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#30 Rene Magritte and Kal-Dar The Cave Man (TIME TRAVELERS)

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

And we end with a two-fer for good measure! Rene-Magritte has always been one of my favorite artists and I always thought “how cool would it be if the surrealists weren’t making it up” What if Dali Painted melty Clocks not because he dreamt them up but because he actually viewed these off the coast of an alien world in a far flung future?

So Rene Magritte using a time traveling orb from the Future travels through time with  Kal-Dar a Cave man he saved when visiting the dawn of man. Kal-Dar has been traveling with him since that day hoping to repay the debt. DO NOT tell Kal-Dar that “time travel is so easy a cave man could do it…” he doesn’t like that.


Hope you all enjoyed my submissions because I definitely enjoyed the ones I got to see every day from these awesome contributors!

#1 Foot Soldier of the Cyber Lords

| November 2, 2010 | 8 Comments

#1 Foot Soldier of the Cyber Lords

The Cyber Lords are a technological advanced species that destroyed their home planet in a “The Great War”. During the war they would take inhabitants from other planets to be their Foot Soldiers. Using wormhole technology allowed them to travel through time and space to gather their armies.

They would modify their new soldiers by wiping their minds and reprogramming them. These new mindless beings would be outfitted with specialized cybernetic enhancements. Giving them great speed, strength and agility. Their main weapon on the battle fields was an energy staff capable of leveling buildings. In the height of the war each Cyber Lord had billions of Foot Solders.

Seeing their world destroyed by the war the surviving Cyber Lords made a truce. They agreed to leave the planet and use their wormhole technology to travel the universe and start their own individual societies. Using their vast armies of Foot Soldiers the Cyber Lords traveled the cosmos and began conquering worlds.

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