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#17 nekol and the summoned

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Nekol and the summoned

Nekol, an elven necromancer, and some summoned spirits


This is Nekol, she is an elven necromancer. In this pic she has just cast a summoning spell and various undead spirits have arrived. The spirits are often angry and depressed at having been summoned, altho some are rather mischievous/capricious. It is Nekol’s job to coerce/cajole these spirits into performing tasks for the elven kingdom.


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#16 Ligo, Mogen Priestess

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Mogen priestess

Mogen priestess, follower of Mogena

After the elves discovered the elder forest god Mogena, some of them developed cults around the various elder gods. A group following Mogena called themselves the Mogens. This is Ligo she is a high priestess in charge of ceremony for the Mogens. They wear masks fashioned from skulls and leather, imitating the appearance of Mogena, during ceremonies-initiations/change of seasons. The more elaborate the mask the higher the rank of the Mogen-Ligo has a very well constructed mask so we would know she is of high rank. The skulls used to make the masks come from the huge deer or less frequently dead satyrs or great bears…which makes these skulls highly sought after.

The Mogens are a very secretive society but have come to wield great influence within certain elements of the royal families that dominate elven life.

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#15 Mogena , elder god of the forest

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Mogena , ancient god of the forest

Mogena , elder god of the forest


This is Mogena, he is one of the elder gods of the forest, he hunts thru various parts of the forest. The elder gods are immensely powerful and quite a bit older than the elves…Mogena has tremendous strength and knows very powerful spells. He is also called ‘Run…Flee…’ by the elves :D.

#14 Dotha and stone troll

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Dotha the warlock and stone troll

Dotha, elven warlock, with a stone troll


This is Dotha, an elven warlock, she has just summoned a stone troll ^^;…:D.


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#13 Maladora and satyr

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Maladora the druid and a satyr

Maladora the druid and a satyr


This is Maladora, she is an elven druid. Very mysterious and quite powerful-she knows numerous enchantments and uses forest glyphs to explosive effect. The other elves keep a safe distance from the druids-as they often tame/bewitch various forest monsters…in this case a satyr. For this reason they are called the ‘sirens of the forest’.

#12 Meki , elf engineer

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Meki , an elven engineer

Meki , an elven engineer


Ok more elves :D. This is Meki, she is the chief engineer and mechanic of the wood elves. She designs weapons/golems/and various devices.

#11 Valera , elven huntmaster

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Valera , elven huntmaster

Valera , elven huntmaster


Valera is the much revered elven master hunter. She is as at home in the forest(some would say moreso) as in the elven city. She is the chosen hunter for most of the royal families when they need big stags/boars for celebrations or important occasions. She is a very good tracker and adept with both bows and crossbows.

#10 Third Section aka Three

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Section 3 member

a member of the mysterious third section


‘Three’ as she likes to be called is a member of the much feared and rather mysterious Third Section. The third section is officially the secret police of the wood elven city of Lycolis. Unofficially they act as a quasi-fascist organization that quashes all opposition to the ruling class. ‘Three’ is now one the front lines of the war against the orcs-she is there to drive the troops to victory(she has just killed the local commander who was deemed too cowardly and disloyal by the royal family)-by any means necessary.

#9 hemlock

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hemlock, elven assassin

hemlock, elven assassin


Hemlock, she goes by this name as her real name is very much a secret and in all honesty perhaps even forgotten, is part of a cadre of elves that perform political assassinations and other crimes for the feuding families-all for a price of course.

#8 elf champion

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champion of the wood elves

Isolde aka 'the oak' is the champion warrior of the wood elves


Isolde is the champion warrior of a tribe of wood elves. She is incredibly strong and agile..never having lost a battle and she holds the claim as the only wood elf to have defeated a bugbear without a weapon :D. She is affectionately known as ‘the oak’.

#7 diver 6

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chita montez is diver 6

chita montez is diver 6


Chita Montez is a professional diver, she makes her living escorting rich tourists out for different dives. She is a former olympian(bronze medal) and also a former member of the CNI(spain’s version of the cia)-she left the CNI after a dustup in somalia left 3 of her comrades dead. Now she conducts dives off the coast of brazil-the fashions are rather liberal ^^; in this part of the world.

She was contacted for a dive(along with 5 other divers), the party who rented the boat was a bit odd-3 americans and 2 colombians(she could tell by the accent). They were typically boorish and arrogant and she had pegged the americans as either cia or working for some other intel agency. Nonetheless, money is money…after a few hours of conch diving(and a few caparinhas) and fishing the americans and the colombians were settled on the deck discussing business with some urgency. Chita continued to dive and as she was underwater heard a tremendous commotion and saw the boat catch on fire. Surfacing briefly she saw a hail of gunfire as 2 assault helicopters strafed the boat and another lowered armed men into it… She saw the other divers shot dead as they surfaced. In the confusion she managed to swim far enough away to avoid the men and the copters…She is now being pursued as the only living member of this sea party. She is known as diver 6 by the us govt agency trying to kill her.

#6 Femme

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Femme, cyborg

Femme a cyborg from the future


In the future(2012 ^^; ), society is dominated by a corrupt and paranoid layer of super rich financiers. To meet the increasingly perverse desires of this class the Xynon corporation has endeavored to create a line of pleasure cyborgs-to satisfy the more earthly needs of these oligarchs. In addition to being built to the prospective buyer’s desires-the pleasure droids are also armed with an array of weaponry(from blades to electronic whips and coils)…they are also coated with a suit of flesh colored armor that is highly resistant to even tank fire. The ‘femmes’ as they came to be called are also incredibly strong and fast.

The designers programmed them with human(desirable female traits) personalities and intelligence, altho the femmes are actually much smarter than a human-basically the equivalent of a super computer is built into their cranium. Femme is the first of many planned droids…hers is the story of a droid that gained ‘consciousness’-she was horrified and repelled by both her programming and those she was programmed to please and protect. After being awakened she killed her owner in a fit of rage…she then went back to the lab and destroyed it…killing the scientists involved. Now Femme is on the run in a decidely unfriendly world…


#5 Thunder Fist

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Thunder Fist

Thunder Fist


The  alien explorer Tunder Fis was exploring this solar system when her craft had unexpected instrument failures due to the radiation emitting from the sun…she was forced to crash land on earth. After a tremendous crash landing off the coast of Venice Beach-she soon realized how dire her situation was…lost, without a craft, and with no way of contacting her native people she is forced to assimilate with the local humans as best she can. She soon adopts the dress of the locals and sets out to blend in…

This soon proves  impossible as she, like all of her people, has tremendous strength and incredible durability. She is soon discovered by a mysterious government agency who wants to use her powers for their purposes…she is code named Thunder Fist by a group of scientists unable to correctly understand her name.



#4 Dena Dakota , Squawpire

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Dena Dakota is a member of an Apache tribe that has taken up seasonally in the frontier lands of Illinois circa 1851….after a full moon she awoke to find half of her group was slaughtered and everyone else(herself included) were acting very strangely. It would seem as tho this tribe was infected by a vampire….they spend their nights killing local livestock but some ‘thirst’ has them more and more eyeing their human neighbours. Dena was out one night and was captured by the sturdy farming woman nancy jackson…nancy has put chains on Dena  and is keeping her in the farm until she can get the local sheriff out to investigate. Nancy is unable to understand Dena and has called her squawpire.

#3 Nancy Jackson

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Nancy Jackson , Farmer

Nancy Jackson , Farmer


The time,somewhere around  1851. The woman, Nancy Jackson. Her job, Farmer. Nancy Jackson is a fiercely independent farming woman in Illinois-her farm has operated smoothly until recently-heads of cattle have been dissapearing and strange figures run around the farm some nights. Nancy is determined to find out what this is all about…

She is known and respected in the region as the first woman in illinois to have worn overalls.

Powers-she wakes up early, she is good  at doing chores, has freckles.

#2 Paula Pinkerton

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Paula Pinkerton

Paula Pinkerton


Paula Pinkerton is a frontier detective, and granddaughter of the first pinkerton. She was shipped off to private schools in France at an early age(her grandpappy feared her joining the pinkertons and wanted her to become a respectable member of society). She maintained an interest in detective work and joined local shooting clubs in France(soon becoming an expert marksman) and an excellent horseback rider.

Upon her return to the states at age 19 she is shocked to learn that her grandpappy was shot dead under mysterious circumstances in a town called Typton, Missouri(the inhabitants are rumored to be steeped in mysticism and worse ^^; ). It was her mission(as she saw it  😀 ) to solve this case-so on her horse she started galloping towards the strange town…

#1 Red Bonney

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Red Bonney -reaver of the sea

Red Bonney …a feared pirate

Alrite first character :D. Red Bonney is a red headed  reaver of the sea, sailing the atlantic seas at or around the period of the US revolutionary war(this is a fantastical period where sea monsters like the kraken and mermaids populate the seas)…a fierce pirate most interested in treasure and booty ^^; . Her motivations are strictly mercenary, she is american by birth but her roots go back to ireland. She is a highly skilled sailor-and rather handy with a musket or a sword.

2011 challenger: Greg Martin

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Hi all, my real name is Greg but i prefer my ‘art name’ Selkirk. And just saw the contest-really looks cool and a good way to get some creativity going…looking forward to seeing what everyone is coming up with and hopefully i can complete the challenge :D. Good luck to everyone.

my website is my deviant page: http://selkirk.deviantart.com  . Hasn’t been updated that often recently-hoping to change that with the challenge :D.