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Day 9 – Cedric

| November 11, 2013 | 0 Comments


Works with Silver as the CEO’s personal chauffeur. She has a horrible temper and very little tolerance for people in general. Doesn’t talk too much, especially not about herself. She comes in, does her work, and gets paid. This is probably to stop people from asking questions about why she has a male name, which no-one to this day has found out.
She is also a fashionista, in her spare time she makes her own clothing, most of which is eccentric to say the least. She is never seen in the same outfit twice.

Based on an iPhone 5S owned by one of my workmates XD

Day 8 – Silver

| November 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

day8Yay! Slowly but surely catching up 🙂

A former pro gamer, Silver now works as assistant to the CEO of one of the largest mega-corporations in the world. He prizes himself on being efficient, even to the point where he surprises his boss.
Has been known to participate in the occasional exhibition match, although no-one has any idea on how he’d find the time to practise alongside his job. Some suspect his body has been surgically modified in such a way that he no longer needs to sleep, others believe that he is in fact a state-of-the-art android.

Based on my Macbook Pro


Day 6-7 – Tamara and Indigo

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Tamara and Indigo, two sisters who are big fans of the pro gaming team ‘fourhearts’. Their parents fight a lot, so Tamara likes taking Indigo to matches instead of staying home and hearing the yelling. They’ll often sneak out of the house late at night to see games played. They both speak two languages, and often talk to each other in a ‘code’ that is really just a mixture of the two.

Based on my Tamagotchi iD-L and iD-LE

Day 3 – Orion Azure

| November 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 3 - Orion AzureKinda bummed that I haven’t been able to colour these, but that’s what full time work does to a person ^^;

Anywho, continuing on with the theme of humanized electronic devices, this is Orion Azure. He’s a well-known commentator and socialite who dabbles in photography and astronomy in his spare time. He will often have a clear plastic umbrella when it’s raining.


Day 2 – Fuse

| November 4, 2013 | 1 Comment



This is the first in a set of characters based on/inspired by my electronic devices. Try to figure out who is based on what!

Fuse is a pro gamer who works as a DJ in a popular club. She’s part of Red Sect, a newer team who have only recently become popular in the pro gaming scene. She is well liked, even amongst people who don’t like pro gaming, because she donates almost everything she wins towards cancer research, although she doesn’t say why.


Day 1 – Plasmama

| November 1, 2013 | 2 Comments

Day1 - Plasmama


Plasmama had both a normal childhood and a normal teenage life, until the day she lost both of her arms in an accident she doesn’t talk about. Not wanting to spend the rest of her life without arms, she had a pair of plasma ones built for her instead. She can change the shape of them at will, and can even make them relatively normal if she wants. Of course, when she’s out fighting crime she prefers something a little more intimidating..

(Had fun with her proportions, wanted to make her super curvy and a little psychotic looking. I started colouring her, but wasn’t happy with it so I fixed up the lineart instead)