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2013 30 Characters Challenge Completed!

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Day 28: Trollwife

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TrollwifeIn the peat bogs deep within the Ironwood, the trollwives birth monstrous wolves. One day, the greatest of these wolves, Fenrir, will take to the sky and swallow the moon. This is one of the playing pieces for my 3D print-and-play game, Pocket-Tactics, which may be downloaded for free here.

Day 26: Ironwood Warrior

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A piece for my Brood of the Ironwood Pocket-Tactics set.

#8 Monkey-Wolf

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The monkey-wolf was not created in the typical horror way, he was developed in an ENEMY lab. He can transform between a regular monkey and a wolf monkey hybrid. The heightened senses come at the price of having less restraint… he’s given to more of his animalistic impulses in hybrid form

Day# 20 Flykk, Dragon Hatchling

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#20 Flykk, Dragon Hatchling by Jande Rowe

#20 Flykk, Dragon Hatchling by Jande Rowe

Hunter or  Prey?

#20 Flykk, Dragon Hatchling: Due to the unfortunate accident of a premature hatching while the Dame Dragon was away on an emergency, Flykk found himself alone, exhausted and very, very hungry when he had finally burst himself through the leathery hide of his containing egg. If there had been any others there they would have remarked on his very large size, and the sharpness of his hatching horn.

There were many other eggs in the lair, and the place was warmer than an oven, so it didn’t take Flykk long to recover a bit of strength and pull himself along in search of food. He opened his eyes but the world was a fog of colour to him, in which he could discern only vague shapes that as yet held for him no meaning.  He found a few bits and pieces of meat near the lair entrance, that the Dame had dropped when she flew off. But his hunger was gargantuan

There are few predators that will attempt violence against a full grown dragon, but will try to feed on the eggs or any unattended hatchlings if they can get away with it.  Gnarwolves for instance, much prefer a hearty meal of hatchling to its usual sparse pickings of hares and other small fast animals. Hatchlings instinctively hunker down and hold perfectly still so that their protective colouring blends them into the landscape around them. But Flykk’s battle with his shell and the absence of the Dame’s restraining hands and wings made his hunger so acute he had to move.

So it was that Flykk found his first meal and his first enemy simultaneously. Making plaintive cries he dragged himself, staggering toward the hot smell of blood and flesh somewhere before him. Though he felt weak with hunger, he was actually gaining in strength as he moved. His wings drying and filling out, began almost to lift him as he gained ground toward that maddening odour. He scrabbled out of the lair and across the rocky terrain, his nose leading the way, his eyes barely opening, mewling for the food he so badly needed.

It was close by now, and there was another smell near it, one that would have spelled instant danger to any animal other than a dragon, hatchling or not. This smell was also food, though less compelling. Flykk was becoming angry now, his frustrated animal need forced him to flap his wings and claw at the ground with his hind claws while he roared his disgust  with the world as best he could.

Unfortunately, that was the moment the Gnarwolf chose to attack. –unfortunately for the wolf, that is. For Flykk was larger that he expected, and heavier, and was in the middle of the instinctive dragon dance of bloodrage, clawing with hands and feet, and buffeting with wings, and striking his blind head back and forth jerking upward the gleaming horn on his nose. By the time the Gnarwolf realised his mistake, it was too late. Flykk gored him with his horn, knocked him senseless with his wings and brought down his sharp teeth and claws in a frenzy spurred by the sweet acrid smell of fresh blood.

The hatchling Flykk fed well that first day on Gnarwolf and it’s half-eaten hare. Then he crawled father into the thicket in search of more.

#20 Kamano

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Several reasons this character came to me. 1) I’ve been ignoring my Teyra people, 2) I don’t draw enough dudes, and 3) the majority of my characters have been really peppy and I wanted to try something a bit more serious. Also, in case you click the link below and wonder why he and his sister don’t live in the same place, Runyori moved as soon as she was able. Always wanting to be independent, that girl.

My entry for Runyori is here, and general Teyra info is here.

Day# 07 Growl, Rain’s Dog

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#07 Growl, (#6) Rain's Dog, by Jande Rowe

#07 Growl, (#6) Rain's Dog, by Jande Rowe

And Growl makes three. Rain’s little pet, Growl.   Part this and part that –maybe even Wolf, ya think? Rain found Growl when he was a puppy, wandering at the side of a busy highway, and rescued him from certain death. The two have been together ever since. Rain’s family were alarmed by how huge Growl ended up growing, but were happy to have him in the family. They’ve grown used to him now, but there has always been something strange about Growl, something… almost unearthly.

Luckily the family never resorts to corporal punishment, or their lives may not be worth the cost. Growl is supremely protective of Rain. Nobody, but nobody messes with Rain.

Drawn in Manga Studio Ex4, then Photoshopped a bit. I added Rain so that you could see how big Growl is. Rain’s attitude has changed slightly from his debut picture. If I had Growl as a friend, mine would too.  ;`)

Someday the three of them, Sarah Sorry (#5), Rain Reeves (#6), and Growl, will have some interesting urban adventures together.


#3. Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Since time immemorial, Fenris the Great Wolf has loomed, his existence more a reminder than a threat of the inevitability of Ragnarok. The Gods know how the world ends.

Fenris is a god in the form of the wolf, a wolf as large as a mountain. Some say he was the progenitor of the werewolves– if such creatures truly exist.

In a way, they do… because known to few, Fenris the Destroyer has six sons. Like him, they can appear as mere wolves, or as giant dire wolves, but they exceed him in their ability to appear much like gods or men as well.

Perhaps most fearsome among his children is Dark Skies. Like his father, he’s a bringer of chaos, and an under-miner of best intentions. He is the Great Wolf of foul weather and ill portents. It is simply not possible for Dark Skies to appear without a terrible storm arising, wild enough to make day look like night.

He is a great grey wolf, almost as large as his mountainous father– or merely twice the size of a normal wolf. His dark grey fur is wet, and messy, always drenches with rain and blown by fierce winds.

He is a great, grey man, a mountain of strength, with long shaggy grey hair, and dressed in grey clothes that mock the upper class but tousled and dingy. In our era, he’d wear a suit, but it would be faded and wrinkled. His hair would be curly black, with some grey, covering much of his face messily.

He is a rising storm. The low rumble of thunder in the distance.

From the series Huginn & Muninn by Black Label Comics. Created by Ian Struckhoff. Art by Jonathan Wyke.