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No. 15- The Neighborhood Watchman

| November 15, 2011 | 1 Comment

Name: The Neighborhood Watchman

Actual Name: Unknown (Only because no one cares)

Age: Late 20s – Early 30s

Occupation: Vigilante

Short Background:
Much like the Disciplinarian, little is known about this  masked vigilante. However, while the Disciplinarian is viewed as a legitimate threat, TNW is seen as more of a pain. He has no powers, no tech, and nothing to make him stand out in a city filled with heroes. In fact, most heroes view him as a joke and a burden. No matter what problem arises, it is almost certain he will be there and will most likely need saving.

Despite failure and repeated warning from actual heroes, he continues his quest to bring peace to the city. You’d have to admire his determination but you’d also have to see that it will probably be his undoing.

He is very much a DIY hero. His costume is pretty much thrown together from whatever he had on hand at the time. He only has a small amount of gadgets. All in all, he doesn’t look like he’d survive long in the world of heroes and that it is probably sheer luck that he has.