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Nina Hudoc

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

NinaNina was given the assignment to guard and escort the queen elect to a safe destination. Failing to do so, she is now given the task to retrieve her unharmed. Nina takes this mission personally. It was Miernie who inspired Nina to join the Tontin sisterhood and become a Warcaptain.  Not only will her mission force her to question her perceptions of herself, but her perception of the universe on whole. Will she survive?

Toc-Tic premieres in May of 2012.


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OrchidIn the world out side the clock work, Bats live a free and open existence. However, within the great clock they live in hiding. This is due to the belief of the clock citizens that the bones of bats are holy, and angelic. Many wooden cross gears still feature their bones.

Bonzai Guacamole

| November 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

Bonzai!!!!!!!!Bonzai Guacamole has been sworn by duty and country to return the wayward princess to her throne. His strict adherence to this duty though, leaves a wake of devastation and loss of property.

You might ask yourself how does a kung-fu assassin move? By his sense of smell.

Pea Gardenia

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Princess Pea GardeniaPrincess Pea Gardenia is the reluctant heir to the Mole Kingdom’s throne. When she becomes queen of the mole people, she will be waited on hand and foot and need for nothing. Sounds Great! Except the queen weighs over 2 tons and is responsible for birthing the entire royal court. So you can understand why she’s run away.

Skillet Hampton

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SkilletSkillet was a member of a group of street thugs paid to kidnap the Queen elect. But after his fellow members where wiped out by a rival gang, he is left as the only witness to the kidnapping. Unfortunately he was not at the hand off, and…

He can’t talk. He’s a complete mute. But his Hat talks for him. Percival can read minds only while worn and only of the wearer. He only remembers waking up in a hat  shop and nothing before that. He and Skillet go a ways back.


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SavoitChancellor of the reptilian parliament, Savoit is an example of the sometimes rocky relations between mammalian and Reptilids since the cold blood war. On one hand Savoit is very much the progressive, working for a more ecumenical relationship between the peoples. But Savoit has his own agenda, himself.


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The BakuThe allegiance’s of the Baku along with her real name are not very clear. For the time being she is assisting Nina on her mission to track down the kidnapped Concubines.

Harlequin Guards

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Mep!What they lack in brains they make up for in numbers, and boy, do they need the numbers.


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MarphanThe less you know about Marphan, the better off you are.


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MiernieMiernie is the Queen Elect. Formerly she was a warrior priestess of he Tontin sisterhood known as a “Warcaptain”. He standing down from her position to become a royal concubine was highly controversial among her fellow sisters. Not as controversial as when the King chose her to be his bride, and the Queen Elect. Now the most powerful of the Clock-work aristocracy wants her dead, only one group will take her alive.