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Day 10: The Party Spider

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JFKDay10_13The Party Spider has 8 legs and BABY!… THEY GOTTA DANCE!


Day Six: Amorveous (Amy)

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Two minutes, that was quick, indeed — a new record. Where once piping hot pudding and melting mountains of ice cream slouched were now faint streaks of creamy, crumbly, residue of dessert and regret. Amy finished polishing the bowl with her tongue — don’t ask where the mouth is — until the, now cool, ceramic surface tasted more of object and less of desire.
This jaunt into flavour country would mean a lot of mirror-gazing but damn, the descent into self doubt was tasty.

#5 Huntsman

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Terrifying Neighborhood Hobo

Huntsman was a homeless man who was rounded up and forced into an experiment of augmenting human DNA with that of various animals and insects.  His DNA bonded with that of a Huntsman Spider and was one of the more successful bondings of hte experiment.  When he escaped he put his skills to use to take down those responsible as part of a super group that cannot decide on a team name (He calls them The Hunting Party), he is a fringe member of the team at best but he still does his part in saving the world.

Day 23 Einstein Burroughs

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Ordinary Spider-monkey turned genius via an IQ boosting helmet. Having been irresponsibly experimented on by humans, Einstein builds an army of Monkey-bots to liberate his kind.

#27_Lord of Spiders

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"Lord of Spiders"

"Lord of Spiders"

2011 Day 14 a scut, creature from UnderCity in my novel “Mentor”

| November 16, 2011 | 1 Comment

2011 Day 14 a scut, creature from UnderCity in my novel "Mentor"

A scut

Scut:  an arachnoid creature with ten to twelve legs holding suspended a fleshy flattened ovoid cylinder of a body. Bulbous glossy black eyes on short stalks on top of the body draw the attention away from the  cutting  jaws and sucking mandibles underneath.

The body itself is fairly soft but the legs are hard chitin and can be pulled up and over the soft body to protect its self. Scuts will not attack a moving target. They are scavengers really but they have been know to attack the wounded, basically to feed on them.

They prefer to nest in the higher reaches of Under City laying their trap webs to catch the unwary Flitbirds that also nest up there. In turn the Flitbirds often feast on the flesh and ichor of  the scuts. Turn about being fair play in the war to survive.

Often one of the multitudinous scuts will fall off their high nests to the ground very very far below. If they can get their legs into the defensive mode they may even survive the fall.

The scut pictured has been attacked by a predator and has lost some of its limbs, which are now regenerating. Often an injured scut will not survive, especially if it is immobilised, as its brethren will make short work of it.

Nothing goes to waste in the UnderCity.

#12 Mr. E. Nid

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mr. eric nid some kind of odd, white, puffy daddy long legs. he really dislikes humans, but finds their structures strangely aluring as long as they themselves are not present. he is commonly found in areas of new england. also he is based of some strange phenomenon going on in our new house’s basement. his name is also a clever joke oh ho ho get it mr. e cause whatever’s happening to those spiders is a mystery 😮

#5 Kanjii

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Kanjii is a nasty spider-boy who loves messing with travelers in his forest. He chases them around and pretends to want to eat them. His diet actually consists of bugs and berries. However, he’s really a bit of a coward so the few that do fend for themselves end up scaring him. If them catch him he will show them the secret shortcuts in the forest.