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#13 the M.A.B.D.S.T.T.F.

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The M.A.B.D.S.T.T.F. was once a turkey of larger than average size towering over all other turkeys never to be slain for it was invariably connected to the Holiday Cheer of Thanksgiving… however as people started to overlook Thanksgiving more and more with stores staying open during thanksgiving and more families being forced to celebrate on different days due to work expectations of employers setting up Black Friday sales on… um… Thursday. (wait… what?) The mythical turkey began to shrink to the size of an average Squirrel…. and because misery loves company the M.A.B.D.S.T.T.F. took to stealing the Squirrels food…. because why should they worry about Christmas BEFORE THANKSGIVING… oh… they store that food for survival? You mean they aren’t hiding those nuts as early Christmas gifts for other squirrels? Oh… well I guess the M.A.B.D.S.T.T.F. is kind of a Jerk then.


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He lives on rock time. Every day is essentially the same day to him, until something New happens. Then, like most rocks can, he ‘throws’ his consciousness above and beyond the confines of his universe, to get a proper vantage point on the New Thing, and interact with it if possible.

The rock itself has an unpronounceable name, but the form you see is called PETRIKIN, a sort of spirit that is what rock consciousness looks like on the rare occasions it manifests in front of humans. To be honest, he can barely see you all. You look like momentary electrical storms to him, fizzing and sparking all over the place. The name is capitalized because all rock names are capitalized. That’s just how it is.



Day 08: Dangalf Copperfelt

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Day 3 – Lizzy

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No one is really sure what Lizzy is least of all Lizzy. The top theories are Alien, Cheshire cat, or the spiritual incartation of all the little lost kittens that never found homes. She likes to visit Crystale because the little girl is one of the few that can see her and plays with her. Whatever she is Lizzy is fairly benign, unless someone threatens her friend.

#02 – The Wandering Heir

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The Wandering Heir is a ghost who is trapped in the land he haunts.  He was the oldest son of the founder of a business empire.  His death is a mystery and he wishes that no one ends up in the same situation.  He is a benevolent spirit.

#22 Mr. Daruma

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Among the truckers, there is talk of an old man. They call him Mr. Daruma, on account of the large daruma statue he carries around with him. He walks along secluded bits of highway, waiting on trucks to pass. When he sees one, he extends his thumb, hoping to catch a ride. If asked where he’s going, he will remain perfectly silent, signaling for them to simply go ahead. He’ll ride with them for miles & miles, not saying a word. Eventually, when the trucker’s guard is down, they will look over & see no one there.

This story has prevailed for years. Everyone knows someone that knows someone who helped Mr. Daruma along, but no one directly. No one knows if he’s human or some kind of spirit. It is widely believed though, that crossing paths with him will result in tremendous luck. So if you see a little old man out along the road, don’t hesitate.


Got the idea for him while I was typing up the spiel on #15, #16, & #17, & just decided to bust him out right quick. He lives in the same world of trucker samurais. I might even make it so he wears the daruma on his head, but I like the scrunched up old man face. Should’ve spent a little more time thinking about the rest of his get up but I was going with an old depression era dustbowl drifter meets sensei look. Ultimately, I think giving that story a kind of traditional Japanese Supernatural edge might be pretty cool. Or lame. Gotta keep working on it to see.

#24 Familiar

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Grizelda is a young familiar spirit who acts as a sidekick to Viscount Konstantin Turksbane. A young, mischievous spirit, Grizelda hadn’t yet been warped by black magic when Turksbane found and killed the witch that had recently conjured her.

With no where else to go, Grizelda became Turksbane’s familiar, helping him track and defend against magic and mystical beings.

Grizelda’s abilities include acting as a go-between with the spirit world, aiding in the casting of spells and transforming into a cat.

#2_Wandering Forest Spirit

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"Wandering Forest Spirit"

"Wandering Forest Spirit"

#8 Holly the School Spirit

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#3 Ghoul Boy

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Ghoul Boy is an amorphous Imp/Obnoxious Spirit that runs around annoying the other monsters, they try to shrug him off, which only makes him more determined to hang around with them, and learn their ways of Monstering. This character is based on a Halloween costume I cobbled together from a Skeleton Mask, a Black Balaclava, a cape and no, not my skinless bare muscled body, for a Halloween party when I was about 7 or 8? My original costume included a thin black jumper, and thin Black jeans. I think this re-design looks a bit more freaky or edgy, as Ghoul Boy can will his body to morph from skeleton to human-like shapes. I’ll upload the Photo if I can find it again.