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Character No. 1- Athena Jackson

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

I am going to try and draw a picture with each description. Apologies in advance.

Name: Athena Jackson

Age: 29 (in 1972)

Race: African-American

Occupation: Teacher/Vigilante

Short Background:
When the Mafia killed Detective Clyde Jackson, they thought that the streets were theirs for the taking. Unfortunately, they failed to realize two important things about the late detective.

The fact that his wife, though now living as a school teacher, was once equally as dangerous and the fact that she never believed in justice.

She only believed in vengeance.

Now, Athena Jackson is a one woman army dedicated to cleaning the streets of her city with the blood of drug pushers, made men, and any jive turkey stupid enough to stand in her way.


I don’t know why, but I always felt like there should be more blaxploitation characters with Greek first names.

Athena Jackson is a blatant throwback to blaxploitation. More along the lines of Cleopatra Jones than Coffy or Foxy Brown. She’s a fighter, not a lover. While she does dress fashionably, she also makes sure that she’s ready should a fight come her way. No heels or platform shoes, either.

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