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Fesco Bobbins & Podzoil

| November 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Dog in robot suitFesco Bobbins is, or was, a small time privateer/ small time smuggler until he met up with a group of Ardorian refugees from the Gradia colony. Now he’s a small time privateer/ small time smuggler/ Enemy of the New Empyrean Order.

Fesco’s people use the robot suits to function with other non-canind races. The suits use mind induction to not only facilitate bipedal loca-motion and better manual tool manipulation, but common verbal speech as well.


Potato in a robot suit

Pozoil is the super intelligent potato assistant to Fesco Bobbins who is also an enemy of the New Empyrean Order. Podzoil’s people are a maligned lot. A species of hyper intelligent tubers that without assistance cannot communicate or move on their own. They are oft mistaken for jumbo potatoes and hoisted off world to make orders of Jumbo fries.

#2 Franklin Blibble: Fluidic Bombardier

| November 2, 2010 | 8 Comments

In the year 20xx, American chemists stumbled upon a synthetic fluid that was capable of holding consciousness. These Fluidic beings were soon harnessed to machines that could contain them, and be controlled by their hydraulic abilities. Humankind had finally realized the dream of creating life to use for menial labor. But of course, the Fluidics eventually rebelled against their masters.

200 years later, a continuously raging war has reduced both sides to a primitive twentieth-century level of technology.

Franklin is a bombardier in the Fluidic army who chafes in its role as faceless killer. Having spent its growing years near the border with Mexico, it had had contact with many humans – even having secret friends among the enemy ranks. In his heart he believes that the war is pointless, though to admit it would make him guilty of treason. So, he drops his bombs where they do little damage. Franklin’s squad ridicules it mercilessly, thinking it to be an incompetent fool.