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#12 Aging Woman

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Character 3: Natalia Knuckles

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Natalia Knuckles is a hardened enforcer for the mafia. She has a strong affinity toward sweatpants.

Day 1- Ishtar

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30Characters-1-Ishtar So here is monster girl number 1!  Ishtar the Lammasu.  To me, when researching this creature, I just kept seeing sphinxes.  And since sphinxes are one of my fav creatures, and they’re on the list too, I opted to go with the bull body instead of the lion.  She’s loosely based on a musk ox.

* Edit: gosh darnit… I typo’d my characters species on like every post and cross post. I’ll fix it in the morning…

Day 22 Agent Adios

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Agent Adios is the code name for Lupe Ayon, a girl discovered to have an unusual apptitude for killing. Saved from a life on the streets she is molded over a period of years into an elite assasin.

As of this post, this years 30 character in 30 days event is over. I made 22! I’m not sure if the site will close to submissions, but I only have 8 to go so I’m going to attempt to finish the challenge.

Day 21 Danielle

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Danielle is the Sea Wolf’s loyal follower and protector (c) G McMurray


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#19_First Mate of the Cumulus Corsair

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"First Mate of the Cumulus Corsair"

"First Mate of the Cumulus Corsair"

#17_Balance II

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"Balance II"

"Balance II"


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Nubia is another character from A Jagged Road (my graphic novel that has yet to get off the ground). Like Ralyanna, Akoko and Reth, she was taken in from the streets and raise under the tutelage of the suave and cunning Lipho, who uses his network of street urchins to earn him money. Lacking Ralyanna’s merchant talents, Nubia gets by in the world’s oldest profession. Nubia is quite jealous of Ralyanna both for her natural talents and for the disproportionate affection that Lipho has for the fence compared to her. Not that Nubia has no wiles of her own – she has a large base of influential and connected clients and she’s quite adept at prying information from them one way or another.

Besides Lipho, Nubia has a close relationship with another urchin boy, Isoba. She takes the large but dim boy with her when moving through more dangerous areas, or meeting new clients.

#14_Water Bearer

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"Water Bearer"

"Water Bearer"


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#10 Hunter of the Terrible Lizard

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A young hunter of the great lizards. She wears her greatest kills as trophies and armour, flaunting her skill for the first choice in food and mates.

Day 6 Chyler

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Gave an older character a revamp.

#3 Hope

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Living in a land where oppressors dominate and enslave the lower class, Hope is a girl trapped in her city by the bracelet she wears around her neck. Should she step outside of the city boundary, her fate is sealed. At a young age, she and her older brother, Zack, were separated from their mother and was taken in by their current master. Life with him and his family isn’t terrible, but Hope and Zack know that they shouldn’t have to live that way. Despite how their future looks, Hope is optimistic about escaping and finally becoming free.

While drawing this, I noticed that a lot of the time I draw really small, especially on Photoshop :/ So I drew this bigger than usual and this was the result. I have to try harder, I’m still not satisfied ):

#3_Noire Reina

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"Noire Reina"

"Noire Reina"

Day 1 The Meteorologist

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Connie Jung won beauty pageants and used the scholarship money to put herself through school. Instead of becoming a respected journalist she is assigned to be the “cute” weather girl at the local station.

After quitting her job she is nearly hit by a meteorite. The radiation transforms her in unexpected ways. She uses her new gravity powers to take revenge on the world of men that have spurned her.

#2 Vivacious Vixen

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Her real name unknown, she is called ‘Vivacious Vixen’ – an odd misnomer for such a quiet girl. Often shrouded in darkness, she has grown into something of a legend. It’s common knowledge that she’s a thief (with quirky modi operandi), and she does her job well. Anybody who tries to interfere with mission will get eliminated – always.

This could have been so much better D: I probably just need some sleep ): Hopefully, tomorrow will be better

#19 Florence Reine le Téméraire de San Marais

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Name: Florence Reine le Téméraire de San Marais
Species: Maraian (mutated human)
Age/Sex/Race: 364/Female/N/A
Main Goal: Turn San Marais into a thriving trading city to bring in plenty of men
Occupation: Monarch
Motivation: Love for her people and her city
Inner Need: To improve the lives of her people and her city
Flaw: Overly optimistic, too trusting, bold, a little reckless
Good/Bad Habits: Stays cooped up in her castle, preferring to rule through emissaries. Kind of lazy.
Secret: Frequently makes treaties with the kroi (pig-people also living in the swamp) to turn them against each other before betraying and enslaving them.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Very good liar, a schrewd politician, has many connections both in and out of the city of San Marais
Quirks: Eschews formal garb in favor of more fashionable apparel. Had her throne replaced by a hammock.
Attitude: Lax, warm, friendly
Dialogue Style: Cordial, polite, a little coquettish
Backstory/Description: On the southern coast of the Bile Swamps there is the glimmering canal city of San Marais, inhabited by a race of long-lived tailed women. This city is ruled by a queen who is revered like a saint, of which there have been two. Being the third queen after her mother died about two-hundred years ago, Florence le Téméraire was young, energetic, and ambitious. Needing un-mutated human males as part of their unique semi-parthenogenic life cycle, Florence sought to turn her city into a trading empire to bring in more such specimens. During her rule she has sent out ambassadors and explorers to make deals to trade with foreign powers, mostly in the commerce of slaves. The savage kroi, monstrous pig-like humanoids who also live in the Bile Swamps, are routinely enslaved and exported to other lands in exchange for human males. Florence’s policies are mostly favored by her subjects, and she is widely approved by all but a few die-hard isolationists.

Yeah, this one’s a little different from the others since it’s entirely digital, made in GIMP. I usually draw the characters by hand, ink them, scan them, then color them in GIMP, but I think I like this technique better.

#3 – “The Widow”

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Jane was once a happy wife.  Married to a brilliant engineer, two wonderful (most of the time) kids, and a respectable estate.  But the old west being the wild place it was, that all came crashing down when a posse of men attacked their home.  Jane’s husband was murdered and her children kidnapped.  Now this once pleasant housewife must set out, learn the dirty ways of the west, and save what’s left of her family.