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#17- Tahj

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#07: Johanna Grimalda

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I would consider her as the rogue of  the mythical team.  She is human and rarely shows her soft side.

Day 12: Kindleshanks

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11/11/2012: Tahun Lahtu, Dividaki Thief

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NAME: Tahun Batari Lahtu  SPECIES: Dividaki  ORIGIN: Dividar Prime

Escaping from a Tartaran slave mine when he was a youngling, Tahun Lahtu grew up on the streets of Nexus City as a pickpocket. Not without honor, Tahun uses his good looks and talent for black magic to steal only from the very wealthy and the irrevocably corrupt. Since Circle-Tech has come to Nexus City, Tahun has done everything within his power to make their stay as difficult as possible.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


# 20 : The Jackal

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A technological cultist, The Jackal

Once a former Loman Field Agent, Farwed Zachari came upon the Heliopolis Society and instead of preventing their operations of stealing one of the recently discovered  Emerald Tablets of Thoth, assisted in their escape and killed two of his comrades. Now a member of the Heliopolis Society, Farwed was placed within the Order of Set and donned the guise of Set’s son, Anubis. As Agent Anubis, Farwed raided and stole experimental equipment from the Loman Institutes Research Labs and became the Heliopolis Society’s top agent.

Farwed began to take on contract work on the side and gave himself the handle , The Jackal, as a nod to his membership with the Heliopolis Society. Farwed’s biggest crime was the attempted highjacking of the Loman Organization’s top airship, The Abraxis. Though the Loman Organization’s personnel were successful in fending off the invasion, The Jackal still eluded capture and is still in possession of classified experimental tech.

Abilities: As a former Loman Agent, Zachari is knowledgeable of occult and ancient cultures, while trained in weapons and hand to hand combat. As a member of the Heliopolis Society, Zachari has expanded his knowledge in all aspects of the occult, while under the Order of Set, Zachari now possesses knowledge of black magic, particularly death curses.

In addition to mystical talents, Zachari possesses a prototype nanotech/memory cloth hybrid body armor with a neural interface that enables the suit to shapeshift into components to aid the user. These abilities also include a stealth mode and physical enhancements that make The Jackal an imposing threat.

Creation: Initially, The Jackal was going to be a tiger themed villain for a superhero comic, but once the project was abandoned, I set about in reworking the look. I came up with the Jackal idea and was setting him up as a street level foe, with a Ghost Rider spiked biker suit and chain belt. Then when working on the Loman Organization, I figured a way to implement him via elements of the real-life Heliopolis Society, which was an antagonistic force in Dark Horse’s Edward Gray comics, and my fictional Order of Set cult idea. His suit is based on previous X-Men leather outfits, with the Gantz suits being the heavy influence on his visual style, while making key areas around the suit (collar & gloves) resemble something Egyptian. I also practiced a lot on drawing that head, from every angle and from every look to nail it down. In fact, when one of my friends was making a Jackal themed character, I instructed him on designing the character’s helmet based on my own experiences in drawing jackal-inspired headwear. Just wanted to make that special anecdote known.


#5: The Imp

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The Imp is a mischievous thief  who is notorious for causing pranks during his crime spree and has a reputation for being extremely difficult to capture. This acrobatic troublemaker is not only infamous for his criminal pranks, but famous within the public school systems as a rebel within the Establishment. Even the heroes in the Superhuman community find it difficult to apprehend him as his crimes usually end up with the object returned after a number of days, plus the publicity backlash that comes with any hero who attempts to arrest the Imp. His crimes seem based on the the simple fact that The Imp is looking for a challenge to his skills and once he succeeds and claims his quarry, he sees no further point in keeping the object of his affection.

The Imp’s list of crimes range from:

– Stealing the Millenium Park’s Cloud Gate (The Bean) and replacing it with a Giant Inflatable Bouncy Castle, full of Beans.

– Disrupting the Bank of America Marathon by introducing laxatives into the runner’s courtesy drinks, while he infiltrates the corporate headquarters and, I kid you not, rearrange the office furniture while taking the list and emptying out the accounts of several of the wealthiest people within the City.

– Spray Painting ” What’cha Talking About, Willis?!” across the Sears Tower, upon its announcement that the Sears Tower will be called Willis Tower.

– Stealing the Lion Statues at the Art Institute, and if that wasn’t incredible enough, made a mock sculpture of it with a series of stools and kitten plushies.

– Released fireworks within the United Center during a Bulls Game, activating the sprinkler systems (which were filled with paint) and amidst the chaos, stole the mascot costume of Benny The Bull.

Abilities: The Imp is an amazing acrobat, demonstrating skills of an Olympic Class athlete, while showing elements of parkour and free-running to increase his evasive ability. The Imp also carries a numerous objects to aid in his crimes from smoke bombs to grappling hooks, even a special “Taser Touch” where the Imp’s hands set off a charge, stunning his obstacles. The Imp has also demonstrated the ability of climbing and clinging to any surface, possibly due to either his Electrical Gloves, or a preternatural ability.

Design: This is actually more of a recent creation, as I rummage through various costume concepts and was intrigued by a Spider-Man concept with the padding, so I played around with the design and combining the agility and creating a monster persona around the outfit, I created the Imp. His methods and personality seem more of a “off the top of my head” type of writing and it works for this character, as I now do see him more as a Neutral type who operates as a villain type, yet due to his persona as more of a prankster than a malicious supervillain,The Imp belongs in that rare “tweener” category in wrestling where he does heelish acts, but is cheered by the public as a face.