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Day 13 The Amazing Daedalus Flyer

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deadalus flyer fixed


Professor Sylvestus Daedalus spent considerable time studying the mechanics of flight as observed in birds. In his pursuit to fly, Daedalus attempted to recreate the motions of flight by manipulating  different wings and surfaces that provided resistance. As a result, he became conditioned as well as a superb athlete. Stumbling upon a series of sketches  of Da Vinci’s that had been forgotten to time, Daedalus was able to crack the code and created the variable wing mechanism- a series of slides and pins that allowed the wings to expand, gap, and contract back as part of the natural flight motion. Literally, the wings would change size and shape during the flight motions. Daedalus took his invention to London, and before a skeptical crowds of tens of people he flew above the highest rooftops and into the fog/smog of the city’s sky and was never seen again.

Day 8- the Prospector

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The Prospector is an expert in the subterranean world. Finding precious metals, gems, minerals, lost mines and tunnels and buried treasures are all in his line of specialty. With the help of master engineers and builders he has designed an array of mining tools, like a shoulder mounted drill that makes him a one-man tunneling crew. It is rumored that he is currently searching for King Solomon’s Mines.


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Afterlife Hunter- Ahab Reeger

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30 characters  afterlifeHUNTER


Ahab Reeger was born with a ghost eye, and his Old World family knew immediately he would be a tracker and fighter of evil creatures and manifestations of the afterlife. Armed with his hand-held Specter mortar and the Dragon’s Tooth blade, Ahab also carries a variety of spices, herbs, talismans, rings and medallions to confront just about any kind of otherworldly evil.

#28 – Penobscot J Brownberry

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#23, 24, 25, 26 Fairy Panda & Steampunk Man

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A Peppermint Panda, a Steampunk guy, a confused Naga, and various other stuff.

I am forever playing catch-up. Gah.


11/10/11: “Iron” Jack Savage, Pookah Soldier

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NAME: Jack Savage  SPECIES: Rabbit Pookah  ORIGIN: The Seelie Realm

After losing his arm to a dire wolf in the great war against the Unseelie kin, Jack was bestowed a metal of honor by the knights of the Silver Court. In addition, Jack was given with a powerful, magi-tech arm, a gift from a renowned gnomish tinkerer. Though honored as a hero among the fey folk, the war left Jack bitter and paranoid. He no longer belonged in the Seelie lands. Hoisting his knapsack over his shoulder, Jack walked through the shimmering bright of Viscaria’s Mirror, never again to look back on the light of Titania’s realm.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)



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Day 30 – Katarina the Dragon Slayer as a child

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Katarina at 9 years old

Day 28 – The Wood Reeves

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Rielle the Wood Reeve



Day 24 – Roland

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G. Brett Williams #s 21 & 22 – Strangers and Lost Ones

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Strangers and Lost Ones

A Stranger is a creature of great power and immortality.  Something of a vampire, they feed on the souls of their victims, not their blood.  A Stranger receives sustenance from draining the life force from another human being.  Just a myth throughout our history, they are masters of staying hidden, due in large part to their method of dispatching their prey.  A Stranger does not age, but they are not invulnerable.  The Stranger entity is nigh-immortal, but the host body can be killed just like any normal human being.  They are more durable, stronger, faster, more agile, and they can heal their wounds, but they can still be killed.  These powers are at their peak right after a Stranger feeds.  Once a Stranger has drained a person of their essence, he has the ability to completely burn the body away.  Because of this, a Stranger tends to develop a connection with the victim, at least long enough to get them secluded for a good period of time.  The process takes a while and therefore is not something that can be done quickly down some dark alley.  But there are problems and things do sometimes get messy.   If a Stranger goes a certain time without feeding and thus starves to death, the entity that powers him will vacate the host body (thus killing the host) and attach to another worthy vessel.  The Stranger entity can only be truly killed by a Lost One that it has created.  If a Stranger never creates a Lost One, it could feasibly live forever in one host or in many.  Since it’s rare for a Stranger to be so foolish or reckless as to leave behind a Lost One, a true Stranger death is rare. Sometimes, a Stranger may be in a situation where he hasn’t been able to feed for a while and will recklessly do so, not troubling himself with the consequences.  Other times, a Stranger may simply be interrupted or chased off during the feeding process.  Regardless of the reason, if a Stranger neglects to burn the body of the victim away, a sort of zombie like creature is created.  Those creatures are the Lost Ones.

A Lost One is a body without a soul, cursed to live a lonely and ultimately emotionless existence, searching for something it lost.  A Lost One is not mindless, though.  Part of them, what little bit of them is left, is connected to the Stranger that created them.  Because of that connection, the Lost One will always be drawn to that Stranger.  Even if they don’t entirely realize it, their life will lead them along a path identical to that of their creator.  The only way to silence this constant drive, to erase the memory of having their soul ripped away, is to finally find and destroy the Stranger that created them.  A Lost One’s touch will destroy a Stranger much in the same way a Stranger’s burning hand will destroy the body of their victim.  It only works on the Stranger that created them though.  Interestingly enough, a Lost One is immune to the burning touch of a Stranger once they’ve become a Lost One.  A Lost One must be totally destroyed if they are to be killed.  The entire body must be burned to the bone and then the bones must be scattered and destroyed.  Lost One’s need no sleep and no sustenance.  They do not bleed and they do not feel pain.  They are unnaturally strong and durable.  If in the presence of the Stranger that created him, a Lost One will stop at nothing to reach him, going so far as to destroy anyone or anything that gets in its way.

G. Brett Williams #s 19 & 20 – Beauregard Cash and Jack Reed

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His team consists mainly of two other men, the first of whom is Beauregard Cash. Cash is the team’s gadgeteer. He’s an engineering wizard, but he’s also a drunk, a braggart and something of a racist. Southern and proud of it, he is prone to drunken outbursts about the glory of the Confederacy, even though the Confederacy is long gone. Graye tolerates the man since his acumenl in fringe science and engineering is unmatched throughout the world. Cash creates things heretofore unthought of, using primarily the steam technology of the day. Flying machines, archaeological tools, weapons and even steam-powered automatons. Cash grew bored once he’d mastered all there was to master about steam technology, so looking for a new challenge he decided to join up with Edmund Graye and his crew. Being a veteran of the war effort and a lifetime Southerner, he’d seen more than his fair share of strange and inexplicable occurrences, so he figured what the heck. Cash combines his knowledge of engineering with Graye’s knowledge of the occult to create some seriously crazy ghost hunting devices.

Rounding out the group is Civil War veteran and former Buffalo Soldier Jack Reed. Reed is big, tough and quiet. He was befriended by Graye shortly after the Civil War ended while the inspector was on a mission to study the effects of the Civil War on the paranormal health of America. Graye immediately recognized and respected the courage and tenacity he saw in Jack Reed. Needing a strong man and good fighter to round out his crew, he hired Jack for a handsome sum, saving him from the unenviable life of a black man in Reconstruction America. Jack is good with a pistol but his real gift is with a Winchester rifle. A sharpshooter for his regiment during the war, he has an uncanny skill with long arms. He is also a formidable hand to hand combatant. Understandably, Jack and Beauregard have their differences, but Jack usually just ignores the man. They don’t tend to deal with each other that much outside of the field and Cash, as blustery as he is, knows he’d never survive a fight with Jack Reed. Jack’s most important duty is operating the cutting edge, steam powered ghost trapping machine that Cash has designed. Heavy, cumbersome and complicated, only someone as strong of body and mind as Jack Reed could carry and operate it.

#19_First Mate of the Cumulus Corsair

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"First Mate of the Cumulus Corsair"

"First Mate of the Cumulus Corsair"

#20 Zombie (aka “Z-Man”)

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Zombie was formerly a magician and illusionist. Faking his own death many who do recognize him believe that he has risen from the grave in an unnatural manner.  Now using his skills of illusion, slight of hand, and stealth he and Burn-Out work to solve mysteries and combat the criminal element.


Day 20 – Fetch

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#19 Burn-Out

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Jaren Anderson was metalworker, he made parts for factories/mills he was struck by lightning which caused him to build and release energy in bursts. However he runs out of juice after a large burst and it takes him time to rebuild his charge. With the aide of his custom built battery pack and arm gauntlets he can more easily regulate exactly how much energy he’s using so he does not run out of juice.

#18_Captain of the Cumulus Corsair

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"Captain of the Cumulus Corsair"

"Captain of the Cumulus Corsair"

Day 17 – Chilbilly

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Chillbilly - one evil snowman!


#9 The Sky Bandit Beatrix Sprawling

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In this day & age, everyone is taking to the skies with planes & all manner of airships. Why should bandits & highwaymen be much different? With the help of her trusty pressure pack Ol’ Gus, The Skybandit Sprawling spends most of her days up in the stratosphere, sticking up any rich, unfortunate soul that enters her airspace. As far as sky bandits go however, pray Beatrix’s the one holding you up. She lives by a series of codes, & she wouldn’t hurt anyone unless she was really forced to hurt them.

Still, it’s best to just hand over your valuables as quickly as possible, as not to test her.


Since the character I labeled as steampunk the other day wasn’t really that steampunk, here’s something more traditionally in that vein. Though I guess it’s more of a Last Exile/’Dieselpunk’ sort of thing I’m thinking here. The thing I had on my list of jump off ideas was Dieselpunk Aviatrix. Whatever it’s still anachronistic. That propane tank cappuccino machine looking thing’s supposed to be her jetpack. It’s set up to either work like a sled or as a back pack. And the red stuff on her arms were supposed to be tattoos, because it bugs me sometimes that ‘punk’ is part of word but never really paid much mind to. I also made her chunkier for two reasons. Firstly, the variety. I felt like the other girls I was drawing were all pretty close to one shape. And second, I felt for her particular case, it kind of helped give her that old-timey, Rosie the Riveter, up-&-at’em kind of attitude. I think I drew the arms too long, & I’m not entirely happy with the rocket pack, but I do like the detail on the head (goggles/scarf) & how the hair came out.

Two more. Hopefully I can maybe do another one tonight.

Since I’ve got you here, check out Morgan Jeske’s tumblr. He’s an all-around cool dude with great taste. He’s doing his own 30 Characters & posting them on his tumblr. He’s in much better shape than me at the moment, giving you a half month’s worth of characters to go check out. Go now! It’s some awesome stuff.

#13 (and maybe #14) – Robinson and Tilly

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I am going to be busy tomorrow so this MIGHT count for two. Not sure…

I went back in and colored it.

#12 – Barden Torque

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A little bit cliché but I don’t mind.
I’m just happy I’m not falling behind on these things!

Though I should have taken a few more seconds on those shoes… gah.
He's under a spreading chestnut tree.

Sam Medina – Day 7

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Huacal the Traitor

Day 4: “French Vanilla”

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“She stared up at the building with a trace of despair, a slip of paper in one hand and her purse in the other. The landlord had told her that it was a dreary building, but she was in no way prepared for the sight with which she was greeted. The paint was peeling from the window sills, the tiles were falling off the roof, and the numbers above the doors hung slightly askew.

She stepped back to the cafe on the other side of the street and ordered a coffee. As she drank, she looked at the paper she had with her. It promised an apartment with cheap rent and a street view. She didn’t really care about the rent or the state of the apartment, she just needed somewhere with her name on the letterbox. She wanted to get away from the world, away from overly curious people who cared about her and her life. Tomorrow, she would rent out another place, on the other side of town, under a completely different name.

Many people thought they knew her, but they only knew what she let them see of her. Each person came to know a different version of her. She learned to become like this out of necessity from a very young age, trusting nobody and expecting those around her to show the same level of mistrust.

She plucked a toothpick out of the canister on the table and chewed on it absent-mindedly.

She supposed that one day she would make friends again. She couldn’t live her whole life without

people, but for now she would give it a good shot.

Glancing at the clock on the wall of the cafe, she saw that she had five more minutes before she had to walk through those doors and become yet another version of herself. Hopefully, she would not have to keep this one up for long. She did not have the energy to do this much longer.

Standing up, she left her coffee untouched on the table. Carefully, she smoothed her dark blonde hair back under her hat and left the cafe.

Crossing over once again to stand front of the building, she looked at it with a different perspective. Perhaps this was indeed the wrong thing to do. No matter what though, it was necessary.

She took a deep breath and steeled herself before stepping through the doors.”

 Words: Lana, Art: Julian (Tosche)

#5_The Immortal Mr. Bixby II

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"The Immortal Mr. Bixby II"

"The Immortal Mr. Bixby II

Sam Medina – Day 5

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Mossar Khal, High Inquistor of the Stone Prophets

#3 – Gear Farmer

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Looks like this crop ‘o gears is just about ready!

(Edit: Everyone is telling me this guy reminds them of someone from Spyro 2, but I haven’t played it, sorry!)

#2 Stella the Steamship Pirate

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This is Stella the Steamship Pirate. Don’t be fooled by her timid look, she’s a tough cuss and can board dirigibles with the meanest of them. In her spare time she also likes to run illegal freight and enjoys long walks on the beach.

#1 Enki

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Enki is from a world at war. The animal like beings VS. Humans. The Technology is very steam punk and they have yet to invent good transportation. Enki works on the side building flying machines and is generally frowned at by those who are able to fly naturally. He is pudgy and proud.

#1 Templar of Steel

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The very best in mobility, personal protection and anti-terrorist armaments!

Eldritch horrors? No worries! With our patented, ThresherCorp Protective Field Technology, the only thing you will have to worry about is your sanity.

Highly mobile opponents? Our unique G-Propulsion Systems will allow you to traverse the terrain without the worry of sixth degree burns from those usual jetpacks!

Visit our website for more information on purchasing!

#24 Chronos – The God of Time

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The God of Time is quite an interesting character. Seemingly a regular man, albeit classy man, his eyepiece is what sets him apart. It allows him to both travel and see both into the past and the future. This is important as he is required to make sure all space/time continuum’s operate properly. This is no small task, and I say all on purpose. Chronos is the only god privy to the proof that we operate in multiple dimensions. Were it not for him these dimensions would cross and we’d be in a world of pain and confusion as a result. Due to the epic task Chronos is required to perform, he passes the task off every 1000 years on the dot. The last 20 years of each cycle is spent finding a capable candidate for replacement. Each Chronos takes a different portion of space time in which to keep things clean, and to keep things from crossing. They often choose to do 50 to 100 years at a time in different millenia so as to not get too bored.