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#8 Agent Joe of the Time Observation Centre

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The Time Observation Centre exists just outside of normal time and space and serves as the central hub of all time observation and regulation.  It’s agents are drawn from throughout history, seconds before they die in horrible accidents that would obliterate their bodies they are whisked away and put through Time Agent training and sent back into the time stream to ensure that the time line is never disrupted.

Because the agents live out of phase with our time continuum they are unable to take objects with them.  Before he was recruited Agent Joe enjoyed reading and so whenever he is on mission, during his downtime he will visit local libraries and pick up where he left off the last time he was in sync enough to handle objects.

It took him twenty linear year jumps to finish The Shining.

His partner watched the movie.

Joe hates his partner.

#5 – Elias Winston – The Futurist

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05 TimeTravellerb

Elias Winston is a man from the year 2103 who has returned to the present to instill his values on the present to hasted the creation of the world he lives in.  It just so happens that he isn’t the only one who that sentence applies to.  Time Travel is a bit of a strange thing, yet compared to inter dimensional travel it is very easy, however because various futures can come about from one present, you can end up with a case like that of the two Elias Winstons.  They both traveled back in time to our present, which is a past they share.

Elias Winston (aka The Futurist) is the World Leader of Future Timeline designate BZ2-0002346-2103, commonly referred to as “The Age of MegaCorps” – in this timeline Starlin-style hyper-Communism was rampant leading to massive oppression of the people when Elias Winston was born.  There is some suggestion that his bloodline may have something to do with the Order of Solomon (see Samuel Bonaparte Khan) but most believe he was purely just a perfect storm of genetics and upbringing that made him an unparalleled talent in technology, leadership and genetics.  After a starting and winning a revolution over 16 years, he decided to travel back into the past to instill his perfect world order back when the beginnings of the Communes were taking route.  Fortunately despite his prodigious talents have been held back by another time traveler: The Revolutionist – Elias Winston, the World Leader of Timeline AF6-0093925-2103, whose own desire to travel to the past and change the past to match his Commune based World directly opposes the future of the Futurist, and thus fortunately, the great fighters of the world have not had to deal with his full intellect…

The Futurist is an expert in power armour, advanced energy sources and weapons, military tactics and corporate dealings.  He quickly established a power-base in countries with a more lax approach to being invested in by Time-travelling Despots and is believed to be behind various Technology companies off the books.  He has also amassed a substantial private military, but due to various setbacks caused by attacks by the Revolutionist, he has only been able to use it fairly sparingly.


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This is a character for a book I’m working on with writer/creative partner Bill Woodcock, Jr called  BLACK MASKS. Doc Sirius is a re-visioning of public domain superhero, Power Nelson. In the dieselpunk-meets-superhero world of BLACK MASKS- Dr. Gene Nelson West; A science-wizard-criminal of the year 1986 from an alternate universe, escapes to our Earth  in an Interdimensional starship. Dr. West’s crimes- stealing and selling weapon and other high technology to international criminal “Emperor” Seng, Warlord of NYC. West always wanted power. Seng was more than willing to trade money and the benefits of his nefarious network to get whatever technology West could successfully steal, copy or make himself to aid Seng’s goals for global dominance. In the end, the allied Earth forces deposed Seng. In the last moments of his boss’s standoff, West betrayed Seng to the invading allies- buying him time to launch himself off-planet in an experimental spacecraft containing the contents of his laboratory as well as  precious metals/gems. Dr. West, predicting the demise of his despotic employer,  had been studying an alternate universe as a getaway- surmising that an alternate Earth, back in time enough, would give him an technological advantage that would make him powerful and rich beyond his dreams. Finding a universe whose Earth was 60 years younger than his own, West used a quantum-time-space drive to escape to our unsuspecting Earth. The drive was experimental and malfunctions- West arrives on June 30, 1908. He appears over the North Pole colliding with a massive electromagnetic force emitted by Nikola Tesla‘s Wardenclyffe Tower– during a secret testing of his infamous “Death Ray”. Crashing in Tunguska, Russia, West’s ship drives itself underground and causes the most mysterious explosion in Earth’s history. Eventually rescued by a team including Tesla, Admiral Byrd and expert pilot David Nelson I. Various others vie for the wrecked craft- a motley crew of disparate villains and mysterious agents- but to no avail.

West manipulates everyone around him easily. He weaves a tale of being the sole survivor of the planet Sirius-Prime; a planet of science-wizardry destroyed by the evil despot Emperor Seng. West claims to be the sole survivor- losing his family and friends- forever mourning his lost home. Operating at first in secret, West begins to amass a technological/financial empire with David Nelson and makes allies in other technocrats like Howard Hughes. As a result, he accelerates the technology of his new home- in very limited amounts, but it comes with a cost. Science villains appear, threatening the world, but ultimately, threatening West’s power. So Dr. West decides to become a science hero taking on the mantle of his heroic ruse- DOC SIRIUS, Man of the FUTURE!






#30 Rene Magritte and Kal-Dar The Cave Man (TIME TRAVELERS)

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And we end with a two-fer for good measure! Rene-Magritte has always been one of my favorite artists and I always thought “how cool would it be if the surrealists weren’t making it up” What if Dali Painted melty Clocks not because he dreamt them up but because he actually viewed these off the coast of an alien world in a far flung future?

So Rene Magritte using a time traveling orb from the Future travels through time with  Kal-Dar a Cave man he saved when visiting the dawn of man. Kal-Dar has been traveling with him since that day hoping to repay the debt. DO NOT tell Kal-Dar that “time travel is so easy a cave man could do it…” he doesn’t like that.


Hope you all enjoyed my submissions because I definitely enjoyed the ones I got to see every day from these awesome contributors!

#14 Sara Starcrash

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Sara Starcrash

From the year 1999 in an alternate dimension, Sara Starcrash was intending to travel to her world’s past to prevent a cataclysm. During one of The Squadronnaires’ battles with Rhett Khan, she was accidentally pulled into our dimension in what would be considered her future.

Despite switching dimensions and moving forward in time, Sara is still convinced that she is in the past and needs to prevent the coming cataclysm. To help her cause, Sara joined the Squadronnaires.

An experienced space adventurer, Sara constantly wears a helmet to ensure that she can breath the air in the time period she considers to be the distant past.

#7 Esme Velez & “Martin Riggs”

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When asked to assist a team of scientists for a secret project at her university, Paleontology Grad student Esme Velez was taken back. There were a couple of students slightly more qualified, but no one had heard from them in a week. Or her professor for that matter. As she was driven to an offcampus facility she met with members of the faculty & an independent security force. That’s when she found out about her mission, as a member of a rescue squad.

You see, the physics department had developed a time machine & as a test, sent her professors & two students to go back in time, testing their new device while giving the palentology department the opportunity to study dinosaurs up close. She decided to accept the mission & joined a team with goal of bringing the original team back alive. Before leaving, the physicists tried to instill the importance of not screwing up the time stream, but there was a reason Esme went into a more biological field of study. She was very lost, & mostly very frightened to do anything.

The time machine was supposed to drop them off in the same exact spot millions of years prior, when it was believed to be a clearing. And it was. What no one would’ve predicted was the stampede of raging sauropods trampling through that very field at that very time. The rescue squad Esme was part of arrived at the same time her professor’s team did, only to watch in horror as they & their only means of getting home were squashed under dino-foot. Esme was among the few survivors. They limped out of the clearing away from the commotion, only to find the cause of the stampede: a pack of hungry velociraptors. Figuring the humans would be an easier meal, they turned their sights, ripping into the remaining mercenaries first. Esme barely got away. She didn’t know who else did. She just ran. And then she got very lost.

Stranded in the late Jurassic alone, Esme was at first paranoid that even just breathing the air funny might cause a ripple in time that would lead to a Hitler presidency or mankind never even existing at all. But after a few days, she began to wonder what the point of being paranoid was. She resigned herself to being stuck & laughed at the idea of how her bones would be found & carbon dated to a time prior to man supposedly existing, & the uproar created. She thought of how to just live comfortably on her own in prehistory. She always liked dinosaurs more than people anyhow. With her new pet, a member of a previously unknown species she named “Martin Riggs”, she sets off just looking to survive, no matter the consequences.


So first off, I don’t have proper TV. There are shows I like & I seek them out streaming or buy the dvds. I don’t know what’s new or whatever. But listed as a jump-off idea, I had “stranded time traveler.” My next thought was “when’s a good time to get stranded? Ah, Dinosaurs!” Completely forgetting there’s a show like that now. With the realization coming after drawing this, I debated about including it or not, & ultimately did only because I’m falling so far behind. So because of that, I’m less happy with this than I thought I was.

The bigger idea for the story was a time traveler going back & causing weird changes in the time stream that play out in weird flashes a la Run Lola Run. Like stepping on this twig causes Greenland to never be discovered or something else absurd. It works better in high concept though than execution. The pet dinosaur’s name Martin Riggs comes from of course Lethal Weapon, but also me wanting to name a dog Martin Riggs because I think Martin Riggs is an awesome name for a hyperactive dog. Think like a border collie.

Anyway, that’s three more bringing me to a week. And now I need another week’s worth to catch up. I’m going to try, but no promises.

#7 Lord Sapien

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Lord Sapien

Lord Sapien

All Hail His Endlessness, Lord Sapien, The Exemplar, Sovereign of Mankind, Fount of All Blessings, Arbiter of History, Killer of the Giant Squids, Terror of the Gigamerican Republic, Emperor of Alpha Centauri and France, Protector of the Fabled Fountain of Youth, and the Right Hand of the Howling Void. In him and only him, the seed of the superior being, and among his enemies the wailing and gnashing of teeth. His is the face too great to be gazed upon by human eyes. Who is worthy of him but his once and future love, The Bride from Outside Time?

Half-Spanish, Half-Seminole slave who escaped from Spanish conquistadores and found fountain of youth. Killed anyone else who came near it, and has jealously guarded it ever since. After a few centuries of study, training, and contemplation, he named himself Lord Sapien, and decided he was the Sovereign of Mankind, adding the title Arbiter of History for good measure. After killing or incapacitating the elder immortals, he set about to rearrange history to his liking. In this, he was frustrated time and time again by the Tomorrow Detectives, a group of elite operatives from the 80th century who protected the proper flow of time.

Eventually, he was able to hijack one detective’s transport tech and enter the Tomorrow Fortress. He laid waste to it, killing all of the detectives save one and razing most of the fortress to the ground. Emira, the last surviving Tomorrow Detective, defeated him in single combat and sent him back into the timestream, where he reshaped civilization to his dark, twisted liking. He became smitten with Emira Last, and has repeatedly offered to make her his immortal bride. He has sired many, many children over the millennia, and most of them despise their father’s eternal immaturity, even those who fight by his side. He is beset on all sides by intrigue and falsity, and he sees in Emira’s defiance and purity his only hope of escaping the darkness he has created, and that has now trapped him for all time.

Over the years, he has added a variety of nanotech and cybernetic enhancements to defend against his myriad children, powered by the reactor in his chest. His mask is bolted on to his head, to prevent against what he believes is the imminent theft of his face.


Track: Woodkid, “Iron”

#8 The Time Tumor

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Once a fairly normal brain tumor, life began to change for the Time Tumor when it achieved a crude sentience by accidentaly “hacking” into the the brain of it’s victim. This dim awareness manifested itself as a deep malevolance for it’s host, and caused the accelerated death of the young physicist it inhabited.

Unfortunately, this altered the time stream so that the Grand Unified Theory would not be discovered in time for the advances in technology brought on by this achievement to save humanity from self-destruction.

Now, resurrected by the Univeral Consciousness, the Time Tumor is granted full sentience and sent through time to fix the broken time stream by selectively “pruning” historical figures who held back the advances in science and philosophy necessary to discover the Grand Unified Theory.

The Time Tumor hates the penance it’s forced to make, for though it enjoys inhabiting and destroying its hosts — it is still a relentlessly evil entity and has no desire to undo the damage it originally did.