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day 5- Loralie the Witch

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30Characters-5- LoralieSo for today’s viewing pleasure we have Loralie the Witch.  I’m not sure why I made her aqua, but I have a feeling its from all the magic she uses tainting her skin *shrugs*.  I had fun making a non-gruesome witch.

Day 25: Theresa

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No. 29 & 30- Samurai Werewolf and Ghost Witch

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Short Background: A young arrogant samurai came across an unattractive old woman who asked for his help. She claimed that she was robbed by ninjas and needed his assistance, he ignored her pleas for help. Instead, he mocked her dirty clothes and compared her face to that of a dog’s. Unfortunately, the old woman turned out to be a witch. As punishment for his arrogance, she cursed him to walk the roads with wolf-like features. She sent him off on a quest to retrieve what was stolen from her with the promise of restoring him.


Several years went by and after fighting several ninjas, a pair of twin warlocks, and a three headed dragon, the arrogant young warrior returned a humble yet battle hardened samurai. However, it turned out that in his absence, the witch was killed by assassin’s sent by a rival witch. Now, with the help of the witch’s spirit, the furry warrior must complete one more quest. He has to find the rival witch, kill her, and retrieve several of the witch’s scroll in order to reverse the curse.

It looks like he may have another long road ahead of him.






#24 Familiar

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Grizelda is a young familiar spirit who acts as a sidekick to Viscount Konstantin Turksbane. A young, mischievous spirit, Grizelda hadn’t yet been warped by black magic when Turksbane found and killed the witch that had recently conjured her.

With no where else to go, Grizelda became Turksbane’s familiar, helping him track and defend against magic and mystical beings.

Grizelda’s abilities include acting as a go-between with the spirit world, aiding in the casting of spells and transforming into a cat.

#23 Witch-One

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“I breathe through the city lights/ my soul permeates the air over city nights/ I’m a god/ and you a facade sellin’ fake shit to the people…” King Fantastic, Locals Only

Witches — or more accurately, “men and women of knowledge”, are humanity’s only defense against bloodsucking top predators and shapeshifters, beasts that wear human form who hunger for the “shine” that exists in humans. the young woman who goes by the pseudonym Witch-One puts up tags and pieces that are actually spells and wards that she uses to protect the city of Los Angeles. Every tattoo and piercing that she has are enchanted to provide some kind of protection. The pun that is her street name actually helps ward off spells that try to divine her identity. When the caster says “which one”, the universe registers it as a question, and those type of spells backfire.

Not only are there a lot of monsters masquerading as people in the entertainment industry, there are also humans who stumble on to dangerous spells and curses. Also, more celebrities than you’d think turn out to be changeling babies.

So Witch-One runs the streets, keeping humanity from being overrun with a spray can, a gym bag with some haphazardly learned spells secondhand ritual tools, and a glock filled with silver bullets.


#16: Deidra Edelweiss

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A master of the elements, Deidra Edelweiss.

Deidra was only a baby when her parents, Diplomats for the Loman Organization, were killed during a Vampire Clan conference. She was taken in by family friends, as per her parents wishes, and raised only knowing them as her family. When her powers began to manifest, she fought to keep them hidden out of fear of her family finding out. It wasn’t until she unintentionally caused a school wide blackout, that her parents figured out it was her and introduced her to Arthur Loman. Arthur introduced Deidra to other witches in teaching her how to better understand and harness her burgeoning abilities. Though she found the classes fun, Deidra still felt lonely, until she met Walter Ramsey. Walter made Deidra feel like she has a home away from home as she treated him like the daughter he never got to spend time with, and Deidra had the surrogate father/brother that she lacked while staying at the Loman Institute.

As an agent of Loman , Deidra is the second-in-command alongside Adam Mortensen for Team Zeus. She is well respected and a level-headed foil to Adam’s headstrong tendencies, and one of the team’s heavy hitters with her powerful, yet unpredictable elemental spellcasting. She is one of the more well-adjusted members of the Loman Organization as she balances time with the Organization and with her foster family and friends. Though strong, Deidra still carries a burden of not truly knowing her birth parents, and though she can access their files, Deidra is relunctant to find out the truth about her parents, and she is content with that fact.

Abilities: Deidra is a powerful witch whose magic proficiency is Elemental Magic. Deidra is capable of calling forth the elements in aiding her offensively and defensively, yet certain spells will yield unintentional results depending on the range Deidra casts it. For example, a close range fire wall is easy for Deidra to cast, yet firing off a large column of fire from afar will cause the fire to spin wildly and not land directly at her intended target. This is mainly due to Deidra having to channel the natural forces of nature, which are difficult to control in general.

Deidra has shown varying skills in the following elements;

Fire: Her most utilized ability. Deidra is able to cast fire spells of varying levels, from fireballs to flame tornados.

Lightning.: Her second most common ability; Deidra is able to cast bolts of lighting from her fingers to calling down a bolt of lighting to the ground.

Wind: Though skilled, Deidra uses this ability more for defense, or in combination with other elements.

Water: Deidra only uses water spells  when she is in proximity to a water source, yet when she does, can create various water constructs and tidal waves.

Earth: Deidra’s least used ability due to the mental exertion it causes, Deidra is capable of launching a column of stone to delivering a powerful earthquake.

Though an Element Specialist, Deidra is capable of using other spells in her field work;

-Tracking Spells

-Defensive Wards

-Potion making

– Curses

– Scrying

Deidra is trained in Basic Combat training and adept in small arms weaponry. She possesses skills in Linguistics, Forensic Research, and in Piloting.

Creation: Deidra is one of the first two magic style characters I conceptualized in my mind for the Loman Organization. Initially, I was going to utilize a traumatic experience in her power manifestation, yet it was through Carlos’s suggestion, that we made her more of a well-adjusted and self-assured character by using the Jean Grey approach to her backstory; girl’s powers manifest, causes some disruption, family seeks aid for their child to a specialist. Her outfit was influenced from a cover of Runaways from Nico Minorou’s dress. Her dress intially had torso pockets, and I extended the design to go over her shoulders. I included back packages for her to carry items/weapons and mini-pouches on her armbands, which carry implements for her spellcasting. I also added additional detail to her boots, as those were a problem for me in finalizing their final design.


#14 – Mara

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Demon, witch, all around she-bitch.



#4 Trixie Hexpot

| November 4, 2010 | 6 Comments

For all my pagan friends out there. Sure its a bit late for Halloween, but who’s complaining? I’m not, that’s who!