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Day 11 Independence Man for Veteran’s Day

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day 11 independence man


Independence Man is the living embodiment of the American serviceman. Descended from a long line of military ancestors dating back to the American Revolution, Morgan Kincaid’s family has always stepped forward to serve. Kincaid now operates solo, doing rescue and recovery missions.

flying superhero prototype

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#3 Blind Justice

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Blind Justice was a spy retired after being blinded in a raid on a chemical weapons lab. After finding she could hit any target without her eyes, she went out to punish those who create deadly chemicals!


Challenge Day #2 – Ichiro Higama

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Ichiro Higama

A dark swordsman from our present day. He seeks to rid the world of evildoers that threaten to conquer Earth. With the power of a sword, so sharp, he can cut through just about anything in his path.

#29 Claude Claus

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#28 The Totem

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Day Sixteen: Wormoid.

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He can be kind of a dick.

Day Thirteen: Mr. Spilts.

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His mind is grateful for the distraction the fall affords it.
His knees are going to hate him.

#21 Switch

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Ronald Meyers was an average man, physically unimpressive, though intelligent and thoroughly educated. He worked as a lab assistant in a government observatory, which unbeknownst to him was conducting experiments with the newest electron telescope to analyze the nuclear reactions of the sun and tap into tidal forces from it at a quantum level. One miscalculation and massive explosion later, Ronald awoke to find that he had not only survived, he had gained the ability to convert his body mass to radiant energy and vice versa. Using this new ability to augment himself to superhuman levels of strength and endurance, he set out to fight crime and seek out the manufacturers of shoddy scientific equipment.


#19-The Black Olive

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The Black Olive

#18 The Texas Tornado

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The Squid 6/30

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#16 The Little Green Men

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The Little Green Men

Day Ten: Mystic Oats

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A hairy hipster with magic in his hips and cosmic weight on his shoulders, blessed with phantasmagorical finger powers and cursed with sweaty socks — unwashed for going on three days now.

#08 John Henry

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John Henry is a Universal Algorithm, an avatar of life that keeps inorganic beings and control systems in check. He is a living set of instructions that fights an eternal war against The Machine, The System, Control.  He’s a machine that beats machines – any machine – but the greater the feat the more likely he will have to die and reincarnate. His greatest power is sacrifice — he is able to work himself to death to achieve some great feat (often one people think only a machine can do) and then arise, Phoenix-like, from the ashes.

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An ear-piercing gone wrong left her with a dimensional porthole warping her already infected ear lobe. Kids, make sure those metal implements you’re sticking into yourselves aren’t of non-terrestrial origin.

Kentucky Fried Justice

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Captain Useless

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Amoeba Girl

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#2 Alcatraz

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#2 Alcatraz

Character Back Story:
Like most fighters of the pit, nothing is known about Alcatraz’s past. What his real name is, where he was born, who his family is. He ended up in the pit like most fighters do. At some point he was abducted from his former life and injected to this dark underworld. The need is high for new recruits, since fights often end with a death. The life expectancy of a pit fighter is a little over a month. New recruits go through reconditions and rebuilding. First their minds are erased, they become blank slates ready to be programmed to fight. To only care about fighting and winning. There are several managers (big bosses) that recruit, train, and house these fighters. Alcatraz fights for Boss Holiday.

Unlike most fighters in the pit who only dream of fighting and winning, Alcatraz dreams of escaping. To escape this violent world he knows he needs to survive the fights. Which means he has to be smarter, tougher, stronger and more lethal then his opponents. For him winning is living. Living for the next day, living to be free. He’s heard rumors that if you survive long enough, the “Boss” will take you out of the fights. Give you another job as one of his enforcers. Enforcing what, he doesn’t know. But he believes it has to be better then fighting everyday to the death.

When Alcatraz first started in the pits there was a top fighter named “Concrete Stain”, an undefeated fighter who had survived over a year. Then one day he was gone, not dead from a fight just gone. That’s when Alcatraz first heard the rumor. That elite fighters work for Boss Holiday in the outside, not just fighting for him in the pits. It might only be a dream but Alcatraz will keep surviving until he’s chosen, until he’s free.

Behavior Traits:
Resortful, Determined, Creative

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Hand to hand fighting, Weapons (blunt objects, knives)

I mentioned Boss Holiday in Alcatraz’s back story. He’s a character I created for the first 30 Characters Challenge. A Rockabilly Crime lord who employs “Super-Villains”

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Day 2: Man-Slab

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Barry Connors was an aspiring actor that also worked as one of the Chippendale dancers until his friend Oliver Black made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Black had just joined and  been named the leader of a new supergroup called C.H.A.M.P.S. C.H.A.M.P.S, which stands for Corp of Humans  Androids & Mutants with Preternatural Skills, was assembled by Kristie Kelly, the public relations genius that assembled the Awesome 5! for military.

C.H.A.M.P.S unlike the A5 was assembled for a group in the private sector. A Haliburton of superheroes strictly for hire. When Barry came to the group he had no super powers, but the companies scientists soon took care of that. They had a full roster of mercenaries but something was missing. Barry was to be the face of the group. Already handsome and buff, he was given an  experimental growth hormone that enabled him to grow to a height of 50 feet tall. The public can’t get enough of the new team, but there is a hidden secret.

#1 Dra’Zun, Guardian Droid

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#1 Dra’Zun, Guardian Droid

Character Back Story:
A rouge asteroid hit and destroyed the planet Azari Prime, home of the Dra’Azari Royal Family. The Royal family and the planets inhabitants mounted a vast interstellar survival plan. Financed by the Royal family and all the resources of Azari, 20 ark space ships were created. The survivors would travel to Azari-3, a colony on the outskirts of their solar system. Azari-3 rich with natural resources would be their new home world. The Royal family created their own ship for the voyage, it was to carry their entire Dra’Azari Family. Guardian Droids were built and placed in all ark ships, also named GD-Units. Their primary functions and programming was to care for the needs of the ark passengers. These droids would maintain the ships, cook, clean, police, and educate. On the Royals ship there were 8 GD-Units.

Ezbeet Dra’Book (Ezbeet equaling to a Duke in Earth terms) sees this migration as a great opportunity to rise higher in the family court. He reprograms the Guardian Droids on the Royal’s Ark to turn on the family and kill them all. In the middle of the mayhem Dra’Book sabotages all the escape pods and uses the only functional one to escape. The GD-Units manage to slaughter almost everyone on the ship within hours. A few of the royalty manage to survive the attack in the children’s nursery, including Ezbeet Dra’Hexra. Dra’Hexra uses the ships computer to reset one of the Guardian Droids, GD-Unit 5.

As a result of the reset, GD-Unit 5 malfunctions merging both it’s origin programing with that of Dra’Book. It believes that it must educate and protect the Royal family by eliminating it. It quickly destroys the other Guardian Droids to protect the survivors. GD-Unit 5 then gathers the remaining Royalty including the children. GD-Unit 5 explains that in must protect the Dra’Azari Royal Family. It then attacks them, killing everyone except the 6 youngest. It has calculated that it must educate, train, and manipulate these six children to be the new leader of the Azari people.

In the chaos of the GD-Units attack, the Royalty’s ark ship was sent severely off course. Years pass by and the children become adults, they began calling the Guardian Droid, Dra’Zun. “Dra” for their family name and “Zun” meaning teacher. In the years that have passed Dra’Zun has taught his students to be ruthless, calculating and unforgiving in all matters. It has also manipulated their genetic code to enhance their strength, durability, speed and intelligence. Dra’Zun’s final lesson will be to have the his students fight and kill each other, until the strongest and most intelligent one survives. This “Winner” will be the rightful ruler of the Azari people. He or she will begin by conquering small worlds to build an army, then take back the kingdom. Dra’Zun plans to remain as this true ruler’s faithful servant.

Behavior Traits:
Patient, Calculating, Loyal, ruthless

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Invulnerability, Strength, Records of all Azari knowledge

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#01 Sacco Hammers

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While leading a sliding scale qi gong class at a co-op farming community, a nearby meteorite gave Brad Hammersleigh superhuman strength and increased inner and outer toughness. He took the name of anarchist martyr Fernando Nicola Sacco, one of his heroes, and shortened his last name to an implement of the working class.

He is unaware that his nom de guerre also completes the phrase “dumber than a…” He isn’t dumb by any stretch, but he can be… obtuse. A side effect of his powers is the ability to recollect all kinds of facts about Elinor Ostrom’s work on sustainable resource management, or the finer nuances of Kropotkin’s philosophy of Mutual Aid. The angrier he gets the cooler and more laser like his arguments become. The more facts and figures arrange themselves for his benefit. Call him the Credible Hulk.

He takes on anyone taking advantage of the powerless, with his enhanced mind, soul, and body. The tattoo on his forearm is Latin and reads “dum spiramus tuebimur” — “While we breathe, we shall defend.”

#1 Detective Chris Finch

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Photo by Nathaniel Chadwick

In a world where Superheroes are the norm Detective Chris Finch heads up the S.P.C.D. (Super powered crime department.)

Married to his job Finch lives alone in his small apartment in the wrong part of Goldenbridge City. His dad had been a cop before the Hero event, and a damn good one. Thats what made Chris want to make detective so much, to impress him. However his dad didn’t live to see the day. Sister Sorrow murdered him during a bank heist. It was this tragic moment that prompted Chris’s determination to make it into the S.P.C.D and it is also the reason for his mistrust and distain for anyone with super powers, even his partner Holly Grant.

Finch is head strong and single minded in his pursuit to stop all misuse of super powers.


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This is a character for a book I’m working on with writer/creative partner Bill Woodcock, Jr called  BLACK MASKS. Doc Sirius is a re-visioning of public domain superhero, Power Nelson. In the dieselpunk-meets-superhero world of BLACK MASKS- Dr. Gene Nelson West; A science-wizard-criminal of the year 1986 from an alternate universe, escapes to our Earth  in an Interdimensional starship. Dr. West’s crimes- stealing and selling weapon and other high technology to international criminal “Emperor” Seng, Warlord of NYC. West always wanted power. Seng was more than willing to trade money and the benefits of his nefarious network to get whatever technology West could successfully steal, copy or make himself to aid Seng’s goals for global dominance. In the end, the allied Earth forces deposed Seng. In the last moments of his boss’s standoff, West betrayed Seng to the invading allies- buying him time to launch himself off-planet in an experimental spacecraft containing the contents of his laboratory as well as  precious metals/gems. Dr. West, predicting the demise of his despotic employer,  had been studying an alternate universe as a getaway- surmising that an alternate Earth, back in time enough, would give him an technological advantage that would make him powerful and rich beyond his dreams. Finding a universe whose Earth was 60 years younger than his own, West used a quantum-time-space drive to escape to our unsuspecting Earth. The drive was experimental and malfunctions- West arrives on June 30, 1908. He appears over the North Pole colliding with a massive electromagnetic force emitted by Nikola Tesla‘s Wardenclyffe Tower– during a secret testing of his infamous “Death Ray”. Crashing in Tunguska, Russia, West’s ship drives itself underground and causes the most mysterious explosion in Earth’s history. Eventually rescued by a team including Tesla, Admiral Byrd and expert pilot David Nelson I. Various others vie for the wrecked craft- a motley crew of disparate villains and mysterious agents- but to no avail.

West manipulates everyone around him easily. He weaves a tale of being the sole survivor of the planet Sirius-Prime; a planet of science-wizardry destroyed by the evil despot Emperor Seng. West claims to be the sole survivor- losing his family and friends- forever mourning his lost home. Operating at first in secret, West begins to amass a technological/financial empire with David Nelson and makes allies in other technocrats like Howard Hughes. As a result, he accelerates the technology of his new home- in very limited amounts, but it comes with a cost. Science villains appear, threatening the world, but ultimately, threatening West’s power. So Dr. West decides to become a science hero taking on the mantle of his heroic ruse- DOC SIRIUS, Man of the FUTURE!






Day 24 Kid Crimson Bullet

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High School Freshman Nancy has a personal mission to photograph Sesqatchuan superhero The Crimson Bullet. One day she gets too close, and is exposed to the cosmic energies that give the Bullet his powers.

No longer satisfied being on the sidelines, Kid Crimson Bullet is frequently a thorn in the side of her hero. She swears she’s trying to help.

What neither realize is that Nancy is Bullets’ niece!

#21 – Timmy Phillips

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#20 – Myau

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#16 – FR-045A

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