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Day 28: Trollwife

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TrollwifeIn the peat bogs deep within the Ironwood, the trollwives birth monstrous wolves. One day, the greatest of these wolves, Fenrir, will take to the sky and swallow the moon. This is one of the playing pieces for my 3D print-and-play game, Pocket-Tactics, which may be downloaded for free here.

Day 27: Forest Troll

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Forest TrollAnother character from the Brood of the Ironwood set for my game, Pocket-Tactics. The full set, along with its matched faction (Men of Midgard) is shown below.


Day 26: Ironwood Warrior

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A piece for my Brood of the Ironwood Pocket-Tactics set.

Day 25: Raggok Mansplitter

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RaggokThe final Killosseum entry, a remix on last years Blisterbelch (who also got further treatment here). Below, you can see the fighters and the Killosseum itself, 3D printed in all its glory!


11/17/2012: Blisterbelch, Troll Tyrant

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NAME: Blisterbelch  SPECIES: Mountain Troll  ORIGIN: Jotunheim

Considered small by Jotun standards, in the mountains of Jotunheim, Blisterbelch was a hermit and a scavenger, living off of the spoils of his greater brethren, mountain goats, or the occasional Midgardian foolish enough to climb the path into the land of the giants. After the Red King crisis, Blisterbelch fled the Techno-Sovereignty, taking refuge in Nexus City. There, he found himself to be a true giant, his tall stature, vast strength and fiery breath causing all in his path to tremble with fear. After several travelers found their way into his belly, Circle Securities apprehended Blisterbelch, banishing him to Dark 22, a secret Circle-Tech sponsored prison colony on a Terran compatible world cast in eternal night. There, Blisterbelch quickly rose to power, the other inmates treating him like a king. Those few who don’t end up in his stomach, their bones littering the floor around his “Throne of Skulls.”

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


Funcrusher 3/30

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Another character based on a phrase. This time, Company Flow’s classic burner, Funcrusher Plus. Dude ended up looking kinda like Mumm-Ra. Oh well.


Day 11: Combustion Jak

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Day 10: Cook

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#16 Fugly the Troll

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#14 Dotha and stone troll

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Dotha the warlock and stone troll

Dotha, elven warlock, with a stone troll


This is Dotha, an elven warlock, she has just summoned a stone troll ^^;…:D.


my deviant page is here : http://selkirk.deviantart.com/


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Just got a tickle to draw a Scandinavian Troll. Humon likes to talk about Scandinavian trolls a lot but I can’t actually find anything on the common encyclopedia sites that lines up with what she calls a troll. The art is heavily influenced by John Bauer’s image – as this was my first experiment with the creature I guess I didn’t have too much innovation on hand.

Anywhoo, this is Isotora. As the overseas land of Avori is based loosely on Scandinavia she’s a potential character I might use in future A Jagged Road stories. Trolls in scandinavian literature are much more magical in nature than more recent western versions of trolls, so Isotora can turn invisible and also move on the wind. Trolls, like most mythological creatures that occur frequently in myths, appear in a wide body of stories each with slightly different properties. I took some liberties here and made Isotora ugly like most male trolls are supposed to be – trolls frequently have reputations as shape-shifters and there’s no reason for males to be ugly but females to be extremely human-like unless they are using magic to transform themselves. In the future I’ll probably make a few ‘human form’ versions of her.

Isotora is not human and therefore doesn’t have human motivations – she’s more an incarnation of nature, and her actions are arbitrary. She may do benevolent things one day and malicious things the next. Trolls are also known for replacing human children with their own in Scandinavian lore, so I might integrate something like that in.

Day 5: “Granolithic Rex”

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#7 Troll

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This here’s Terry the Troll. Don’t let his puppy-like face fool you. He’s a mean bastard and he does not hesitate to pillage and plunder…

Seven days in guys and it’s amazing how just about everyone is showing improvement in their drawings and designs. Keep up the great work everyone!

Day 3

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Steven Workmen

The hipster troll in your local starbucks.