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Friendventurers 02+03: Nature Pals! Black Forest Hernandez and Countess Kountouros

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Day 30 – Katarina the Dragon Slayer as a child

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Katarina at 9 years old

#13 Sygfryd’s Daughter

| November 13, 2011 | 6 Comments

She would slay the serpent and drink it’s blood, fulfilling her father’s destiny.


Sygrfryd’s Daughter © & TM Mike Dubisch

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Day 8 Geisha

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Geisha is an assassin who employs creative methods, and part of an alien race the “Shiro Neko”

#21 – Red Sword

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The Crimson blade thirsts for your BLOOD!

When the Old Gods sought to expel all evil from Earth, they attempted to chain their rivals in elemental horcruxes, meant to halt their ability to spread malice to mankind — but, Snargrax the Red would not be bound.  Held in the form of a rare crimson metal, he beckoned to be found and molded into the fabled Red Sword, possessing its bearer and instilling them with an UNBRIDLED bloodlust and battle fury!

#4 – Lemmy and Yhal

| November 7, 2010 | 1 Comment

Lemmy (the turtle) finds Yhaluthonin (the snail) lost and alone one evening on his nightly round of his village perimeter.  Yhal comes from a clan of snail known well for their skills in magic, and by the trolls of the forest, for their psychedelic properties.  Yhal tells Lemmy how a band of greedy forest trolls raided his den and snatched up his friends and family and pleads for his help.  The two join forces and set out for adventure.

Technically two characters, but they work as a cohesive unit.  Lemmy is the brute force, Yhal works his mystics to cast spells and such in aid of Lemmy.

#1 Samurai-Girl

| November 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

Day #1
My first upload of the 30 characters for the month of November 2010. My intention is to create a new character on the daily basis. Always coming up with something new and keeping it in a tight pencil drawing format. I feel very comfortable with the pencil and maybe develop a character in the future in color for a story.
These illustrations are my creative ideas on the spot, without any planning of what I will draw tomorrow. I’m trying to keep it fresh and innovative.

Free the mind and let the pencil do all the work without any limitations. Kinda like jack Kerouac’s “On The Road”