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#18 Charim and Defjah

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#18 Charim and Defjah


Hunter and huntress.

No. 29 & 30- Samurai Werewolf and Ghost Witch

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Short Background: A young arrogant samurai came across an unattractive old woman who asked for his help. She claimed that she was robbed by ninjas and needed his assistance, he ignored her pleas for help. Instead, he mocked her dirty clothes and compared her face to that of a dog’s. Unfortunately, the old woman turned out to be a witch. As punishment for his arrogance, she cursed him to walk the roads with wolf-like features. She sent him off on a quest to retrieve what was stolen from her with the promise of restoring him.


Several years went by and after fighting several ninjas, a pair of twin warlocks, and a three headed dragon, the arrogant young warrior returned a humble yet battle hardened samurai. However, it turned out that in his absence, the witch was killed by assassin’s sent by a rival witch. Now, with the help of the witch’s spirit, the furry warrior must complete one more quest. He has to find the rival witch, kill her, and retrieve several of the witch’s scroll in order to reverse the curse.

It looks like he may have another long road ahead of him.






#20 – Adrenaline Town Werewolves

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Below are some myths dispelled in the Adrenaline Town series.
Myth Number One:
Werewolves are savage creatures with no rational thoughts. When they transform, they become animalistic and unable to stay in control of their urges.
False. In fact, werewolves conform to a system of order common to the animal kingdom called the pack system. The pack system is as follows; a leader is established (usually the oldest and strongest wolf) and the rest of the pack follows that wolfs lead. The leader can be challenged if one or many of the pack believe he has become incompetent, but usually the wolves don’t like to make waves in their packs, so they hesitate to take action unless things become drastic.
Werewolf packs consist of between seven and nine members. If a member of the pack loses control and begins to lash out and kill regular humans, then that member must be destroyed for the good of all packs. When you first become a werewolf, you are drawn to the pack closest to you by an incredible urge. In your first meeting with the pack, you will be taught of what you are and what you are capable of doing. After that you will be a member of the pack and you will remain with the pack you first meet, werewolves shun those who leave to join another pack or avoid their own kind.
Myth Number Two:
You must be bitten by a werewolf to become a werewolf. Werewolf genes can also be passed down through the family line, father to son and so on.
The truth is werewolf’s blood and saliva contains a special element that is virtually undetectable. In the rare occurrence (odds about sixteen million to one) that your bodies DNA structure accepts the element, your body will undergo a gestation period. Depending on the person, this period can take between six months and two years. After the gestation period, you will begin to feel your senses begin to heighten and change. You’ll want to tell people about the changes occurring, but you won’t be able to. You will begin to exhibit animalistic characteristics, little ones at first, but they will gradually increase.
Then, on a night of an eclipse of the moon, you will be drawn to a place you have never seen or thought of before. Guided by instinct, you will know the exact location and how to arrive at your destination. When you arrive, you’ll meet a small group of people who will be part of your pack and share a sort of unspoken bond with you.
Through research, there have been found some exceptions to the rules of changing into a werewolf. For example, if a small child’s DNA accepts the werewolf element, the gene will lay dormant until puberty. The hormones released during puberty will activate the gene and gestation will usually occur 2 to 3 years after puberty. There are never cases of children or young teenagers becoming werewolves.
Women rarely become werewolves because they have a special chromosome that fights against and 99% of the time kills the werewolf element. If a female werewolf and male werewolf have a child, the child will usually be a stronger, more powerful form of werewolf called a second-generation leader. He or she will, of course, not become a werewolf until after puberty, but when the change does occur, there is a great celebration called the Ratall. All of the packs in the surrounding areas come together to celebrate and welcome a second-generation wolf.
Unfortunately, the children of two werewolves rarely survive birth or past the age of five. They are plagued by illness throughout infancy and are sometimes killed by another pack out of jealousy. If a male or female werewolf has a child with an ordinary human, the child will be immune to the werewolf element and remain a normal human for its life.
Myth Number Three:
Only in the light of a full moon will a werewolf change. The person who is a werewolf has no control over the change. When not in werewolf form, the human is just an average person.
Unlike myths and movies, a real werewolf can change his/her form at anytime day or night. Rarely will a werewolf change during the day because they are less powerful and more likely to be seen. Werewolves pride themselves in their unknown status and will do anything to keep things that way. Since werewolves can change at any time, they must stay in control of their form and every situation at all times. When they are not in control, it drives them crazy. The control factor causes werewolves to avoid certain things.
The first is drinking alcohol at any time. Alcohol affects the amount of control they have over their form. When a werewolf does drink, it is usually with another member of his/her pack. That person provides company and will get them out of sight if or when they begin to lose control.
The second is anger. A werewolf must take on a peaceful nature because when you become angry you lose your rational thought. Without the rational thought process, control is easily lost. Being human, a werewolf will indeed become angry at time and lose control for a second, but they quickly realize what the consequences will be and regain control. Usually in anger situation, such as a fight, the werewolf will simply turn and walk or run away. The only time that is not true is when a werewolf is protecting something or someone it holds dear, because werewolves are taught from the beginning how important honor is. In the old days, the packs used to call each other “Original Samurai’s”. Even in these modern times, a wolf’s word is their bond.
A warning sign for werewolves that they are losing control are various facial ticks. These ticks are the first sign of losing control of their form because they are a sign of the transformation process. To be a werewolf today, you must realize the power you are capable of and Misuse of that power and lashing out or killing a regular human means to be destroyed by the pack.
Myth Number Four:
A werewolf is chaotic. They are naturally evil and enjoy causing or inflicting pain upon others.
The only ways werewolves can become evil, pain-inflicting creatures is, if they lose control when in wolf form or when someone is naturally evil and becomes a werewolf. When the latter occurs, the evil person usually ignores the laws of the pack, goes rogue and must be hunted and destroyed.
A werewolf retains the full capacity of his/her mind when they are in wolf form. Many have great senses of humor. During deer, moose, and elk hunting seasons, packs sometimes take retreats in the mountains seeing which wolf can scare the most hunters. The game is popular here in Utah.

Other interesting facts about modern werewolves:

• Werewolves have a high threshold for pain in human form and even higher in wolf form. When a werewolf is wounded, the wounds heal about five times faster when they are in wolf or wolfen form.
• Werewolves are three to five times stronger than regular humans, but their need for secrecy makes it so they will rarely, if ever show their full strength.
• In human form, werewolves cannot stand creatures doing violence to other creatures. They are strongly against humans hunting animals, but they don’t protest hunting for fear of drawing attention upon themselves. In their wolf form, however, their attitude becomes survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom. They take part in many hunting expeditions to keep their skills and senses at their peak.
• With their heightened senses, werewolves are very insightful about people. Their belief is that you should know more about a person than that person thinks you could ever know. Werewolves have the ability to identify a threatening person and avoid contact to keep out of a dangerous situation.

#15: Walter Ramsey

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Loman’s own werewolf agent, Walter Ramsey.

Born in Scotland in the 1600s, Walter was an ordinary traveling merchant until he came across a pack of werewolves in Jurgenburg, Livionia. After witnessing them transform and do battle with demonic entities from a portal, Walter wanted to and was inducted into their pack, called The Hounds of God. As part of the Hounds, Walter protected Europe from demonic threats during his travels, until the height of supernatural paranoia led to the deaths of several of his pack members and the eldest member being lashed when he attempted to reveal their work to the outside world. Walter realized his family was not safe and went to protect them, but his wife, and their daughter, left Walter to sail to the Colonies.

Walter traveled the world in a drunker stupor  over the centuries, fighting any random supernatural threat he comes across while slowly losing himself more and more to his werewolf self, until he was approached by Arthur Loman in working with his Loman Organization. Using a nanomachines to regulate his transformations, Walter was given a renewed sense of purpose in doing the work that he originally started with the Hounds of God.

Currently, Walter works as a field operative for Team Zeus, along with Adam Mortensen. He acts as a semi-father figure to agent Deidra Edelweiss, and a drinking buddy to several members of the Loman Organization.

Abilities: As a werewolf, Walter is capable of transforming into a wolfen creature with enhanced strength, speed and senses. When in his human form, Walter possesses a degree of enhanced strength and all of his enhanced senses.  While Walter is capable of transforming at will, his emotional state in both his human and were forms change based on the phases of the moon.

Having a nanomachine fleet in his body regulates his werewolf states and enable him to have relatively painless transformations via requests to Loman HQ, as well as giving him the ability to transform into various stages of  his Lycan state;

Stage 1: Similar to the Wolfman films, with full hair, enlongated claws and fangs and increased muscle mass.

Stage 2: An in-between to Wolfman and wolf form. Even more increased strength and power.

Stage 3: Looks like a bipedal wolf with a tail and almost full access to his lycan abilities, yet retains his mind

Stage 4: Full access to his werewolf traits, yet is driven by pure instinct and harder to keep in control.

Walter wears flexible body armor that stretches during his transformations and boots that open at the toes when he goes into full werewolf mode. Walter also favors wearing a trenchcoat that is enchanted with protective wards and armor lined to protect Walter form physical and mystical attacks.

Creation: Walter was created as me and Carlos both are werewolf fans and wanted to make a werewolf character. I made him more of a fun character and gave him a laid-back personality, while Carlos helped in fleshing out his backstory and added the father figure role to elemental witch Deidra. I based his character of a historical reference in 1692 by a court testimony about an old man  in Jurgenburg, Livonia, who claimed that werewolves were agents of God and that he and several other werewolves would travel to Hell and fight demons, while the Hounds of God Tag came from a werewolf character in Neil Gaiman’s, The Graveyard Book. The pose shows his semi-casual look as the pose was referencing a Hellblazer cover,, while his werewolf form is shown behind him as a tell of what his werewolf form would look like to the viewer.

#10 Weretopus

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WERETOPUS!!!!  Half werewolf, half octopus!!!!

#8 Monkey-Wolf

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The monkey-wolf was not created in the typical horror way, he was developed in an ENEMY lab. He can transform between a regular monkey and a wolf monkey hybrid. The heightened senses come at the price of having less restraint… he’s given to more of his animalistic impulses in hybrid form

#3 – Michael Grandison (Werewolf)

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#3 – Michael Grandison

17 years old and living in Chambersburg, PA.
Michael was born a werewolf, though the mutation didn’t manifest itself until he was 14 years old. Throughout his life, his parents prepared him for the coming change by enforcing a life meditation and relaxation. His goal is to avoid becoming worked up because even adrenaline can cause his strength and senses to activate, causing him difficulty being reasonable. Over the years he’s learned defensive martial arts and Eastern meditation techniques.

Michael lives with two great fears, the first is losing control of himself and attacking someone, the second is nights there is an eclipse of the full moon, when he becomes completely savage.

Due to the werewolf gene being infused with his DNA, Michael has severe reactions to chemical additives in his food. While he tries to eat as normally as possible, he has to avoid heavily processed foods and drinks.

Michael is an average student and enjoys the subjects of biology, math, and wood shop.

Michael is the lead character in the book Adrenaline Town, which has yet to be written.

A special thanks to my talented daughter Mackenzie for her art skills.  She will always be a better artist than I could dream of being.

#11 The Risen

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The Risen

Another miscellaneous character.  The inspiration to draw this girl came seemingly out of nowhere this morning, but I ran with it.  I’ve never seen a female werewolf design that I really liked, so I did my best here to show what I’d have liked to see.  I tried to keep a sense of feral, muscular power while still keeping her clearly feminine.

Amelia Clarks was a relatively ordinary high school senior until the time she and her parents went on a hike in the woods near her home.  Her water bottle was running low so she stopped to fill it in a small stream they crossed.  Things went uneventfully until the following night, when the full moon was rising, because she suddenly began to painfully transform, soon realizing the stream had been tainted.  But as luck would have it, she was able to calm herself down and keep herself from leaving her room that night… She was wearing the bracelets her boyfriend had given to her a few months prior, and her recognition and emotional attachment to the jewelry was just enough to keep her from losing herself.  She resolved that she would make the most of her curse from then on out.  After learning that the full moon transformation was unavoidable but she could change at will on any other night, she began to train herself to direct her hunger towards only those who deserved it.  Nowadays she spends her nights prowling the city in search of crimes to halt, acting as a rather unconventional superhero.