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Day 30: Abducto, the UFOrnament

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100_4483 100_4484

Day 14 – Rooster Cogsworth

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day 14  - Rooster Cogsworth FINAL LOGO

Marshall Rooster Cogsworth aka RoboRooster, the only law on planet C.R.U.D. in the Omega Meta Gamma cluster. Injured in the Great War, as a soldier of fortune he turned to a law abiding gunslinger after his robotic makeover made him see red anytime injustice reared its’ foxy head. C.R.U.D. is a dry and desolate planet full of mutant outlaws, thieves and villains as they and honest citizens vie to claim and mine the elusive, mysterious and possibly living crystalline C.R.U.D., the only substance in the known galaxy that can convert common rocks into gold. Cogsworth and his misfit army are the only stopgap of chaos and lawlessness on C.R.U.D.

Day 20: MURDER-O, Modular Robot Gladiator

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A gladiator for the Killosseum Pocket-tactics set/accessory I’m working on.


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Day 14: Rebel Captain

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Rebel CaptainBack to the Demonstar pieces. This guy is one of 6 player pieces for my WIP, 3D print-and-play board game. The pixel-art below is by my insanely talented brother, Cameron Croft.


Day 2: Sandor & Mikah

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Day 3: Privateer Commando

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Privateer CommandoFinally got my printer up and running again! As such, I should have 3D prints of these guys from here on out. The pieces are pretty small (about 20mm tall) so a lot of the detail won’t show through, but they’re serviceable boardgame pieces at this size to be sure.


Day Fourteen: Scientist Bigfoot P.H.D

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What more could you want?

11/20/2012: Jools Calixa, Cloned Human Dilettante

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NAME: Jools Calixa  SPECIES: Human (Clone)  ORIGIN: Zyntradi Commonwealth

Heiress to the Calixa fortune, Jools was gifted with the brane ship, Castellan, on her 18th name day. Along with her android companion, Solver, and a minimal crew employed to her house, Jools forged off into the Multiverse. Since then, Jools and Solver have seen and experienced things that most beings only dream of. Using Nexus City as her home point, Jools often returns to refuel and resupply before heading back out to parts unknown.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD. Model printed on my Makerbot Replicator and painted with water based acrylics.


#14 Sand-Cows

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An army of alien cows… with the ability to make their forms Malleable and shaped into any form.

Day Eleven: Ardent Way

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It had all lead to this, she’d put in a hell of a lot of effort to get this far, the odds had been far out of her favor and yet she had triumphed. A cup of coffee, altogether too hot and sweet, was hers. Triumph.
The darting eyes of waiters under thick black hair and too much pressure from the obnoxious American canoe competition team on table four had not looked her way, the steaming pots of cheap coffee and weak tea poured by without ever diverting in their path to her table but still she had triumphed over the odds. With a cunning combination of feminine charm and obstinate determination that comes from paying a ludicrous fee for the breakfast buffet she had broken through the ranks of waiting staff to her goal: the coffee. Kind of a shame that it tasted so awful.

Day Nine: Space Piratex

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Space, that was the dream. Space — the place children (our future) all across her country had lived for, before they discovered reality TV in their teen years, the place though which ufological wonks of all ages had wanted to drift.
The actual place was less majestic than the men and women of science-based television programing had promised and closer to an afternoon floating with the refuse of a billion people in the waves of a Lama Island beach in a waning Summer.
The Space Piratex probe didn’t mind, for a start she’d never been to any of Lama Island’s waste-disposal beaches and so was unable to see the sad similarity. No, an enterprising class of public school over-achievers hadn’t built her to despair at the state of the space, Space Piratex had been built to win that class the finals of the “Sweep It Under the Rug: Environmental Solutions” competition. Her directives were clear: clean, clean that cosmos up long enough to get her masters a photo in three of their local papers. It was a task she probably could have completed too, if it weren’t for those attention lacking kids and their rudimentary android building skill sets.

#6 Akako Yamauchi

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The passenger starship the Ninsun II was on its return flight back to earth when a miscalculation in its flight route sent it into a meteor shower just outside of Mars orbit. The ship took heavy damage and was pulled down on to the red planet. Somehow the youngest person on the flight of thousands, thirteen-year-old Akako Yamauchi was the sole survivor.

Encasing her body in a space suit and filling her backpack with a solar flashlight and all the supplies she could find Akako left the ship in search of help.

Mars had a number of tiny settlements on it, but no more than five hundred people on the entire planet, she search was almost in vain.

After nearly a day of walking she came across an excavation site, a small but abandoned camp at the base of a massive red mountain. A tunnelling operation had been underway, the tunnel was the only place that still had a functioning air filtration unit so was Akako’s salvation.

She took refuge in the tunnel; finally being able to remove her space suit and breath in some pure air, well as pure as filtration units can produce.

Bedding down for the night in the bed of an old drill team member, Akako was woken from her sleep by a sudden sound coming up the tunnel. It sounded like someone was calling to her in a language she didn’t even know. She was drawn to the call and found herself moving further and further into the tunnel, into the mountain.

Her flashlight, her only source of light guided her down and down until she entered a vast cavern. Crystal clear water poured from outlets in the side off the cavern wall and formed a natural pool, a tiny island of red land sprouted from the serine water at its centre, light filled the cavern from a number of strange glowing crystals in the walls, the light seemed to somehow spotlight the island. Akako was still being called, called to the island.

Placing her flashlight down she swim out to it. Dripping wet she walked across the island, her footprints sinking into the soft sand. At the heart of the cave resting on a pedestal of rock was a mask. It was a deep shade of red with white markings over it. The mask appeared to be the perfect size for Akako, fitting her face flawlessly.

Akako was no longer being called. Akako was home. The old inhabitants of Mars rose from their slumber in the cavern to join their new Queen. To join Queen Akako, ruler of Mars and all that comes with it.

11/05/2012: BAD-533D, Servitor Convict

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NAME: BAD-533D  SPECIES: Servitor  ORIGIN: Nexus City

Once an independent guide for prospectors surveying the Salt Cliffs of Naraka, BAD-533D fell in with a bad crowd during his off-hours in the Nexus City services district. After an incompetent breaking-and-entering spree, BAD-533D was apprehended by Circle Securities and, in accordance with Servitor law, was reprogrammed to inhibit his capacity for free will. Now, BAD-533D fulfills his guide duties at the behest of a wealthy outfitter and has yet to relapse into his larcenous ways.

Model designed in TinkerCAD. 3D printed on my Makerbot Replicator and hand painted with water-based acrylics.


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An ear-piercing gone wrong left her with a dimensional porthole warping her already infected ear lobe. Kids, make sure those metal implements you’re sticking into yourselves aren’t of non-terrestrial origin.

#3 Doctor Vincent Hyden

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The year is 2067 and the government has a tight grip on everything. Although they put across a positive, happy outlook to the general public, most of the goals the government are working towards are far from fit for public knowledge. Doctor Vincent Hyden is the man they hope will achieve one of them.

The good Dr. Hyden is the leading expert in the newly outlawed study of human animal Hybrids. He was the direct cause of its ban when his serpent men escaped his local lab in Detroit and ate a schools worth of child. However it is exactly this kind of creation, which has seen Vincent recently fully pardoned by the worlds governing council and put to work, in secret, for them.

The middle aged 89-year-old American Doctor now works out of a government funded lab in the wealthy ‘Red Crown’ district of New Tokyo. Currently working on a DNA mutation to allow the growth of soldiers who can breath under water. This, the government hopes will allow them to retake areas of importance that have been lost in the rising sea levels.

His results have been very pleasing to the men in suits Vincent reports to.

Although one thing the government is unaware of, and wouldn’t be too happy to hear about, is the fact that Dr. Hyden is also taking freelance contracts. One of which, if successful would mean that the local Neo Yakuza gangs would be more animalistic than the News currently reports them to be.

#1 Dra’Zun, Guardian Droid

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#1 Dra’Zun, Guardian Droid

Character Back Story:
A rouge asteroid hit and destroyed the planet Azari Prime, home of the Dra’Azari Royal Family. The Royal family and the planets inhabitants mounted a vast interstellar survival plan. Financed by the Royal family and all the resources of Azari, 20 ark space ships were created. The survivors would travel to Azari-3, a colony on the outskirts of their solar system. Azari-3 rich with natural resources would be their new home world. The Royal family created their own ship for the voyage, it was to carry their entire Dra’Azari Family. Guardian Droids were built and placed in all ark ships, also named GD-Units. Their primary functions and programming was to care for the needs of the ark passengers. These droids would maintain the ships, cook, clean, police, and educate. On the Royals ship there were 8 GD-Units.

Ezbeet Dra’Book (Ezbeet equaling to a Duke in Earth terms) sees this migration as a great opportunity to rise higher in the family court. He reprograms the Guardian Droids on the Royal’s Ark to turn on the family and kill them all. In the middle of the mayhem Dra’Book sabotages all the escape pods and uses the only functional one to escape. The GD-Units manage to slaughter almost everyone on the ship within hours. A few of the royalty manage to survive the attack in the children’s nursery, including Ezbeet Dra’Hexra. Dra’Hexra uses the ships computer to reset one of the Guardian Droids, GD-Unit 5.

As a result of the reset, GD-Unit 5 malfunctions merging both it’s origin programing with that of Dra’Book. It believes that it must educate and protect the Royal family by eliminating it. It quickly destroys the other Guardian Droids to protect the survivors. GD-Unit 5 then gathers the remaining Royalty including the children. GD-Unit 5 explains that in must protect the Dra’Azari Royal Family. It then attacks them, killing everyone except the 6 youngest. It has calculated that it must educate, train, and manipulate these six children to be the new leader of the Azari people.

In the chaos of the GD-Units attack, the Royalty’s ark ship was sent severely off course. Years pass by and the children become adults, they began calling the Guardian Droid, Dra’Zun. “Dra” for their family name and “Zun” meaning teacher. In the years that have passed Dra’Zun has taught his students to be ruthless, calculating and unforgiving in all matters. It has also manipulated their genetic code to enhance their strength, durability, speed and intelligence. Dra’Zun’s final lesson will be to have the his students fight and kill each other, until the strongest and most intelligent one survives. This “Winner” will be the rightful ruler of the Azari people. He or she will begin by conquering small worlds to build an army, then take back the kingdom. Dra’Zun plans to remain as this true ruler’s faithful servant.

Behavior Traits:
Patient, Calculating, Loyal, ruthless

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Invulnerability, Strength, Records of all Azari knowledge

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This is a character for a book I’m working on with writer/creative partner Bill Woodcock, Jr called  BLACK MASKS. Doc Sirius is a re-visioning of public domain superhero, Power Nelson. In the dieselpunk-meets-superhero world of BLACK MASKS- Dr. Gene Nelson West; A science-wizard-criminal of the year 1986 from an alternate universe, escapes to our Earth  in an Interdimensional starship. Dr. West’s crimes- stealing and selling weapon and other high technology to international criminal “Emperor” Seng, Warlord of NYC. West always wanted power. Seng was more than willing to trade money and the benefits of his nefarious network to get whatever technology West could successfully steal, copy or make himself to aid Seng’s goals for global dominance. In the end, the allied Earth forces deposed Seng. In the last moments of his boss’s standoff, West betrayed Seng to the invading allies- buying him time to launch himself off-planet in an experimental spacecraft containing the contents of his laboratory as well as  precious metals/gems. Dr. West, predicting the demise of his despotic employer,  had been studying an alternate universe as a getaway- surmising that an alternate Earth, back in time enough, would give him an technological advantage that would make him powerful and rich beyond his dreams. Finding a universe whose Earth was 60 years younger than his own, West used a quantum-time-space drive to escape to our unsuspecting Earth. The drive was experimental and malfunctions- West arrives on June 30, 1908. He appears over the North Pole colliding with a massive electromagnetic force emitted by Nikola Tesla‘s Wardenclyffe Tower– during a secret testing of his infamous “Death Ray”. Crashing in Tunguska, Russia, West’s ship drives itself underground and causes the most mysterious explosion in Earth’s history. Eventually rescued by a team including Tesla, Admiral Byrd and expert pilot David Nelson I. Various others vie for the wrecked craft- a motley crew of disparate villains and mysterious agents- but to no avail.

West manipulates everyone around him easily. He weaves a tale of being the sole survivor of the planet Sirius-Prime; a planet of science-wizardry destroyed by the evil despot Emperor Seng. West claims to be the sole survivor- losing his family and friends- forever mourning his lost home. Operating at first in secret, West begins to amass a technological/financial empire with David Nelson and makes allies in other technocrats like Howard Hughes. As a result, he accelerates the technology of his new home- in very limited amounts, but it comes with a cost. Science villains appear, threatening the world, but ultimately, threatening West’s power. So Dr. West decides to become a science hero taking on the mantle of his heroic ruse- DOC SIRIUS, Man of the FUTURE!






30 Characters 2011 Raul Aguirre Jr.

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Below is a gallery containing all 30 of my  creations for the 30 Character Challenge.















Day 30 – Katarina the Dragon Slayer as a child

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Katarina at 9 years old

#27 Jetpack Jack

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Jetpack Jack is a high flying costumed adventurer who as his name implies gets around with a cool ass jetpack! That’s right! A jetpack! He built the jetpack to win a bar bet and since then he dispenses juicy jetpack justice to evildoers as Jetpack Jack!

# 18 : Captain Tobias ” Toby” MacArthur

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The overseer of Team Zeus, Captain Tobias “Toby” MacArthur.

Before he was commander of Team Zeus, Tobias MacArthur served in the Navy for several years before his first encounter with the paranormal. It occurred while his ship was on port in Morroco, where several of his crew were seduced, driven mad, and killed by the female djinn, Aisha Qandisha. Tobias confronted her after she claimed her latest victim, yet she too, made Tobias the recipient of an oncoming storm of demonic and spiritual entities, until agents from the Loman Organization warded her away and saved Tobias from having his mind broken.The experience resulted in Tobias from being discharged from the Navy due to mental issues, yet “Captain Toby” was determined to prove that he was not mad. Tobias actively sought out the existence of the “Lo-Men” and eventually met with the enigmatic Arthur Loman,

From there, Captain Tobias MacArthur was hired into the Loman Organization as a Field Officer and encountered even more supernatural and preternatural phenomena, including the capture and enrollment of Walter Ramsey. Eventually, Tobias was promoted to the rank of Ship Captain and is one of the first Aerial Captains to command an airship. His ship, The Abraxis, is the Loman Organization’s main mobile command center, and as such, is the first response to any and all threats or conflicts within the supernatural community. This responsibility is one Tobias bears greatly, and the lives of each and everyone of his crew affects him as Tobias never forgot what Aish Qandisha did to his crew mates, and that memory is what propels him to command his crew and bear their pains upon his own.

Abilities: Tobias uses the combined knowledge from both is time in the Navy and in Loman to command his crew and maintain order in his ship. As such, Tobias does not often engage in field operations, unless as a delegate or emissary with the various races and entities that the Loman Organization deals with.

Even so, Tobias still maintains his military exercise regiment and weapons training so that he is still fit and disciplined, even in his old age.

Tobias is a respected and capable commanding officer, as he is able to effortlessly issue commands to his field agents, discuss a pan-dimensional treaty, and conduct a guest lecture without feeling overwhelmed or overburdened with his responsibilities.

Creation: The commanding officer idea was easy, the name was the most imaginative part, as his name comes from a female friends father, who owns his ship and we call him “Captain Toby”.

Day 29 – Twinkle

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Twinkle, an 8 year old vigilante

Day 28 – The Wood Reeves

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Rielle the Wood Reeve



Day 27 – Jessica Rabbit

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Jessica Rabbit - Not THAT one :P



#24 Dreadbot

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Dreadbot is murder machine from the year 3050 who has traveled back in time for the sole purpose of killing you! BOO!

Sam Medina – Day 26

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Day 25 – Rusty Jones

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Rusty Jones, gamer extraordinaire


Day 24 – Roland

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Day 23 – Kung Fu Shoot-em-up

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Kung Fu Shoot-em-up

Day 22 – Ms. Miles

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Ms Miles