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#17 Isidoros Thálassa

| November 17, 2010 | 6 Comments

A relative unknown in his time, Isidoros was a true visionary. Living in Greece during the 4th centure BCE, Isidoros is best known for his explorations into deep sea diving. He constantly created suits such as this one to traverse the great Mediterranean. Obsessed with the sea from a very young age, Isidoros changed his last name to Thálassa (greek: sea)as soon as he could. Also a man of some hubris, he would often affix the wings of hermes to his diving suits in hopes that this would call upon the great god Hermes to give him speed and ease of travel through the water.

#6 Thomas Chandry

| November 6, 2010 | 8 Comments

Thomas Chandry is a man of average fortune and great expectations, though he has ever been more curious than wise. His father, a proper English lord with an estate and wealth rivaling the wealthiest in London, died suddenly one late autumn day of influenza, leaving only a strange contraption to his struggling son, and bestowing his esteemable fortune on a woman none in all of England had heard of. After months of attempting to find the whereabouts of the mysterious woman, the Chandry estate was given over to the crown for upkeep and reimbursement. This of course left Thomas homeless and without the means to support himself, so he did what any proper Englishman would do: he got a job.

He moved from the countryside to London and took residence in the upper study of the tailor he worked for, bringing along the few possessions the crown did not claim, and quickly learned the fine art of theivery. Working for a tailor did not afford him the lifestyle he had grown accustomed to, and so his life of crime began. It was only when the tailor had had enough and thrown him out, that Thomas truly hit rock bottom, and remembering the odd contraption his father left him, decided to pry off the bits of brass and silver pieces to sell. On fiddling with the contraption by the English channel, he inadvertantly activated it and set about events that would forever change his life.

#4 Rosalyne “Lightning Lass” Lightman

| November 4, 2010 | 15 Comments

Gifts are easily given in the realm, but are never free.

A sky rider, inter-dominance messenger, and performer of odd-jobs, Rosalyne has an unusual perspective on the known realm. Soaring through the clouds in her airship, she claims to not be from the realm at all; an other-worlder. Her services are in high-demand in all dominances, as her vessel, the Iron Maiden can travel from dominance to dominance within a day – a feat none can match, making her the swiftest of messengers. Her missives have been known to start and stop feuds and skirmishes within the realm, and over the years her arrival is one generally met with concern.

The Iron Maiden, rumored to be inherited from her father, is powered by steam and lightning. Rosalyne gets her nickname from the retractable staff with which she collects lightning. The staff is not only a tool, but a weapon, and many of her gadgets are powered and driven by lightning.

Rosalyne’s latest mission troubles her. It’s been nearly a decade since she was last in Hold, and she’s never had to transport anyone before, let alone one so different; like her. This will also be the first time she’s met the enigmatic Princess.

EDIT: *I know Lightning Lass is the name of a DC character – this is a nickname only, and like Gandalf in the writing’s of Tolkien has many different aliases – some savory, some less favorable. (Mithrandir, The Grey, The White, Greyhamme, Stormcrow, Olorin, Incanus, Tharkun, Grey Pilgrim, etc.) *Dan is a Tolkien uber-nerd.

#1 Chondra Flicker

| November 1, 2010 | 28 Comments

221 years old, and in servitude to Princess Lorne, Chondra is the soon to be Queen's messenger, bodyguard, whisperer, and anything else where descretion is of chief import. Chondra is, by birth, 3/4 fae due to an indiscretion by her grandmother - A fact Chondra loathes.

She has lived in court her entire life, and quickly rose in the ranks of whisper/messengers due to an uncanny ability to get into and out of near impenetrable places. Chondra is of the pixie caste; with insect wings, and with the ability to shrink in size. Resourceful, she enjoys a challenge, which her majesty is always willing to provide. She commands respect, admiration, and a touch of fear among those in court.

Though, a loyal subject, like all fae forced to serve the crown, Chondra resents the royalty that have cast her people in roles unbefitting their race and breed.

Site Facelift and Lasers

| October 20, 2010 | 2 Comments

Just a little taste of the site to come. We’re still banging on pipes and whipping the hamsters behind the scenes, but it’ll all be gravy soon enough.

November is comin’ ‘atcha!