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027 – Vivian White

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Ms. White is Jessica’s 6th grade teacher.   She’s only have a few years under her belt as a full-time teacher and is close to Stuart.  A portion of her design is based off of an art professor of mine.

No. 23- Rena Yamamoto

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Name: Rena Yamamoto

Age: 22

Ethnicity: Japanese-American

Occupation: Teacher/ Novelist

Short Background:
Since she was a little girl, Rena has always wanted to see the city where her parents grew up in Japan. The fact that they never really spoke about it only seemed to strengthen her resolve to see it. When she found out that there was a program for teaching English in the very city, she jumped at the chance. She applied without even letting her parents know until it was too late.

Now, she is miles away from home and seeing everything her parents kept from her. She is excited about learning more about her culture and for once not standing out like a sore thumb. She hopes that perhaps she can write a book about the experience, but will she feel the same way if she finds out the real reason her parents left?

No. 22- Ben Willis

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Name: Ben Willis

Age: 22

Ethnicity: African-American

Occupation: Teacher/Aspiring Rapper

Short Background:
Ben never really planned on teaching abroad, much less traveling in general. All he really wanted to do was hang out with his friends, work on mixtapes, and graduate college. However, when life throws him a curve ball, he is given the opportunity to set his life straight. Now he’s miles away from home in a place he doesn’t necessarily want to be, surrounded by people he doesn’t know. Only time will tell if he ends up doing well or burning out.

No. 14- The Disciplinarian

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Name: The Disciplinarian

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Occupation: Vigilante and Mercenary

Short Background:
Little is known about the Disciplinarian. All that is known is that he has a code of ethics and is willing to discipline those who cannot follow  them, no matter which side they are on. Hero and villain alike can be sure that if they stray far from what he thinks they should be doing, they will receive more than a simple rap on the knuckles.

Wears a skull mask, a dress shirt, slacks, and suspenders. Dresses like a teacher. Carries a ruler at all times.

#14 Old Teacher

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This design needs a little more work but here is the first go at an elderly Teacher past her retirement.

Character No. 6- Henry London

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Came out much more "mullet-y" than I wanted. Oh well.







Name: Henry London

Age: 24

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Occupation: English Teacher, Guitarist

Short Background:

Despite his size and messy looks, Henry is somewhat a gentle giant. When he isn’t working on his paintings, he spends a lot of time playing his guitar. He tries to be encouraging and is often seen trying to help others. Very much a big brother figure and always looking to work with others.

Henry never really thought about traveling, but when he was offered a chance to teach abroad, he jumped at the opportunity of a lifetime. It was also a chance to see the place where his grandfather once lived during his time in the military. He never knew what he was getting into, but hopefully he can achieve these goals without alienating the people he left behind (including his girlfriend). Only time will tell if he can survive in unfamiliar territory.

Really, he doesn’t have any truly defining features. He wears a lot of t-shirts and dresses very casually (perhaps more so than his bosses would like). Jeans and perhaps some khakis on occasion. He is not cut out to be a businessman or hold a white collar job, but he puts a lot of effort into everything he does.

#1 Mr. E

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Here’s the first of my 30 characters. Don’t let his modest expression fool you; Mr. E is not your typical High School Physics teacher…

He wears PLAD!



Character No. 1- Athena Jackson

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I am going to try and draw a picture with each description. Apologies in advance.

Name: Athena Jackson

Age: 29 (in 1972)

Race: African-American

Occupation: Teacher/Vigilante

Short Background:
When the Mafia killed Detective Clyde Jackson, they thought that the streets were theirs for the taking. Unfortunately, they failed to realize two important things about the late detective.

The fact that his wife, though now living as a school teacher, was once equally as dangerous and the fact that she never believed in justice.

She only believed in vengeance.

Now, Athena Jackson is a one woman army dedicated to cleaning the streets of her city with the blood of drug pushers, made men, and any jive turkey stupid enough to stand in her way.


I don’t know why, but I always felt like there should be more blaxploitation characters with Greek first names.

Athena Jackson is a blatant throwback to blaxploitation. More along the lines of Cleopatra Jones than Coffy or Foxy Brown. She’s a fighter, not a lover. While she does dress fashionably, she also makes sure that she’s ready should a fight come her way. No heels or platform shoes, either.

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