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Star Crasher

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Star Crasher is a hi-speed multi-system wanderer, capable of blowing his way through a star (or planet for that matter- which makes him a threat to anyone who knows what he can do!). He is making his way from system to system looking for any evidence of what happened to the Scarlett Legion- the unit he was assigned to when they were attacked. During the battle he was knocked unconscious and has no memory of who attacked and what happened.

#8 Anya Volkov

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

Doctor Ivan Volkov, the renowned Russian scientist, was one of the few people left studying the theory of parallel universes. He was hoping to be the first to prove their existence. Pushing his experiments past any legally safe protocols he was forced to work in secret, in his basement laboratory at his home.

The lab was a mess, half fished experiments and inventions lying across his worktables and floor never to be completed, as he feverishly worked away on a device to produce a portal capable of opening an inter-dimensional wormhole.

Ivan was putting the final touches to the experimental device when it misfired. A bright crimson doorway was being projected mere feet from the Doctor. He was over come with joy. After all of his hard work, it had actually worked.

A shadow appeared in the doorway. A parallel version of Ivan Volkov stepped through; he was flanked either side by humanoid robots.

“Do not mind my guards Doctor, they are simply here to ensure you come with me.” Exclaimed the doppelganger of Ivan. This version of him had a cruel face, twisted by some kind of burn and half covered in metal to replace the parts lost by fire.

The robotic guards grabbed Ivan, knocking him. They dragged him towards the crimson doorway. As the doppelganger turned to follow them he noticed the small fragile frame of Ivan’s daughter, Anya at the base of the stairs leading out of the lab.

Drawing what can only be described as a ray gun from a holster the doppelganger took aim at Anya. She was brave and did not flinch or look away. Time seemed to slow as he pulled the trigger; green energy erupted from the gun. A backpack sat on the table began to unpack itself. Before the energy blast could strike Anya the backpack and twisted and shifted into a robot very similar to that of the Doppelgangers guards.

The blast bounced off of the robots chest, ricocheting into the portal device.

“Damn.” Screamed the doppelganger as the portal began to close, he leapt back through it.

Anya looked up to the robot that had protected her with wonder in her eyes.

“We need to rescue my father.” Anya said with a great deal of confidence for one so one.

“I am to protect you, young miss Anya. That is all.”

Anya smiled.

“Well protected me then.” She exclaimed as she dove through the nearly closed portal.

Her new guardian followed her loyally as the doorway closed behind them.

#3 Sixth Carbon Lama

| November 9, 2011 | 6 Comments

In the far future, a small, but devout Tibetan Buddhist sect insists that this particular cyborg’s organic system, while vat-grown & mass produced, is the reincarnation of a great scholar. It is the sixth cyborg in this particular lineage. This one, however, was created by the former PRC as a soldier (the ‘shaolin’-style forehead markings are actually data ports to facilitate programming). It’s never really said anything of major importance since its synthetic development renders it mute. But that hasn’t kept the monks from venerating it for the past one hundred & three years.


Need to seriously catch up after this one. The robes & the tech stuff really set me back, because they were a bit hard to figure out. But whatever, they were good practice all the same. No immediate use or agenda with this guy just yet. Just felt like doing something neat & cyberpunk-y.

Buy #30! Inhuman Issue #1 – Notebook

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Soshika Lypha doesn’t much like Humans. When her commanding officer orders her to help release Grey from a military controlled psychiatric ward, she has no choice but to come face to face with one. Only now, the Rulerist military wants him back…

A dark sci-fi comic about a schizophrenic, an intergalactic struggle, jaded aliens and the meaning of humanity. When Grey is freed from a hospital, no one could have expected the entire force of the Rulerist military to come after him…


Day 01: Tom Remix

| November 2, 2011 | 2 Comments

Hello, everyone! It’s still day one here on the West Coast. I’m starting off my challenge with Tom Remix, named lovingly after the first big western film star, Tom Mix. He’s a neurotic little robot who wishes for nothing more than to become a rodeo star and live out the cowboy lifestyle.

#1 Alien Space Cadet

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#15 Gavin Laurent, Marine

| November 24, 2010 | 4 Comments

Joining the Colonial Marines was not an option for Gavin. He had been convicted of capital crimes on three planets, and his third granted him a death sentence or service in the colonial marines for 30 years. What he didn’t expect, was that he would actually enjoy marine life. By impressing his superiors time and time again, he quickly ascended to the rank of captain and was assigned to the Vega 7 exploratory vessel.

Gavin’s men don’t know he was convincted of crimes. When a person becomes a marine their records are sealed for the duration of their term as a marine. His platoon has come to trust him without question over the years as he has saved most of their lives at least once and generally saved the entire ship on more than one occasion.

Gavin is not so sure he likes this new scientist assigned to his ship…

Sunday Jones

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Sunday Jones, in the guise of 'Knockout'
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sunday Jones. Yes, that’s her real name. Parents can be cruel sometimes. Sunday was mugged on the way to university one morning and woke to find herself in a world she could alter seemingly on a whim. All she has to do to make changes to the fundamental structures of reality is draw the effect she wants to have as a comic and upload it to the Internet. The effects are mostly permanent; only thing she can’t change for good is herself.

You see her here in the guise of ‘Knockout’, the superhero persona she often dons in order to fight crime. She has other guises, but this is the most common.

In terms of the art for this one, I’m mostly pleased with the overall look and the colour scheme. My major issue is with the general proportions, the legs and the feet. I’m going to have to really work hard at improving my ability to draw legs, that’s for certain. Still, with 29 more characters to go perhaps the last one will look vaguely like a human? Providing the last one is supposed to look like a human, that is.