enables her to fly.

Design: She’s a teen, so I wanted to avoid the greatest problem plaguing teen heroines; looking too sexy for their age. Think this is easy? Google “helicopter pilot” images and notice the two girls in their underwear.

As I just mentioned, I put Propella in a helicopter uniform, but made one adjustment, and cut the legs off, making them shorts. Superhero boots and knee guards (in case a pigeon flies into her, I guess) protect her lower half. I didn’t want to draw too much, since my art is awful, but she should be wearing a flight vest, or something visually similar as I’m thinking this would protect her vitals. Also wanted to put her in an old fighter pilot’s cap…the one that looks like a leather football helmet, but that might take away from the visual effect of her hair. Oh, and she’s intentionally small breasted to emphasize her age.

EDIT: Now with art by Dave Ryan!

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