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Day 29: Hackey Slash

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Challenge Day #1: Headhuntress: Fiora

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Headhunter Fiora

A succubus from the depths of Abaddon. On the hunt for blood, and a fascination with skulls, she uses a compulsion spell to seduce and lure her prey to their deaths. Thus, stripping them of everything that gives them life, draining every last drop of blood and removing the head from the body.

Characters 10-20/30

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10/30 – Roxie the Racer Queen. Figured on some Mad Max post-apocalyptic type thing. I wanted to draw a squished up minibike, like Akira Toriyama would back in the day.

11/30 – Funcrusher Plus. Upgrade on Funcrusher, the 2.0 if you will. It was inevitable.

12/30 – Razorblade Romantic. Another character based off a memorable album title (HIM’s Razorblade Romance). Mostly, I just wanted to draw a dude with a pompadour and a razorblade.

13/30 – The Blind Boxer. This was the last one I’d done after a very long night, kinda copped out with a quick brush pen illustration. Blind Shaolin fighter.

14/30 – Clean-Up. After some lazy submissions, felt like doing some detail work on this one.

15/30 – Det. Robert Booker. Straight laced, no nonsense cop.

16/30 – Piggy Pig. Booker’s partner. Name’s how the criminal element in town refer to him.

17/30 – The Persistent Hunter. Undead cowboy bounty hunter.

18/30 – The Hermit. Wizened old ninja master hermit type.

19/30 – Grimace the Goblin. Another late night cop out.

20/30 – Riot Grrl. DIY vigilante heroine protecting her city.


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No. 15- The Neighborhood Watchman

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Name: The Neighborhood Watchman

Actual Name: Unknown (Only because no one cares)

Age: Late 20s – Early 30s

Occupation: Vigilante

Short Background:
Much like the Disciplinarian, little is known about this  masked vigilante. However, while the Disciplinarian is viewed as a legitimate threat, TNW is seen as more of a pain. He has no powers, no tech, and nothing to make him stand out in a city filled with heroes. In fact, most heroes view him as a joke and a burden. No matter what problem arises, it is almost certain he will be there and will most likely need saving.

Despite failure and repeated warning from actual heroes, he continues his quest to bring peace to the city. You’d have to admire his determination but you’d also have to see that it will probably be his undoing.

He is very much a DIY hero. His costume is pretty much thrown together from whatever he had on hand at the time. He only has a small amount of gadgets. All in all, he doesn’t look like he’d survive long in the world of heroes and that it is probably sheer luck that he has.


No. 14- The Disciplinarian

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Name: The Disciplinarian

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Occupation: Vigilante and Mercenary

Short Background:
Little is known about the Disciplinarian. All that is known is that he has a code of ethics and is willing to discipline those who cannot follow  them, no matter which side they are on. Hero and villain alike can be sure that if they stray far from what he thinks they should be doing, they will receive more than a simple rap on the knuckles.

Wears a skull mask, a dress shirt, slacks, and suspenders. Dresses like a teacher. Carries a ruler at all times.

#1 – The Fury

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Rebecca Costas has been an orphan for half of her life.

As the youngest daughter of the Costas family, which had controlled organized crime in Bell Town since the 30’s, she enjoyed a childhood filled with comfort and luxury. And Fabbiano Costas may had been the scourge of mobsters and police men alike, but behind closed doors he was a devoted family man and dotting father to all of his children.

For ten years, Rebecca’s life was heaven.

And then the Greek invaded.

Three families, the Marinos, the Stavros and the Colonomos, had been pushing to expand their territory without success, mostly due to Fabbiano’s efforts and dealings with the police.  However, through a slow and furtive operation and guided by Dionysos Colonomos, the three families successfully turned the tables on the Costas, uniting the rest of Bell Town’s crime under their banner and overtaking all of their business and territories.

Never one for loose ends, Dionysos had the entire Costas family executed as his first and only message for anyone who would challenge his reign. Only Rebecca survived, smuggled out of her bedroom under the cover of the night, the screaming and the confusion by her maid, who went on to raise her as her own.

That was ten years ago.

Now, the Colonomos’ grip over Belle Town’s is absolute. Shortly after the coup, they even took care of the other families just to further cement their hegemony. Everyone, from purse snatchers and street vendors to drug dealers and terrorist organizations and even the police and city hall, must pay tribute to them.

Dionysos, who was already an old man when he took over, is still as sharp and deadly, never relenting his power to his lieutenants or even his sons, Nikon and Pavlos. He will clutch his throne with all of his might until his dying breath.

And yet, something seems to be happening.

A masked figure has appeared over Bell Town, determined to wage a one-woman-war on the Colonomos. Dressed in sharp crimson, wearing a red mask with black tears painted under its eyes and armed to the teeth, this person lives and breathes to bring ruin and misery to anyone and anything affiliated with them.

It is for this reason, her unrelenting commitment, her blood lust and drive, that Dionysos underlings have dubbed her “The Fury”.

All attempts to find her have been for nothing. The vigilante works for no one and has no allegiances. The morgue is filled to the brim with her previous business partners who were discarded as soon as they served their purpose. All ruined operations are stripped clean and re purposed into more weapons and money for the Fury to keep her vendetta alive.

Whoever she is, she’s highly trained and effective. The only reason the Colonomos know of her existence is because she wants them to know. For her, this is clearly personal. She enjoys not only hurting their pockets, but also their pride. Even though she covers her face, her form-fitting costume and bulletproof vest are designed to clearly show she is a woman in order to further emasculate them.

Dionysos has used every resource he has, either legal or illegal, to try to find this person to no avail. He knows whoever she is, she needs to be stopped as fast and as publicly as possible before his standing in the underworld begins to deteriorate and his ruling is placed under question.

How would he react if he knew the woman he’s moving heaven and earth to find, the woman who a lifetime ago was Rebecca Costas but who now goes under the name of Rosa María Guzman, is actually one of the maids under his employment, hiding in plain sight and taking advantage of this to gain valuable information on his criminal operations?

And even worst, what could happen were he to find out that his youngest son Pavlos has fallen in love with her? And what could this mean to the Fury?


Character No. 1- Athena Jackson

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I am going to try and draw a picture with each description. Apologies in advance.

Name: Athena Jackson

Age: 29 (in 1972)

Race: African-American

Occupation: Teacher/Vigilante

Short Background:
When the Mafia killed Detective Clyde Jackson, they thought that the streets were theirs for the taking. Unfortunately, they failed to realize two important things about the late detective.

The fact that his wife, though now living as a school teacher, was once equally as dangerous and the fact that she never believed in justice.

She only believed in vengeance.

Now, Athena Jackson is a one woman army dedicated to cleaning the streets of her city with the blood of drug pushers, made men, and any jive turkey stupid enough to stand in her way.


I don’t know why, but I always felt like there should be more blaxploitation characters with Greek first names.

Athena Jackson is a blatant throwback to blaxploitation. More along the lines of Cleopatra Jones than Coffy or Foxy Brown. She’s a fighter, not a lover. While she does dress fashionably, she also makes sure that she’s ready should a fight come her way. No heels or platform shoes, either.

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