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Day 24: Myzter Myztik

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MyztikA warrior with an unknown past who battles in the Killosseum with mystical powers.

Day 2: Rogue Psion

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Rogue PsionA player piece for the Privateer side of my new game, Pocket-Tactics: Demonstar. I’ll be printing this guy out within the next few days, so check back for a fully 3D game piece.

Day 25: Theresa

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11/25/2012: Delves-in-Shadows, Kainan Warlock

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NAME: Delves-in-Shadows  SPECIES: Kainan  ORIGIN: The World Strider

Delves-In-Shadows is one of the final twelve specimens of the mysterious, sorcererous species known as the Kainan. Watching from their spire-city on the back of the World Strider, the Kainan travel from world to world, devouring the life force of sapient beings and absorbing the secrets left seeping from their broken minds. Ever perfecting their black arts, the Kainan are unable to cast spells of the White Circle, suffering a near-debilitating fear of such magic.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


Day 23: Lord Cyberdile

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Squirrel Squad villian

Casting Spells

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Be careful what you wish for, you might just get more than you want.

Day Ten: Mystic Oats

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A hairy hipster with magic in his hips and cosmic weight on his shoulders, blessed with phantasmagorical finger powers and cursed with sweaty socks — unwashed for going on three days now.

Day 11: Combustion Jak

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Day Eight: Rum-Ram Bloodstold

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Tired old man, tired old Bloodstold, in his throne of imitation leather and sipping a glass of tonic and lemon because he’s all out of gin. His runes are all cast, his deceitfully youthful body ached more and more as the nights when he can get a rise out of his magiks became increasingly few and depressingly mundane.  Rum-Ram Bloodstold, the last of his kind in this world to not have given up and departed for the old soul’s dimension, took another sip of his tart drink and fondled thoughts of when the tarts he had at night weren’t just the liquid or pastry variety.
One more sip, Rum-Ram decided, one more sip and then a slip — into sober sleep.

11/11/2012: Tahun Lahtu, Dividaki Thief

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NAME: Tahun Batari Lahtu  SPECIES: Dividaki  ORIGIN: Dividar Prime

Escaping from a Tartaran slave mine when he was a youngling, Tahun Lahtu grew up on the streets of Nexus City as a pickpocket. Not without honor, Tahun uses his good looks and talent for black magic to steal only from the very wealthy and the irrevocably corrupt. Since Circle-Tech has come to Nexus City, Tahun has done everything within his power to make their stay as difficult as possible.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


Day 08: Dangalf Copperfelt

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#6 – The Undead King

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11/06/2012: Iolanda Jan Lagunov, Human Blue Mage

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NAME: Iolanda Jan Lagunov  SPECIESHuman  ORIGIN: Realm of Illus

Born to powerful wizard ruling over the Godborn Isles, Iolanda was schooled in the ways of magic from an early age. Possessed of an inquisitive mind, Iolanda spent much of her youth delving deeply into forbidden magics found in the ruins scattered throughout the islands of her father’s realm. After finding an ancient and powerful spell capable of tearing a hole in the fabric of space, Iolanda, heedless of the warnings of her peers, entered the mysterious rift. After a harrowing journey through the Multiverse, Iolanda found herself in Nexus City where she was taken in by the Academy of Arcane Studies. Within several years, Iolanda became one of the highest ranking Blue Mages within the institution. Her mastery of summoning and mixing of spells and natural chemistry has earned her high honors with the Arch Magi and, there are rumors that she is being groomed to enter their ranks when a seat becomes vacant.

Model designed in TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


#4 – Magellian Caldwell

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Magellian Caldwell is bored.

A Child on a Stump

# 17: Hayden Seer

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A speedy summoner, Hayden Seer.

Hayden Seer was an aspiring artist in the state of Washington. As a child, Hayden discovered he can make his doodles come to life and be his playmates. These were fairly harmless and were mainly used to entertain himself with, until upon his teens, when preparing for an upcoming gallery, his pictures came to life and ran rampart throughout the gallery. Hayden’s parents, office workers for the the Loman Organization, brought Hayden to the Loman Institute where he would better understand his ability. However, Hayden’s ability is a rare case, as summoners usually make contracts and call forth existing entities, not create them from thin air. This puzzle led many Mages within the Loman Institute to learn from him, yet Hayden is still trying to understand the full extent of his abilities through trial and error and from adapting the current tenants of magic and applying them to his particular form of magic.

As a Mage Agent of Loman, Hayden is a field operative, like Deidra Edelweiss, who employs magic as their primary weapon in combat, yet as a Mage, Hayden also works as a Mage counselor and researcher in studying the arcane arts.

Abilities: Hayden is a specialist in a rare form of summoning magic; where he summons images that are his own creation. As such, Hayden carries around a portfolio book with drawings that he has drawn and summons them via a blood seal offering. The creatures that Hayden summons exist as long as Hayden is willing to offer the blood for their continued existence as size determines the blood offerings, as a larger creature will require more blood and a shorter duration compared to a smaller creature and a longer time limit. As such, Hayden usually keeps his summoned creatures between 90 seconds to 15 minutes summons no more than three creatures, as such any longer or any larger and Hayden begins to feel the effects of blood loss immediately.

Hayden is also proficient in other fields of magic, particular sealing, barrier, and not surprisingly, summoning magic. Hayden also understands tracking magic and light healing magic to cope with blood loss and to heal himself from fatigue. Aside from summoning magic, Hayden is adept at kinetomancy, speed magic, where Hayden accelerates his reflexes so as to be a more evasive target to opponents, add to his combat training, and Hayden is a capable fighter, when not summoning creatures.

Hayden has completed basic small arms and close quarters combat training, so he is capable of hand to hand and using small arms weapons.

Creation: Hayden was one of the first of three characters that came to me in my idea for Loman. It was a dream I was reading or watching a show with these “supernatural agents” where there was an element witch, an art summoner, and a legendary weapons specialist. Hayden was going to be a POV character as he will be introduced to the team around issue two. The name came around just using Hayden and the mythical troupe of a seer. His outfit was modeled after  the dream, where I saw such a robe, yet the detailing is modeled after a manga characters coat I saw. Originally, Hayden’s sketchbook was to be strapped to his back, but I changed it to be more portable and it will be attached to his hip, like a personal firearm. The creatures were going to be based around stylized or exagerrated representations of my own library of characters, so as to make it my own personal Easter Egg of ideas.

#26 Revenir and the Wizard of Endor

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I am not a necromancer.  I have always done white magic. The skull at my side is my companion, my adviser and my closest friend.  It is his mission I am on:  To banish the monsters from this world-  Rid this plain of these creatures before the great evil rises. Revenir has been to the other side, he has seen the future, and I, the Wizard of Endor have sworn to him I will prevent the Dregvant Army from ever forming.

Revenir and the Wizard of Endor © and TM Mike Dubisch

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#11 Moorlein

| November 11, 2011 | 1 Comment

Moorelin does magic and stuff. He also wrote some of my favorite comic books.

Day 7 Gardale

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The murderous sorcerer Gardale from my friends pending Dragon Realms project.

#14 Bradley Lightningsmith

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Bradley Lightningsmith is my nephew’s alter ego.  He is, “king of all wizards and is always ready for a duel.” ~K.L.

#13 Svarog the Bright

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Name: Svarog Kuznetsov the Bright
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 55/Male/White
Main Goal: Chart and explore the Outside in its entirety.
Occupation: Wizard
Motivation: Curiosity/Greed
Inner Need: Comprehension
Flaw: Cruel, Greedy
Good/Bad Habits: Mumbles to himself almost constantly, Show off, Likes his vodka a little too much
Secret: The secret ritual of entering the Outside, along with a score of other magical secrets.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Skilled wizard and alchemist who knows how to enter a surreal other-realm called the Outside. Can turn invisible, hypnotize people, curse people to sleep forever until they die, and call storms. Knows a good bit of several trades, among them tailoring, glassblowing, papermaking, and smithing.
Quirks: Always wears a pair of obsidian spectacles, a mage-gold hat, and a mage-gold lined cloak.
Attitude: Jovial
Dialogue Style: Thick Russian accent, several tasteless jokes.
Backstory/Description: When Svarog Kuznetsov was but a child in a backwater Russian village he struggled to find his trade. He had difficulty taking orders, so he was apprenticed to many tradesmen until one night his drunken, frustrated father beat him. He ran away, whereupon he stumbled on the hidden lair of a long dead wizard. The wizard, Maksim the Gaunt, lingered as a ghost, since he had taken no apprentice. He accepted Svarog and trained him until he knew everything he knew, then Maksim faded away. Svarog continued living in the old wizard’s house, researching magic and trying to find the philospher’s stone, among other projects. During one experiment he inadvertantly discovered a way to transport himself to a surreal, dream-like realm he dubbed the Outside, and bring things back with him. It was in this way he discovered mage-gold, a metal similar to gold except much brighter, much lighter, and much more conductive to magic. He has since gained scores of enemies who wish to steal his secrets, and still more customers who are willing to buy it from him.

#7 – Sorceress

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

This is K’zink’s mother from my comic, Metamorphosis. I don’t have  a name for her yet. She’s a powerful sorceress that K’zink’s been looking for for a while now. K’zink arrived home one day to find the house had been burned down and no sign of his mother.

She was once skilled enough to woo a genie and become his consort. K’zink suspects she’s still alive but doesn’t know how well her powers protected her from the blast.

She will be important in the future of Metamorphosis, so if you are following the comic, keep an eye out!

#2 – Thorn

| November 2, 2010 | 3 Comments

Thorn was a scholar and adventurer in the late 1800’s.

He spent years at the University trying to locate an ancient artifact called the Orb of Glash. Legend said that he who touches the orb would receive three gifts. Magical powers to control the elements, immortality, and all the knowledge in the world.
After years of searching, he finally located the orb. He laid his hands on it and as promised, he was imbued with great magical powers, he became immortal, and he received all the knowledge in the world. But the knowledge was a curse! His ears could hear every voice on the planet, his mind captured every thought that came to anybody’s mind, and his eyes saw every vision that anyone saw. He nearly went mad from the unending bombardment of information.
Using his superior intellect he constructed a specially designed helmet to keep the noise out of his head. Now, trapped behind a metal facade, he spends his days using his magical powers to try to destroy the world so that he can once again emerge from his prison.