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#30 – Rattila Half-elf

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Day 30 - Rattila Half-Elf by George Ward

Rattila  is the bastard child of Lovalor (day 29) and an Elf Princess who died in child birth  (long story).  She was exiled from the elf community as soon as she was old enough to survive on her own and she traveled to a human village which rejected her because of her elven blood.  She learned to hate both elves and humans and made her way to communities that had many mixed races.  She had to learn to fend for herself and became quite a skilled fighter.  She was also hard hearted and was willing to steal or kill to survive. She  eventually met Adrika (Day 14) and became her loyal body guard.  The two of then have become an unstoppable force ever since, much to the horror of anyone who crosses their path.

Lovalor (Day 29) is unaware of any of this but he is aware that he has a child somewhere and is out looking for her.  How will he react when he sees what she has become?  How will she react meeting her father for the first time?  That is a story for another day.

#28 – Heidi Hands

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Day 28 - Heidi Hands by George Ward

Heidi has huge hands and favours bare knuckle boxing, but she will wear gloves when in the ring.  She is a rival of Dianne (Day 24) and tries to prove she is the better fighter every chance she gets.  She ran away from home at a young age and grew up in the streets where she learned to fight and survive.  She is not opposed to cheating but is also smart enough to not get caught when she does.  She uses brut force over skill and agility, which means she’s dangerous but no match for a skilled fighter like Dianne.

#26 – Rocket Lady

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Day 26 - Rocket Lady by George Ward

She is known only as the Rocket Lady.  No one knows who she is or where she came from.  She has used her abilities to help those in trouble but it is unknown if she is a superhero or just a concerned citizen.  She is still new to the area and it is hoped that more will be revealed in time.

#25 – Valkyrie Vacya

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Day 25 - Valkyrie Vacya by George Ward

Valkyrie Vacya was one of Caitlin’s (Day 3) bodyguards until she was fired for accidentally touching the Lady.  Lady Caitlin was drinking at a tavern, as usual, when a fight broke out. Vacya tried to protect her but a stray blow caused her to be knock off balance and bump into her Ladyship.  She would have been killed on the spot but she managed to escape into the ongoing chaos.  She has started a new life but there is always the fear that she may one day be found and punished.

#24 – Dianne the Boxer

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Day 24 - Dianne the Boxer by George Ward

Dianne was raised with two brothers who loved boxing.  At first she wasn’t interested in the sport, but over time she came to love it.  She is now one of the top boxers in the nation and teaches boxing as a form of exercise and self defence.

#22 – Zoa Appleton – Waitress

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Day22 - Zoa Appleton - Waitress by George Ward

Zoa is a waitress at the local dinner, Checkers, where she works with her husband Sam (Day 23).  Since it is a small establishment, she has to clean the place as well as wait on tables.  It’s a thankless job but it must be done.


#20 – “Candi” the Succubus

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Day 20 - Candi the Succubus by George Ward

Candi is a friend of Ian (day 19) and is jealous of his and Shaylah’s (day 7) relationship. She acts pleasant and supportive but she secretly wants to split them appart.  She doesn’t think Shaylah is good enough for him and wishes she would just disappear.  She knows about the secret meetings but she fears that Ian would suffer if she were to expose them.

#17 – Angel of Life

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Day17 - Angel of Life by George Ward

The Angel of Life is the sister of the Angel of Death and has the job of bringing new life into the world.  She must make sure there is a balance of personality types in the world in order to maintain conflict without any side having the resources to overcome the others.  She also makes sure no one dies before they have accomplished their purpose on Earth.  She has no control over when people die, which is her sisters job, but she will argue with her sister to save a life that she feels needs to be spared

#14 – Adrika the Thief

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Day 14 - Adrika the Thief by George Ward

Adrika is a small, spunky young woman who is a master of the blade. Outspoken and smart mouthed, she has had to fight her way out of trouble on more occasions then she can count.  The youngest of five children, she has been bullied and mistreated by her older brothers most of her life.  Her father was a brute of a man who cared little about having a daughter and her mother was too over worked and feeble to stand up for her only daughter.  As a result, Adrika has had to learn to defend herself against opponents much bigger and stronger then her most of her life.  She was blessed with an amazing dexterity and flexibility that helped her survive long enough to learn to fight with a blade.  As a result, she never faces a foe face to face and will dodge attacks until she can gain the upper hand.  As an adult, she is feared by all who know her and few would dare get on her bad side.  However, there is always some stranger who comes into town and mistakes her for a smart-mouthed brat.  She usually allows them to live so they can spread her name across the country. She hopes that one day everyone will know Adrika is the name of someone not to be trifled with.

#13 – Barbarian Woman

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Day13 - Barbarian Woman by George WardThis Barbarian Woman is from a northern tribe that has Snow most of the year.  She Is traveling south on a quest and doesn’t want to be bothered by the locals. She gets very angry when disturbed and is ready for a fight at any time. She can outdrink most southerns and will gladly join any drinking contest.

#7 – Shaylah the Succubus

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Day 7 - Shaylah the Succubus by George Ward


Shaylah is a failed succubus who was exiled to earth because she was unable to seduce anyone.  She has a natural tendency to flirt with everyone she meets, but she isn’t interested in going further then that.  She can seem a bit creepy if you don’t know her but she really is interested in learning more about humans.  She misses her home world but she knows she can never return unless she learns how to seduce people.

#5 – Empower Girl

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Empower girl is a young woman with the ability to empower others (and herself) to do things beyond their normal abilities.  She manages a temp-agency with the reputation for getting things done.  She acts kind and friendly to everyone she meets, but there are whispers that she is not the friendly, outgoing woman she appears to be.  Her power can be used in reverse, disempowering people and even disabling them.  She rarely, if ever, uses this ability and focuses more on getting the best workers possible.

She is also a very good communicator and could “sell ice to Eskimos” if she wanted to.  There is talk of her entering politics and possibly becoming president someday, but for now she’s focused on building up her business.

#3 – Lady Caitlin

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Lady Caitlin is a high elf with a very violent temper.  She acts like a proper lady most of the time, but she loves to drink and will often frequent bars and taverns throughout the country side.  She usually has four body guards (all women) with her at all times and they protect her from the rif-raft when she is drinking.


She is not against killing anyone who displeases her and has been known to go into a mad frenzy from time to time.  She is best know for destroying an entire tavern, including killing most of the patrons, because someone accidentally spilled a drink on her.

#15 Girl In Leather Jacket

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Girl In Leather Jacket