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Day 19: Himthiki

| November 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

HimthikiFearless defender of the villages of Midgard. This is the final playing piece for my new Villagers of Midgard set (a good foil for the previous Raiders from the Far Shore faction). You can find these and other factions for my 3D print-and-play board game, Pocket-Tactics here.


Day 13: Skeppare

| November 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

SkeppareThe Captain of a Drott’s warband, and of their seafaring vessel. Will have a 3D-printed shot of the whole crew soon….

Day 12: Drang

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DrangA young, inexperienced warrior in medieval Norse culture.

Day 5: Renegade Scout

| November 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

Renegade ScoutAnother player piece for my WIP, 3d print-and-play board game, Demonstar.


Day 3: Privateer Commando

| November 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

Privateer CommandoFinally got my printer up and running again! As such, I should have 3D prints of these guys from here on out. The pieces are pretty small (about 20mm tall) so a lot of the detail won’t show through, but they’re serviceable boardgame pieces at this size to be sure.


Day 2: Rogue Psion

| November 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

Rogue PsionA player piece for the Privateer side of my new game, Pocket-Tactics: Demonstar. I’ll be printing this guy out within the next few days, so check back for a fully 3D game piece.

#25 – Acre

| November 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

Acre was not born into a life of fighting and warfare like some. He gravitated towards it, discovering that he was exceptionally skilled at it, and managed to make it his livelihood. By the time he turned 16, he joined the Vanguard, a small, roaming company of mercenaries who sold themselves to the highest bidder as some of the finest shock troops in the land. Acre was born to an impoverished family of peasants, and came to fighting as a way to burnish his family’s name, to bring some actual coin into his pocket, and because he genuinely enjoyed it.

Acre’s travels took him far from home, and soon, his family became the unit. He spent 20 years in the field, fighting in nearly a hundred different pitched battles and sieges, witnessing each injustice and cruelty war could inflict on a populace, but never losing his taste for battle. However, as he aged, he felt his skills diminishing, and as technology changed, the Vanguard’s form of brutal, plodding, ground-based combat began to become outdated, as imitators popped up across the land and generals began to plan specifically to defeat the trained shock troops.

Finally, after a failed siege and storming of a castle, Acre was captured and imprisoned by forces of the King of Gamarth, Ageim II. Ageim ad always been a dedicated admirer of the Vanguard, and offered Acre a choice. Death, or a lifetime of status and strength as the King’s bodyguard. Having nothing against Ageim or his kingdom (Acre never cared much for politics), and with his unit defeated, he agreed.

Acre has spent the last five years in Ageim’s employ, simultaneously loving and loathing his job. As much as he hated to admit it, he was aging, and pitched battles had begun to take their toll on him. Acre had no death wish, and while dying on the battle field was valiant, it wasn’t something he aimed to do. Moreover, Ageim was as good as his word, treating him a respected member of the royal court, even coming to him for advice, as Acre’s travels with the Vanguard took him all across the realm and allowed him to see many different cultures. Still, Acre hated the infighting and politicking of the royal court, intrigue never suited him. But being a member of the court, he couldn’t escape it.

All has not been good times for Acre however. A few short months ago, just after his birthday, Ageim announced that he wished for Acre to impart his wisdom and skills to another young man, sworn to defend the throne from birth. The boy, Valion, is barely 17, but has been training as an elite warrior all his life. The implications, if not stated, were clear to Acre. He was being asked to train his replacement. To Valion’s credit, he has never been arrogant or cruel to Acre, always respectful of his elder. But Acre still finds himself annoyed by the boy’s mere presence, he finds the task an insult to his abilities. But, a soldier to the end, he dutifully follows his orders, teaching the boy how to turn his raw talent into the varied skills a good soldier needs.

The world is changing around Acre, his skills and ways of fighting are slowly being phased out. Few, however, would still underestimate the kind of skills a man of his pedigree can bring.

11/18/2012: Specimen 16, Olimyoo Legionnaire

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NAME: Specimen 16  SPECIES: Olimyoo  ORIGIN: Pakinare

A member of the infamous “Centurion” program, Specimen 16 has sown destruction throughout the Multiverse in the name of the Children of Tartarus. Plucked from his peaceful home world as a youth, his great size and strength catching the interest of a Tartaran overlord, Specimen 16 took to the indoctrination quickly, his will broken and body transformed into a nigh-unstoppable war machine. Over the years, as his body became damaged, the Tartarans saw to its reconstruction. When the Tartaran Empire fell, with no master to control him, Specimen 16 went ronin. Though his skills of death-dealing are now for hire, he holds tightly to his final orders, vowing some day to murder the Lost Agency and their allies in the name of Tartarus.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3D print pending….)


11/10/11: “Iron” Jack Savage, Pookah Soldier

| November 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

NAME: Jack Savage  SPECIES: Rabbit Pookah  ORIGIN: The Seelie Realm

After losing his arm to a dire wolf in the great war against the Unseelie kin, Jack was bestowed a metal of honor by the knights of the Silver Court. In addition, Jack was given with a powerful, magi-tech arm, a gift from a renowned gnomish tinkerer. Though honored as a hero among the fey folk, the war left Jack bitter and paranoid. He no longer belonged in the Seelie lands. Hoisting his knapsack over his shoulder, Jack walked through the shimmering bright of Viscaria’s Mirror, never again to look back on the light of Titania’s realm.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/08/2012: Molg, Ginza Hive Soldier

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The primitive warrior race known as the Ginza are from a lonely star system on the farthest ring of Esrah’s Belt. Uplifted from a stone-age civilization to work as bodyguards and hired killers, many Ginza have found their way to Nexus city as part of a merchant or noble’s retinue. Though compact and relatively clumsy, the Ginza are incredibly strong, their deadly beaks able to cut through flesh, bone, and carapace with ease. Ginza bites have even been purported to bypass power armor on more than one occasion. If there is one downside to the utilizing the Ginza as retainers, it is their willful stubbornness. Matched with a level of intelligence bordering on non-sapience, the Ginza can become easily confused and, once a notion is in their head, there’s no dissuading them from it.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


#3 Spitfire

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If I was in WWII They'd call me...

A punch from Spitfire is very literally an explosion.  Her skin is tough as steel and her tactics are unmatched in the field.  She is part of a team of heroes that can’t decide on a team name (She calls them Forceworks and is unaware that is taken), and is one of the core members of the team and field leader.

#25_Street Sweeper

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"Street Sweeper"

"Street Sweeper"

#13_War Cleric

| November 13, 2011 | 2 Comments
"War Cleric"

"War Cleric"

#9_Last Man Standing

| November 9, 2011 | 4 Comments
"Last Man Standing"

"Last Man Standing"

#3 – Santamaría

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The small isle of Punta Blanca is a republic located about a thousand miles from continental Central America. It is nation with a rich history and culture that almost 99.99% of people who don’t live on Punta Blanca know nothing about.

No, unfortunately the best known fact about the small island is its infamous nickname: “Paraiso de Guerrillas”.

Guerrilla Paradise.

The name comes from the later days of the Cold War, where Punta Blanca became a focal point for the struggle between the CIA and the KGB, both organizations desperately trying to ally themselves with the local government and militia before the other could. This was mostly due to both strategic geographical advantage and the vastness of it’s natural resources. Since Punta Blanca was not fully colonized until the late 19th century, this meant that it’s mineral riches had gone pretty much untouched throughout the entire Spanish occupation, making it the richest so called third world country in the world.

However, Punta Blanca, and specially Punta Blanca’s president at the time, José Higuerón Padre, wanted nothing to do with either country and their petty struggles. Being a predominantly self-sufficient country with a ridiculously low importing rate there was nothing that either side could offer that would truly win them over. This was the point that negotiations turned sour. It’s rather unclear who took the initiative, whether the Yankees or the Russians, but either of them decided that if they could not have Punta Blanca, then no one would have it. The other side simply played along.

The island became the site of a bloody conflict between communist and capitalist “factions”, nothing more than actual american and soviet soldiers masquerading as local militias, which both Washington and the Kremlin used as excuses to pump even more armed forces into the area. The conflict lasted almost two years and caused enormous damage to both the country and its people. Many lost their lives due to this pointless struggle. Something would have to be done.

In April of 1974, president Higuerón passed a constitutional decree which was unanimously approved by the country’s senate, which officially instated the first ever Punta Blanca National Army. A staggering 75% of the male population of the country was immediately drafted and trained. Yet Higuerón and his people knew this wouldn’t be enough to free his country from the Cold War’s phantom.

Article Zero of the National Army Proclamation Act also officially instated “Project: Torch”, the first ever official super-soldier program since “Operation: Rule Britannia” in World War I.

But just like Rule Birtannia before it, the majority of Punta Blanca’s soldiers proved immune to the multiple chemical treatments employed by Project: Torch, with most soldiers only gaining minor muscular and reflex enhancements from the procedure.

However, through something scientist call a genetical probability of one in a million, a young soldier names John Duarte, the first ever successfully produced super-soldier in the world. The process provided Duarte with super strength, super speed, maximized reflexes, peak hand-to-eye coordination, and improvements to everyone of his senses. This coupled with extensive training from multiple mercenary organizations contracted by the Punta Blanca government for the purpose of both training and adding to the ranks of their army turned him into his countries top operative.

His codename comes from the local legends of the early settlers about a missionary who lived in the deep jungles of the island after fleeing the slaughter of his flock by the indians by throwing himself to the ocean and swimming for days. John Duarte gave way to Santamaría.

Almost 40 years later, Punta Blanca remains an autonomous nation, even more distrusting of other nations than before. Their army continues to grow and evolve, being now considered the top military power in all the world. Which mostly has to due with the man in the top chair of that army. Even in his late 60’s, Santamaría continues to be both an imposing presence and a skilled combatant. The process that gave him his power has somehow also allowed him to retain his mental and physical prowess even at such and advanced age.

His eyes remain forever vigilant on each and every border of his small nation, a grin on his lips and a glint on his eye, waiting for the next fool stupid enough to dare threaten
 his beloved country.

#16 Benjamin Arthur Fitzgerald, Private 1st Class

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Name: Benjamin Arthur Fitzgerald, Private 1st Class
Species: Charred (mutant human)
Age/Sex/Race: 1059/Male/N/A
Main Goal: To remember all of his past
Occupation: Mercenary/Bodyguard
Motivation: Unease at the huge gaps in his memory
Inner Need: Survival
Flaw: Can’t remember anything specific from more than 50-60 years ago. Sort of “out there,” like he was half asleep constantly.
Good/Bad Habits: Follows orders of his current employer/superior without question, comment, or complaint.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Military training, swordplay, eats and drinks half as much as a normal human, immune to disease, poison, and radiation. Will live indefinitely.
Quirks: Gives his full military designation, Benjamin Arthur Fitzgerald, Private 1st Class, Serial Number 34-886-542, Columbian Army 14th Infantry Division, even though the Columbian Army and Columbia itself were both destroyed in the Backlash.
Attitude: Distant, Drowzy, Docile
Dialogue Style: Extremely terse, sometimes just in single words. Longer thoughts punctuated with “Sir!”
Backstory/Description: Benjamin Arthur Fitzgerald was a soldier in the Columbian Army deployed in Aryabrata during the war with the gods. When the gods ended the world in the Backlash, he was exposed to the raw light of creation, which seared off his flesh but also made him immortal. He has since wandered the lands of Aryabrata for 1000 years, selling his services as a mercenary or bodyguard for whatever they will pay, all the while steadily losing his long-term memory.

Here’s another guy from that same post-apocalyptic setting. I envisioned him as being hired by Sargonovus as a bodyguard.