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#1. Dr. Fun-Doh

| November 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

Better late than never, right?

Dr. Fun-Doh

The most fantabulous piece of psychopathic dough you'll ever meet.

Dr. Fun-Doh was the spokes-creature for a toy fad briefly popular from the early 1990s. For two years, Fun-Doh (a creation of Stellar! Toys, a division of Astro Chemical) produced colorful and highly addictive modeling dough. When it was revealed that Fun-Doh himself was dangerously radioactive and potentially explosive, his toy empire crumbled. He still lives holed up in the old Make-A-Shape Factory and is as unstable mentally as he is molecularly.

Dr. Fun-Doh is able to secrete tubes of dough from his mouth in many colors and shapes. He is extremely sensitive to heat and baking, and he always gets stuck in the carpet.