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Day 1 – Ryan Elizabeth

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments


Ryan Elizabeth is a demon girl who lives in a quaint town in Hell.  She’s like any normal teenage girl in that she loves hanging out with her friends and is struggling to like, grow up, or something???  Ryan Elizabeth (please, her friends just call her Ryan) has a part-time summer job at a cemetery in town, where she oversees the arrival of Earth’s newly-dead.  Sometimes the job requires subduing aggressive dead people, but usually they arrive very confused and/or depressed, at which point she sees them to the cemetery counselor and returns to her post.

Ryan has had a pretty unremarkable life and has a wonderful family despite growing up poor and having ongoing money problems.  She is very bright, intelligent, and kind-hearted but tends to be lazy and completely unmotivated.  Ryan does not have any big dreams for her future, choosing instead to live life day-to-day and just “see what happens”.  She supports her two best friends with all her energy but often envies them, wishing she could be passionate about something for herself.

#9 Ryan

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments


I noticed everyone has been doing Zombies lately…I thought I would try something from other end of the life cycle.  Hope you enjoy…


PS for the .08% of you that might have noticed, I just caught the typo but don’t care enough to fix it right now…I wont apologize for being lazy.