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#12 Road Rage

| November 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Whew…made it with 5 minutes left in the day…

I don’t have time to type up the whole origin story tonight and still upload it while it is still the 12th. I’ll add it tomorrow!


Car fanatic and avid fan of all things NASCAR, Jimmy John Jacobs had a need for speed he always tried to feed. Collecting speeding tickets like a redneck collects spare tractor parts, Jimmy’s trouble with the law was getting further and further out of hand. During a car chase, Jimmy’s adrenaline addiction finally got the best of him. While outrunning the police, Jimmy’s 69 Camaro was topping 125 mph and he began to see the limits of his driving ability. Attempting to race through an industrial park in the darkness of night at that speed was a foolish decision that nearly cost Jimmy his life. Losing control of his car, Jimmy drove into a dumping area that contained hundreds of drums containing hazardous material that would be loaded in special trucks for disposal the following morning. Among those materials was a dangerous compound developed for the molecular acceleration of rocket fuels. As Jimmy’s car spun wildly, he was tossed out of his window while his car plunged into explosive blasts as it crashed into other materials in the dump. Luckily, Jimmy was safe from the explosion, but was slammed into the barrels of the accelerating fluids. His skin soaked it in and he immediately began to toxify.  The police and emergency crew were able to arrest Jimmy and admit him into medical care. While in a comatose state Jimmy began to recover as his own molecular structure began to adapt with the acceleration compound. He began to recover immediately and awoke to the sensation that the world around him was happening in slow motion. At first he believed he was drugged, but soon found he could calibrate his senses to change speed. He laughed as he quickly snuck out of the hospital at lightning speed. Now, disguised as Road Rage, Jimmy rushes from one new problem he creates for himself to another. But he has so much running at speeds of up to 350 miles per hour that he doesn’t seem to care.

#10 Iron-Chef

| November 10, 2011 | 4 Comments

Here is my 10th character in a series of related characters for a funny super-hero comic project I have been planning to make.

This one is IRON-CHEF:

Built by a genius billionaire with money and time to spare, Iron-Chef is an indestructible and lightning quick cuisine creating robot. Designed to be a body guard when not busy in the kitchen, he was also programmed with state-of-the-art technology and the instincts of quadruple black-belt ninja. When his careless master accidentally died in a house fire he caused with a cigar, Iron-Chef looked for a new place to protect and to serve – serve food, that is. Luckily, a super hero squad posted several needed positions including a robot, a master of martial arts, and a gourmet chef. Iron-chef’s problems were solved and he now fills a need in the community and in the bellies of his teammates.

#9 Lightning Rod

| November 9, 2011 | 2 Comments

Here is my ninth character for this challenge from a project I am working on. Intended to be a tongue-in-cheek twist to the genre, here is Lightning Rod:

Rodney Fasano was all brawn and no brain. Clumsy and awkward in many ways, he loved to exercise and lift weights on the shores of New Jersey. Always stumbling into a fall of some kind, accident proneness was his specialty. Ever the great hope of football and basketball coaches, Rodney always dropped the ball and tripped over his feet. Adding to his accidents was his attitude that got him into extra trouble. Always covering for his clumsiness by agreeing to carry out idiotic dares, Rodney never really knew the joke was on him. Thus, when he was dared to lift the front end of a sedan over his head, he just wouldn’t quit trying until he eventually slipped and fell, dropping the front of the car on top if his head. Crushing his skull and breaking his arms, Rodney had to have metal plates, rods and pins implanted into his body. His luck didn’t run out there. Shortly after leaving the hospital, Rodney was feeling depressed during a rainstorm. To cheer himself up, he decided to go outside and play in the puddles. While jumping into a particularly large and muddy puddle, the lightening in the air was drawn to his inner metal and struck him there in the puddle. His eyes rolled back as the voltage coursed through his body and shot out through the rods in his arms. His hair stood straight up and he pooped himself. He survived and found that his body suffered no damage. His head plate and inner metal had charged with electrons to become a sort of electromagnet. In time, he discovered he could willfully collect and charge electrons in the air even when no storms were present, and then shoot this lightning through his hands. He also discovered that sometimes when he was falling or tripping over something that the jolt off fear from falling would involuntarily cause the lightning to shoot out as well. Thus, Rodney became a liability. He was arrested by super heroes when he innocently blew up a car that he accidentally walked in front of while going to a health pill store. Rather than imprison an innocent man, the heroes took him in and have since been working exhaustedly to help him control his powers and use them for good. Happy to feel like he is helping, Rodney does his best as the electrifying personality known as Lightning Rod (a name he gave himself believing it to be clever).